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  1. count me in as well! I have been somewhat lost touch with this thread but definitely interested in anotehr race!!!! sounds like fun! What ARE the 80 fests anyways? or is it a secret?
  2. nice. put me on the watch list of that coin
  3. It really depends on the design.... if you have tons of details then 2" coin might be the way to go. But 1.75" is also a decent size
  4. Not the bad coin, the map hoped front all bustles about writing fills me to come back, I like yeah, that is how I would read it as but obviously there is something lost in the original english to chinese translation.
  5. LOL.... the only thing I can figure out for sure is 我喜欢, which is "I like it"... LOL Something about hoping the map... busy text/wording.... fill with something... hmmm..... no clue... LOL
  6. very interesting. Thanks for all the tips! d
  7. You CAN'T reinforce with tape? meaning... you are not allow to scotch tape over the adhesive seal to ensure nothing falls out???
  8. nice. that's all I need to know. Thank you. PS it would almost become a challenge ya know.... see how many coins you can squeeze into the envelope
  9. I have sent as many as 14 coins in the Flat Rate Envelope...I wrapped each in newsprint, taped them down to a piece of cardboard, layed another card on top and stapled them together. I probably could have gotten anothe 6 in there. So, $4.05 to ship 20 coins is not a bad deal at all. yeah, but I use bubble wrap so I'm not sure if that would be considered too big for the "envelop"
  10. Has anyone tried sending a whole bunch of coins using Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelope? I wonder if they would allow the envelope to have such thickness....
  11. speaking of being heartbroken.... it has been 2 months since I mailed the green jeep form to Groundspeak and I have not recieved anything... I think I'm out of luck
  12. You're right. we SHOULD show geocoin the same respect as a TB. However, some will, and some won't. Just like we all SHOULD follow the speed limit (which I don't, sometimes) and SHOULD shut up when we go to the movies (which I do, most times). Some respect others and some don't. I like the idea of posting the coin "as stolen" when it is taken without permission. But like what an earlier poster said, they will just stop logging the coins. I mean, if they're going to put the geocoin on the shelf anyway, why would they log it? Seems like there really isn't a win-win situation....
  13. UPDATE: I have sent the design to the coin mint and should have final images of the Hong Kong geocoin in a couple of days! Reservations for the coin would likely start some time this weekend. Thanks and will keep everyone updated! d
  14. can't wait to get mn traded coin!!!! thx! d
  15. TGE-GG Wisconsin coin - July 15, 2006 - 22,271 miles ICON HO!'s ParentsofSAM Geocoin - 3/24/06 - 20640.7 miles Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-1) German Geocoin 1/21/06 20,121 miles 57 Chevy's Black Nickel Generic Geocoin 4-27-06 14,470 miles 57Chevy's 2006 USA 1/15/06 14,404 Miles Ozy's Ocean State Premier Race Geocoin — Released on 5/29/06, 12 ,596 miles so far Serendipity (USA coin) - 5/20/2006 - 12,367 miles Worldchampionship 2006 Geocoin - 03/03/06 - 11,303 miles Mauison's World Travel Geocoin - 5/11/06 - 10,656 Miles AG's Traveling Balloon Geocoin - 4/6/06 - 10,271 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #3 - 1/12/06 - 9639.2 miles Plem45's Grand Experiment (1-3) China Geocoin 1/21/06 9104 miles Mueller Memorial Geocoin by Prntr1 March 31, 2006 8600 miles Blue Canary Geocoin by Prntr1 May 2, 2006 8483 miles TGE-GG BackBrakeBilly - Sept 9, 2006 - 8470 miles BadAndy's Krugerrandy #24 - 02/02/2006 - 8397 miles Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ New York '05 - 31Jan06 - 7714.8mi Shilo's Phone-a-Friend Geocoin -3/17/06 - 7256.5mi Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Caching Around the World Geocoin - 01/21/06 - 7219.5 miles Go JayBee's Grand Experiment - ^V^ Iowa '05 - 31Jan06 - 6686.6mi Mighty Mut the Hiker - Fox & the Hound personal coin, April 26, 2006 - 6861.3mi BadAndy's Krugerrandy #13 - 01/26/2006 - 6685 miles AG's Traveling Finland Coin - 2/17/06 - 6255 miles Mauison's Prague Geocoin - 04/19/06 6255 Miles Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Georgia Geocoin - 01/11/06 - 6012 miles Castle Man's Geo-Loot Coin #3 - 1/26/2006 - 5961 mi Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #1 - 1/12/06 - 4929.4 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #2 - 1/12/06 - 4916.9 miles AG's Traveling BikeDog Geocoin #2 - 4/7/2006 - 4849 miles SWMG GEO ENGLAND -3-1-2006 4343 Miles SWMG GEO ENGLAND 1 -3-1-2006 4341 Miles CR05 - Plem45's Finland Geocoin 2/5/06 4302 miles Serial Finder's Personal Geocoin #8 - 03/24/06 - 4143 Miles Ladybug Kids' Geonut Geocoin - 6/3/06 - 3666 Miles Kealia's Maryland Coin - 2/19/06 - 3,612 miles CR40 - Plem45's Signal Geocoin - (Feb 06) - April 18, 2006 - 3474 miles Where is JoeMerchant? - #029 - 1/14/06 - 3350 Miles Ladybug Kids' UK Geocoin #2 - 5/20/06 - 3327 Miles Team LightningBugs' 2006 Traveling USA Geocoin - 2986 miles Ozy's Two-tones Double Dragon Premier Race Geocoin — Released on 7/26/06, 2,860 miles so far Cornerstone4's Bikedog Coin- 3/17/06- 