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  1. WOW!!!! Having read this thread yesterday and then putting 3 cahes up for review in one go this morning as they all revolve around a circular walk I was not expecting them to be "live" for days. Two hours later they were up and running. Many thanks Lactodorum
  2. Great video. Saved it to help explain to friends what we're into.
  3. This topic had brought to my attention that we only had a boring old photo as an Avatar image. Have now decided to change it to our calling card photo.
  4. We've not been in this game for long. Don't know what the mudslinging is all about and really don't need to know. Can only speak from experience and having had slight problems with cache placements (bin liners and permissions) we've only had good advice and help from Lactodorum and Eckington which has eventually helped us to get our caches placed properly. We also think that they do a great job and whilst we are all out there enjoying the countryside looking for these little plastic boxes they must be cooped up in front of a computer all day poor things.
  5. Always prefer to cache together but if I'm (Mrs F.B.) caching with the dog on my own I try to pretend I've lost the dogs ball. If the dog is with Mr F.B. flying model planes and I'm totally alone then I've come up with the idea that if anyone asks I'll say the dog lost his collar on our last walk around that spot and I'm just looking for it.
  6. The new cache site of ours has just gone live. Its called "Breakfast with Emma and Horatio" GCVXC3
  7. I'm just waiting for a listing to be reviewed which is has Nelson links. Will let you know when it's gone live.
  8. We started off with the name Ivoryboots because it was just something we came up with quickly to start Geocaching straight away. Luckily we changed it when we realised how involved we were becoming to something more apropriate to ouselves. If we'd known from the start that we couldn't change it once it was set we'd have given it much more though initially. So as long as it is known during sign up that things can't be changed that would be alright.
  9. Mr F.B. 26th January 61 Mrs F.B. 7th July 58
  10. It's us that requested the wheelchair friendly version of the MM1-8 Series. Mr F.B. is a carer for a quadraplegic lad who after hearing about our escapades Geocaching was keen to have a go. It's hard trying to find places in which he can take his wheelchair and he'd need help retrieving the caches so we're just feeling our way with this and looking at the possibilities. We,ve found that he can get close to a couple near to home "Martha's Harbour GCQT3C" and "Severnsiders Walk GCQKQ1" although we've yet to take him there. The main difficulies for him is the fact that he is totally dependant on others.
  11. We've booked a place on the campsite for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As "newbies" it'll be interesting to put a few faces to the names we keep coming across. The last time we stayed on this campsite about 5 years ago we had an interesting experience with local thugs wrecking the place at around 3.00am. Hope this won't happen this time around. We've been reluctant to use it again since.
  12. Just been out and replaced my micro with a black material drawstring bag and the main one with an Ammo Box. Just one main one to replace with cammo material when it arrives and then I won't be using any more bin liners now or in the future.
  13. Oh dear I wish I had spotted this yesterday . I have DPM Gortex material which you would be welcome to free of charge, all I ask is the postage costs or if you can get to Oxford just come and collect. If you (or any one else) wants any just send me a PM with how much you want and your address. What a shame, never mind. The material will be here tomorrow. Also Mr Flying Boot has purchsed a couple of ammo boxes. I've been busy painting the outsides with Geocashing etc and will head out to my caches as soon as possibe to replace those bin liners.
  14. Just found some camoflage material at this link Point North Fabrics and have ordered a couple of metres. Should be here in a couple of days so I'll have my cache bin liners replaced by the weekend. Thanks All
  15. Thanks for the help and so promptly too. The idea of weed control material sounds good and easily available too. The camoflage material has also given me the idea to look up a website where I found outdoor fabrics to make bike bags some time ago. They should have something suitable. Why didn't I think of this before?? Thanks again for the help any any more ideas please keep them coming.
  16. Does anyone have any suggestion as to where to get and what to use as a camoflage bag instead of balck plastic bin liner to cover the whitness of a 2 litre plastic container??? Please help I don't like black bin bags either but don't know where to get hold of anything else.
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