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  1. Keep it. The road naming is worthless on the software, but its useful nonetheless. You can load topo and a streets software on at the same time and switch back and forth instantly.
  2. You need to load the Mapsource and Topo at the same time, otherwise it erases the previous software that is loaded.
  3. I think it is pretty much worthless unless you dont need road names. Most secondary roads in my area arent named in the software! I have topo and streets software both on my unit and can switch between anytime.
  4. I have a psp and using GSAK i uploaded the nearest caches to it in a html form. Works slick!
  5. Just got mine today - and having a heck of a time getting it to power on or off. It doesn't seem to depend on how hard I press it. Still trying to figure out if there's some special technique. If I can't discover a reliable technique, I guess it'll have to go back. you have to hold the button in momentarily to turn it on and off.
  6. are you saying that the maps loaded and run on the gps? with my 128mb card, i cant load maps via my 60csx, i have to use a card reader.
  7. hiking better than a mile or more to a cache, then returning to my vehicle to find my car keys missing. "knock on wood"
  8. . - you can't sort caches by distance. - it doesn't interface with GSAK. yes you can.
  9. ok spec me out one that would work for me for $25. seems like everyone i look at is missing software, cables,etc. and are uncomfirmed as to if they work. and yes, the playstation is durable enough to use. what makes you think it would be any less durable than a pda? besides, i wouldnt carry it with me into the woods. i would reference what i need from my vehicle before heading out.
  10. the other day while caching i lost all elevation details. i had to power cycle the gps to get it to work again. i havent had accuracy any better than 15ft, and have never received a waas signal. other than that, i love this thing.
  11. hello. i really want to start paperless caching but i am having a hard time finding a pda. there are so many out there that i am confused. i have a playstation portable game system, and i was thinking that it would be great to use for paperless caching. does anyone have any ideas if this is feasible?
  12. i have never received a waas signal with my 60csx. used to with my sporttrack, but i sold that a year ago.
  13. Garmin 60csx a pen .40 smith and wesson pistol sometimes i print off the geocaching webpage, hope to get a PDA soon.
  14. ive got the glisson. i like it but within 2 days of use i have a hole in the clear plastic. you can take the clip off, and it has a velcro strap to wrap it around handlebars.
  15. how can i see the complete gpx file on my computer? like past posts, etc. i dont have a pda yet, but i want to see what you can view in a gpx file. Also, how can you download many gpx files at one time, versus one at a time?
  16. The more people into the sport, the more caches to find.
  17. I am running 6.10.2 and have topo and metroguide, neither work directly via the gps with the 128. No problem with the stock 64. I kind of like doing it through the card reader, seemed to be really fast that way although i think garmin should fix the problem.
  18. I had the same problem with my new 128mb card with my 60csx. Finally ended up having to use a card reader to upload my maps. Works ok that way.
  19. if everyone had a 100% find percentage the sport would die. if you log a dnf as a find, you are only cheating yourself.
  20. i just got a 128mb card to replace my stock 64mb card that came in my 60csx. how come i cant load maps to the unit directly? it starts to send the map info to the gps but then it locks up. i ended up just loading it via a card reader. any ideas? do i need to format the card first to get it to load via the gps?
  21. www.chumbo.com i doubt you could find it cheaper anywheres else. My 60csx came with free overnight shipping. Chumbo delivered as promised. New, sealed, perfect.
  22. I think the GPSr knows were you are in relationship to the cache it just dosn't know which direction you are facing. The GPSr can still be used to get a bearing to the cache. I recomend that you carry a magnetic compass with you. Use the bearing from the GPSr to find the direction, and use the compass to lead you to it. Well if you want to get all technical about it. thats what i love about the digital compass feature.
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