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  1. I hope so too. Contact me if you are. Depends on your trading coin(s) I can chat when I have them made Thanks for asking!
  2. hey there... I just sent you an email What exactly is SE, LE, ELE, and XLE? I thought I was selling cars for a second.... LOL So far, from all the reservations I have received, 2-tones is by far the winner of all metal choice (antique copper is runner-up). I can definitely say that 2-tones would be one of the sure plating. I will be receiving samples from the coin mint in a couple of weeks and I will determine which, if any, ther plating type would be made as well. Thanks again!!!
  3. heh. There is an entire thread for that
  4. Yeap. ave you covered Thanks again and have a great night!
  5. You're very welcome. Glad you like it! Have a great day.
  6. Thank you! I will make a note Enjoy your day.
  7. ooops... forgot about the 500 coins per custom icon rule.... my bad
  8. I think there are always expectations of geocoins being stolen... but I see them as "extra challenge" to complete their missions (ok, if your coin mission is to travel as many places as possible.... then just don't expect to ever see it again). That's why I almost always buy 2 of the same coin... 1 for caching and 1 for viewing...
  9. Not a moderator here but I believe I can answer your questions.... You can purchase 1000 tracking codes with the custome prefix (you can select the first 2 characters, but the last 4 are randomly generated). You can split up the codes however you like to use them. As far as the icon, they cost $150 each, so if you have 4 different coins, each with individual icons using the 1000 tracking codes, the cost will be: 1000 X $1.5 + $150 X 4 = $2100USD
  10. Are you dealing directly with the mint? Some of the makers in the U.S. that use the same mint in China have significantly different results. There's value in expertise. Yes. I will submit the design to the mint tonight/tomorrow and I shall have my proof in a couple of weeks! YAY! Worst case scenario. If quality is not up to standard, I will find one that is.
  11. I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks for asking!
  12. I have always loved dragons and thought it would be cool to creating a design based on that. And since it has a ying yang background, I thought it would be neat to have an ancient chinese landscape type background as well.... I am toying with the idea of making a series of dragon geocoins, but nothing is set in stone yet. We shall see! Thanks for the inquiry
  13. I respect your view on geocoins and your passion for the sport. What I am doing is creating a coin that is love by some and not by others. If it's your cup of tea... great! If not, don't buy it. Thank you.
  14. I am using a coin mint in China which was referred by a fellow coin designer from this forum (and he made some REAL nice coins). Most coin vendors in the US do not make their own coins. I have the options of using Brass or Zinc Alloy as the base metal. Brass is a much heavier metal which uses a die struck mold, and can give better details on coins; whereas Zinc Alloy uses injection (I have no idea how) and is lighter. Given the complexity of the coin, I have decided to use Brass. Will definitely make the coins look better! And yes, brass costs almost twice as much as zinc alloy
  15. Brass , which is heavier than Zinc Alloy.
  16. OK. Finally, after a couple of months of intense prep work… my first geocoin is READY! Behold… Double Dragon Geocoin! Front* * Please note that only the two-tones option would have the silver dragon effect. Back I am now taking RESERVATIONS for the Double Dragon Geocoin! Click here dwprods.com to reserve your coins today! The coins have not been ordered from the coin mint so this reservation process will give me a rough idea of the quantity. Order will be placed in a couple of weeks or so. Buyer should expect receiving coins in Early July. Coin stats: Diameter: 1.75" Thickness: 3mm Metal: I have not decided on metal yet, but the options are: Gold, Antique Silver; Antique Copper, or Two-tones (Gold/Nickel Dragons) If you have a strong preference, make sure you put it in the comment field! Trackable on geocaching.com Custom prefix tracking code (DWXXXX) Custom icon Estimate Shipping Date: Early July, 2006 Coin Sales and Shipping Information: Domestic Sales 1 coin: $10.00 2-5 coins: $9.40 ea 6-10 coins: $9.00 ea 11-15 coins: $8.75 ea 15+ coins: $8.50 ea FREE Shipping and Handling (domestic only) FREE Delivery Confirmation (domestic only) Residents in state of CA adds 8.25% sales tax Optional Domestic Insurance Available 1-5 coins: $1.50 6-10 coins: $2.50 11-20 coins: $3.50 Shipping to Canada Add $1.00 for first coin, $0.50 for each additional coin, per order Shipping Outside US and Canda Add $2.00 for first coin, $1.00 for ach additional coin, per order All sales in USD. PayPal (credit card accepted) strongly preferred. However, cashier checks are also accepted (Please contact me at derek@dwprods.com for details) Faster shipping available upon request. Reserve your Double Dragon Geocoin now! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at derek@dwprods.com!
  17. That's why I get 2 or more of the same coin. One for personal collection and the rest to set free. Therefore, regardless, I will always have one in possession for viewing.
  18. Great news. JUST great news for someone who is JUST starting to get into the whole coin creating thing.... so... $25 for a cool coin? anyone? anyone??
  19. If you are just looking to make your own coin, that's a whole different ball of wax. That is where the pinned threads do help you. I took it to mean that you wanted to become a coin producer, one who makes others coins a reality, by producing the coins for them. Well, join the club, there are lots of those. Can you clarify? Do you just want to come out with one coin? Or do you want to produce coins for others? Eartha, Thanks again for your reply. This is what I'm planning on doing: I would love to design and sell between maybe 3-6 different coins a year... send my ideas to the coin mint and have them produced. This would be a part-time home based business. I believe most of the transaction would be done oevr the Internet. I understand that I would be required to pay sales tax for in-state sales. I also understand that I need to get a seller permit in order to conduct business and I might even have to get a DBA for my business name. What I am not prepared is the fact that I might have to get a business licence... register this and register that... stand in line at city hall and try to get all the forms completed. I called up different organizations and they are tell me different things of what I need to do. I am increasing frustrated with this process. If this was a full time business, I have no problem of filing out all the paperwork and getting this right. But for a side business operation that generate profits (if any) few far and between... it is a lot of pain to go through. No wonder why so many people do not report their side business. They certainly don't make it easy.... Sorry for the ranting.
  20. Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I went to a geocaching event this weekend and actually got some valuable information. I showed my coin design/idea to some cachers and the feedbacks have been positiive. However, you are correct that collectors are getting very picky about their choices of coins. I am just trying to do this coin thing on the side and certainly not going to quit my day job for this (at least not yet), so employee benefit stuff will not apply to me.... I have read quite a bit of threads and information on this site have been useful. I know I would have to pay sales tax and all that stuff.... I'm just a little annoyed with the idea of needing to file for a seller permit and any other legal stuff.... a cool and fun idea turns into tons of paperwork... well, it is what it is right
  21. Crake, Thanks gain for your advice. I was hoping that I didn't have to go through all that but I guess it is what it is.... well.... tuime to call places on Monday to see what they say. Thanks again! d
  22. I am considering selling geocoin as a side business. Does anyone know if I would be required to get a seller permit for such activity? I would imagine I might be selling about 6 different coin designs a year and most of the transactions would be handled through the internet. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks. PS I live in CA if such info helps
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