2637.2 Kealia/Hula Bum Geocache America Coin - 8/27/06 - 2,562 miles Kealia/Hula Bum Earth Geocoin - 8/27/06 - 2,562 miles Serial Finder's Geocoin - 10/28/06 - 2522 Miles Kealia/Hula Bum North Carolina Coin - 5/6/2206 - 2,367 miles Sawblade5's MIGO Geocoin 05 (MIGO Refurb 2005) - 1/17/2006 - 2366.1 mi Wild and Free #3 - Sept 9, 2006 - 2339 miles Kealia/Hula Bum UK Coin - 5/6/06 - 2,305 miles London Geocoin #490 - 4/7/2006 - 2,207 miles Cornerstone4's Temecula Valley Event Geocoin- 3/17/06- 2172 Shilo's Geocaching U Geocoin - 6/11/06 - 2051 miles IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #13 - 1/14/06 - 1839 Miles IceCreamMan's Personal Geocoin #15 - 1/14/06 - 1764 Miles RustyBeerCan's California Micro #1 - 4/7/06 - 1529 miles CR20 - Plem45's Generic Geocoin (mini) 3/3/06 1458 miles Kealia/Hula Bum Iowa Geocoin - 5/6/06 - 1,448 miles The Grand Experiment - Remember the Maine... - 1,434 mi. This one moved from Iowa to TN without being logged in and out of caches, so I have no idea of it's true mileage. Southbayday's Grand Canyon 2 - 2/1/06 1006 mi The Grand Experiment - Don't Screw It Up! - 974 mi. ScoutingWV World Traveler 1 - 2/26/06 - 851.5 miles Sawblade5's Frozen Bone Geocoin (Frozen Bone Bronze) - 1/17/2006 - 768.4 mi Tdecell’s Mississippi Geocoin #1551 – 743.3 miles Signal Geocoin Jan 2006 - 6/6/06 - 551.6 miles The Grand Experiment - Throw Me a Frozen Bone, Would Ya? - 510 mi. Scan My Barcode--Generic Geocoin - 5/26/06 - 333.9 miles Free's Pengy & Tigger coin released 28/2/2006 (or 2/28/2006 for everyone else since Im British) 262 miles Sundailman's March Goecoin CLub released 4-6-06: 218 miles Claire's Birthday Zodiac Geocoin - 7/3/06 - 167.8 miles Loggerhead LE: release 4-2-06 151 miles Sundialman's Earth Day Earth Geocoin released April 22, 2006 151 miles Team Jsam's POW/MIA Coin: released 6-08-06 134.4 miles The Blind Acorn - 111 mi. NSLP Travelling China Coin: March 27, 2006: 95 mi Free's Lamppost Geocoin released 4/4/2006 93 miles Team Jsam 2006 CITO: released 4-21-06: 57.8 miles Finland Geocoin 3-10-06 37.4 miles Hogwild Cointown 3/7/06 26 miles Signal Frostbite released 3/26/06: 1491 miles
  16. Exactly how we feel. If your promote your coin as a 'trade only coin' and sell them on ebay. Then you mislead the people that traded with you. If someone else sells your coin, you can't really stop that. Just keep track of your numbered coins and who you traded with, figure out who sold it and put them on your black list for future trading reference. Coins are not that important that I will worry about someone else selling my coin and thinking I need to blacklist them. When coins get to this stage it will no longer be fun. Although I do not think it is wrong to sell the first set of a Trade Only coin to reap the profits from the scalper I have removed the TSD V2 coins. I never intended to decieve anyone as to the nature of these coins and as such I will stay true to the term Trade Only. If I had wanted to decieve I would not have listed under my own handel Now lets see how fast these end up being sold by someone else since I just made then more marketable. And don't worry I didn't record any numbers ... or did I. Team Sand Dollar For future reference, if you are considering selling a couple sets to cover costs or whatever for your trade only coins, just make it clearc on your first posting. Most people can apprecinate that. Choose the least favorite numebr set and sell away...
  17. Good point. Regardless on how heavy you advertise a coin as trade-only, it WILL, sooner or later, be sold as a commodity. I would imagine the more you police on a particular coin, the more people would want to get their hands on it, and the higher the value the coin become.
  18. Yeah, I think I wouold drop the "I Love" part. I'm actually using the flower as the icon. I'm also trying not to onver crowd the coin. There really isn't a lot of space on a coin with so much details on it already. I like the text on coin edge idea. I would have to investigate that with mint next week. I also think that I would leave "Hong Kog" in chinese. If I find a coin in a language that I don't understand from a cache , I would try to find ount what it means. That can be part of the fun as well...
  19. I remember a while back I saw some flips on ebay stores and they were priced reasonably... haven't researched that for a while though
  20. Actually, funny that you mention.... according to geocaching.com, "地理藏寶" is geocaching in chinese (it's interesting what you can find from the gc website).... well, the direct translation is "geographic treasure". It doesn't really ring geocaching to me in chinese but, when was the last time you say the word to someone for doesn't know the activity and they go... wwhhaaaat? I will give this idea more thoughts... Problem I foresee is non-chinese spreakers would not understand what it says on the coin, and I might have to have both english and chinese on it... I dont want to crowd a coin that is already busy enough by Which brings up a point made by Bryan from Groundspeak, that non-chinese speakers might not understand "trackable at geocaching.com" in chinese at the back of the coin, thus would not know it is a trackable coin (or where to track) What do you guys think?
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