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  1. I still can't get on at Pathtags.com
  2. It was your design! No wonder I loved it right away.
  3. It's "Perfect Caching Weather Geocoins". I have one; it's 1.5" diam and mine's in silver. Got it off *bay last year; package tag is from Castle C&P.
  4. Love anything "American Gothic". I'm an Iowa gal...
  5. bflylady

    Clay TikiCoins!

    Thanks for the education--this has been so interesting to follow! Great pix...
  6. ditto those guys (we can wait for perfection, and hope finals go well)
  7. I live in a Dutch-heritage community and sometimes leave Delft and other Dutch swag in my caches for the tourists. I hadn't thought of all the non-Hollanders I'm probably offending; someone should have stepped in earlier on their behalf.
  8. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out too. Glad to know you'll post
  9. Definitely. The less stressful the acquisition, the better.
  10. Mine's been discovered by "cachers-by" and have gotten comments, but not moved an inch otherwise yet. Of course we had snow Easter and today again, so caching hasn't started fullswing again. I think when the local college lets out and families come to move the students, that cache has a lot more activity. It could get a good move-on then, hopefully! OK Naomi, I gotta ask--stuck under a bridge?!
  11. I accidentally had TWO sets in my cart, went to delete ONE so I wouldn't be a pig, and ended up with the same negative numbers problem. Ought to teach me to just go hogwild next time! Nah; against my nature. I THINK I have a couple singles ordered according to my account, but it got weird at Paypal so it still didn't complete the order. We'll see how it ends up. I guess I shoulda practiced on some other maniac sale, but so far have been too late to ever get close to a cigar. I'll bet some of you guys enjoy the frenzy....eek!
  12. Wow, they are WONDERFUL! Decisions, decisions...
  13. I got mine through OK -- at least it appears as tho I did
  14. Oh wait, I had 45 minutes to spare, Seattle time! Have a great climb!
  15. I guess I'm 2 hours too late for your deadline, but I wanted to donate anyway My sister died from leukemia last year on Good Friday ("complicated" health started with breast cancer years before). THANKS FOR DOING THIS....
  16. Beautiful!! Will check up again on this one. For now, I must 'Carpe P.M.' (seize the night)
  17. Thanks so much for another update. Still keeping you in our prayers.
  18. Ooh, congrats on the prolific progeny! Best wishes for safe delivery of the April addition I agree that I mostly go with what strikes me--I gravitate toward colorful and clever. I also like fun ones linked to good memories (like the sock monkey and places we've been, etc), which is also why I'm hoping to eventually get all the butterfly coins. I also trade pathtags, so I really like the coins that go with people I've "met" there, or people with whom I've otherwise carried on e-conversations. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but when I'm on the fence about deciding between 2 coins, I'll buy the one with the nicest icon. I love a colorful trackables page Then I can enjoy my coins even when I'm away from them.
  19. BflyLady couldn't be happier--well worth the wait! I only wish I had 10 of them, but am very grateful to have one. Mmmmm butterflies (my favorite species even!)
  20. I'd definitely prefer trackable with icon in spite of the extra $4. I'm really excited a glass coin could still be a go--love the pic you posted. Would love to see the superchunky fish just outa curiosity...
  21. bflylady

    path tags

    Oh yeah, there's a bunch of us over there!
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