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  1. I did the same thing with my 1st Garmin 60Cx and never did find it. Then I thought I left my 2nd Garmin 60Cx at a cache site, so I bought a Garmin Oregon 200 to replace it when I couldn't find it. Yesterday I found a zippered pocket on the backside of my backpack that I didn't even know was there and I stuck my hand in it and pulled out that 2nd Garmin 60Cx I thought I lost. The pocket is used to store the shoulder straps. Little did I know that I had been carrying it around with me everyday for over a year in my backpack!
  2. I agree that the Oregon series would be your best choice, I have had the GPS Map 60Cx, GPS Map 76Cx, and the Oregon 200. The Oregon is the best of the 3, mostly because of the touch screen and paperless caching. The Oregon with the preloaded maps would be a better choice, because with the Oregon 200 you have to load your own maps which I already purchased previously. Most of my geocache hides are on the snowmobile trails in UP Michigan and I have used a 4-Wheeler, Snowmobile, and Snowshoes to hide.
  3. It looks like the product key for Microsoft Windows
  4. I have a series of Bigfoot caches in the U.P. of Michigan. Here is a photo one of the finders posted on the cache page. I thought it was really creative like yours. GC140CB Bigfoot Sighting 1984 (Sasquatch) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2f-f25312c5834c
  5. Bobcat is BETA software and a lot of it's features are not implemented yet, including the (file->new) command. Not sure to what sample folders you are referring too. What exactly are you trying to do.
  6. I believe that is a signature item of a cacher named Geo Dee. He has well over 6000 finds and I don't think he ever takes anything from the cache, but leaves a wooden clothes pin (inexpensive) to let you know he has been there. I suppose if you were to start taking them you would end up with a heck of clothes line!
  7. Sound a lot like the chiggers (red bugs) we have down here in Texas. I'd much rather deal with Ticks, Mosquitos, Poison Ivy, than those nasty chiggers.
  8. It started working for me again just now. It does work with Mac, but I don't know why it just started working again out of the blue.
  9. The same thing is happening to me recently. I am using the latest version of Google Earth for Macintosh.
  10. That happend to me also, but I didn't realize it right away. We were on Spring break and couldn't understand why the GPS was giving us so terrible directions when auto-routing. It turns out it was auto-routing using the built-in basemap, not City Navigator NT 8. I ended up in someones backyard! I fixed the problem by reloading the CN NT 8 maps.
  11. I am also getting a 60cx on Monday, it is to replace the 60cx I lost about 3 weeks ago. There is a way to enter your contact info like your name, address, phone number on the splash screen when the unit is turned on. However in my case it apparently didn't matter to the finder. City Navigator will help tremendously, especially getting to the cache with Turn by Turn navigation and detailed maps. One recommendation is to buy a 1GB micro SD card, they are only about $10.95 includes shipping and you can download the entire City Navigator DVD Maps to it. http://www.meritline.com/kingston-1gb-micro-sd-card.html To enter geocache waypoints, you can do it manually by hitting the "Mark" button and manually change the coords to the correct geocache waypoint and then choose "goto". Or you can download them and transfer them automatically to the 60cx via a USB Cable. I remember as a kid in the UP of Michigan-St. Ignace I would pick up my Grandparents Telephone and an operator would ask what number you would like to be connected to (without dialing!) I'm only 41 yrs. old. BTW, I have several hides out in the snowy woods of UP Michigan if you want to test out your new Garmin 60cx
  12. I was thinking something kind of just the opposite recently. Here in Dallas and surrounding suburbs, they recently installed red light cameras at various intersections. It would be nice for Garmin and other GPS manufactures have a warning sound that would work in conjunction with a waypoint symbol. That way you could input the various redlight cameras, known speedtraps, and other hazzards like quicksand to remind you as you approach with caution. I know I could just slow down, quit running red lights, and falling into quicksand, but what fun would that be. :-)
  13. Thanks for the replies. Ill try google earth for the MAC. How do you get the track info into Google Earth for the Mac?
  14. Geocaching Menu 1.2 is great for uploading a single waypoint off of a Geocaching.com cache page. http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/29286 GPSBabel 1.3.2 is needed to upload multiple waypoints downloaded from Geocaching.com http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/27220 TravelBug 1.1 a Mac OS X Widget for finding Geocaches http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/27220 There are others, but those should get you started.
  15. Here is a quick answer: http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/convert?form=address I had asked myself that same question the other day and found the above.
  16. My oxford dictionary defines "muggle" as: muggle |?m?g?l| (also Muggle) noun informal an unimaginative or boring person : this video game won't appeal to muggles.
  17. Yes, it will work just like any PC you would buy. I have tested both Mapsource & GSAK on a MacBook with Windows XP (SP2) and they work just fine, I'm sure that citynavigator 8 & Palm V would work as well. There is some Mac OS X software that works well too, Geocaching Menu, MacGPS Pro, GPSBabel+, etc.
  18. This summer during the week of the 4th of July we were caching in the U.P. Michigan. The whole family kept coming back to the cabin with Ticks. One of my boys came up with the idea of scotch taping the live tick onto a bottle rocket. Normally I am against any kind of animal cruelty, but I never felt so much satisfaction lighting that fuse. Launched that blood sucker about 100ft. into the air and exploded with a loud boom. The boys would fight over who got to light the next fuse, but they both had plenty of turns. We probably sent about 2 dozen "Ticks in Space" as my two boys referred to it over the week.
  19. I also have this problem, although I can see the advantage. It would also be nice to turn it off and on in the GPSBabel+ GUI, or even the ability to change and pick which icons represent the scheme.
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