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  1. I am still taking reservations for the coin! Try this link. http://dwprods.com/Geocoins.htm Then click on the coin for the reserv tab Thanks!!!!! d
  2. To answer your previous thread, I believe it is very difficult to create the "blend in" effect on a coin, especially one that involves color. My comment is solely based on my own mental visualization. Now I have no experience in the actual coin manufacturing process, but I have a hard time visualizing how it can be done on a coin like that. The green on the signs simply won't look right "disappearing" to the ring. Now if silver is the only color on the coin, then you might be able to create a mold blending into the ring. I think the "mistake" gives the coin an interesting look. If you insist, the coin mint can try to match what you want. Since you have a middle man, you should negotiate with him as he's the liaison. Did you specify the blending effect to him? If so, then it is his fault for not translating the message clearly to the coin mint. I think a discount is not a bad solution if the mint can't figure out how to make the coin the way you want them. However, you will always feel like it is not the design you desired.
  3. On behalf of the So Cal Geocachers, I hereby nominate us as LEAST willing to host a Geo Woodstock. I dunno.... I would enjoy a nice GW5 in Palm Springs or Big Bear.... os San Diego. I missed this years and I would very much love to ateend next year's.
  4. I actually like that icon..... actually pretty nicely designed and thank you! yeah, I'm looking at different options right now. It annoys because because creating icons shouldn't be mad science.... I just can't figure out the trick to so (or too cheap to buy a program)
  5. If you're paying him to do this, shouldn't he know how? He's my best friend and I thought it would be a fun project to do together. He has his own GD business but he doesn't generally do custom icons. Besides, I hate asking friends for favors, so I pay him at a discounted rate
  6. Ancient Chinese Secret! Seriously though, I've been fortunate enough to be asked to do many of the icons you see. If you're looking to have one done, contact me through my GC profile, and I'll see what I can do. Yime hehehe. In THAT case, I should be gatekeeper of this secret! I am actually paying my friend to design the coin, as well as the icon, so I will try to have him to do the work as much as possible.... But I will definitely keep you in mind! Thanks for offering. d
  7. Yeah, but it is just not crystal clear like some of the ones I have seen. Now I realized that the dragons are very detailed drawings and I have simplified them dramatically... just couldn't come up with something better My friend tried using very simply vector art but still did not come out well.... And thank you very much for your email! I will take a look at it! cheers
  8. Can someone give me advice on how to make a CLEAR custom icon? My friend and I have tried it a few times (both photoshop and illustrator) and we cannot get it to work. 32X32 and 16X16 is just WAY too small. I am really curious of how they created the USA geocoin icon! it's so clear with that much details! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I like 12 = Ryan Newman's NASCAR number car I like 38 = my "class number" when I was in highschool (We usually have about 42-43 students in a class, and the number is assigned based on last name alphabetically)
  10. My double dragon coin. excited excited excited!
  11. Reminder to reserve your Double Dragon Coin today! I should have samples in my hands by the end of next week! Click here for reservations
  12. Almost all the coins started out at the 2nd Annual COG Spring Fling event cache on Saturday May 13th. Any subsequent Toronto geocoins entered into the race, also start off from that event, since the coins were in fact there. Any other late entries start out by whatever cache I decide to put them in the next time I am out geocaching, or if I hand them off to someone else to start their journey. gotcha. thx!
  13. I am going to enter the contest soon, but I want to enter my own coins which won't be ready till July oh well... better late than never! btw, how exactly do the race coins go into caches? Does the organizer hide them in a specific cache?
  14. I speak only for me. Fresh blood! Well why not. Our race seems to be really lagging. Play by rules as laid out, start where we did. Bring it on ZOOM! Oh... I wasn't thinking about entering the contest.... heck... I didn't even know there was a contest. Found this thread and thought it was cool to find other nascar related bugs besides, I am SURE it will take at least a few years for this bug to fulfill ALL its missions (given that it doesn't go missing, at all).
  15. I need to set this one free soon!!!! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=496956
  16. That is real funny. sadly true. This group and I were chasing after a FTF togetehr and when we found the cache, I gave my geocoin to one of the girls in the group. She stared at the coin and said.... 'oooooooo.... this is sooooo prreeeeetttyyy.... I don't know if I wanna hide it...." well, thankfully, she did.
  17. Valid points... however, let's make this interesting... For example, my double dragon geocoin — I was born in the year of the dragon. I am chinese so the chinese landscape is a nice touch. These are things related to me (THE CACHER) So, does that make it a personal coin? And the fact that I spend more money to get a custom prefix (I chose a non-PC prefix), does that make it less of a personal coins? Based on the assumption given above, it would have been considered "geocaching related" and thus a geocoin. Is it not? I'm sure you feel that I'm just populating stories to defend the coin design. However, the information I presented does fulfill the "requirement" for my coin to be considered as a geocoin. If you didn't think my coin was geocaching-related before, do you think it is now? (I'm sure not) So, if I create a coin that represent long beach california (let's say the design is a basic map of long beach), knowing that there isn't a Long beach geocaching group out here (I am pretty sure there isn't, but for discussion sake, there isn't), would that considered to be a geocoin? It is not representing a state or a orgnaization, but it is somewhere I have cached in before. Would that considered to be a geocoin since this is related to me as a CACHER? If I create a British columbia geocoin (let's say the design is a basic map of BC) and I have neevr been to BC, under the circumstances, that would not be considered as a geocoin (even though both coins have the same basic mapping layout). Is that right? Furthermore, If I set a few of these coins free in the wild for others to find, that would make it a geocoin, but otherwise it wouldn't? Make you think huh
  18. hmmm what does a geocat look like?
  19. One more advise. Almost every coin that comes out has something that someone doesn't like about it. No matter what you do, there WILL be unhappy people complaining. Don't let that bring you down.
  20. Would you sell a complete set once you have all 12 of them?
  21. I think it's a great idea, but it will take a lot of work just to keep up the current coin collections (imagine digging through all the previous geocoins [or just simply, coins, for some people]). Iwt might work if we do something like the "Absolut Book". Just pics and simple stats.
  22. Just confirmed the artwork with the coin mint. We should have samples in a couple of weeks! YAY!!!!
  23. anyone know where to retrieve activation code for Geo Nut? thx!
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