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  1. I think that's just to show how light would reflect on the coin. I do the same so you can see a raised/lowered area in the metal that won't have enamel. heheh, so I guess the surface is reflective?
  2. How are you creating the white/grey gradient effect?
  3. I LOVE the design!!! very very nice!!! Iw ould have loved to attend the function... too bad I started geocahcing after I moved away from new england....
  4. I'll WARP them the best I can lol J/K yes. like use tons of old newspaper... then WARP them around with ducktapes. Trust me, they'll love it
  5. Makre sure you warp your coins well, especially for non-circular coins
  6. nice coin!!! me likey! Do you have a bigger picture of this coin??? where can I find series 1 & 2?
  7. Cool! Where about in the UK are you located? Hampshire which is basically the center of the South. Ian Very nice. I went to boarding school in Derbyshire for 4 years. Had great fun! Unfortunately didn't get to travel too much, did go to several prepschools to compete in track and field.... hmmmm those were the old days....
  8. UPDATES: * OK.... I have packaged and printed out about 30-40 domestic orders tonight and they will be dropped off at the post office tomorrow morning... I still have a few packages to be done in the next couple of days... * Both Antnqie Silver and Antique Copper are now SOLD OUT!!!!! * Still have a few more Antique Gold and a bunch of Two-tones Thanks again! d
  9. Cool! Where about in the UK are you located?
  10. That is a very neat idea!!! It will be so cool to activate a coin, then send it to a cacher in another country and have he/she to put the coin in caches and watch it travel! Of course, I JUST sent out ALL my international packages!!!
  11. OK. All Canada and international packages have been shipped out! It was an interesting experience at the post office. The lady helped me to process the 30 packages was very nice! I sorted the packages by country and by weight and she thanked me for that. She even went to lunch 20 minutes late to help me out! It has been a great and positive experience really!
  12. Thanks for all the kind words!!!! And glad you enjoy them! Updates: * Antique Silver coins are gone. * There was a problem on my website earlier. Some folks were not able to make a purchase (PayPal error message.) This problem has been solved temporarily and you can now (again) make purchase. Complete update will be done by this evening. * I have shipped out about 20-30 domestic packages this morning!!!! * I am also going to the post office this afternoon to send out all the Canada and international order! * I have about 20-30 more orders to package and they shall be done in the next few days! Thanks again guys! d
  13. All Antique Silver coins are now SOLD OUT!!! Changes will be reflected on my website in a few hours. Thanks for ordering!!! d
  14. What exactly is the shape of the coin? I know it is paw-shaped, but where exactly is the edge of the coin?
  15. I have 3 coins to send you in the next couple of days. I remember reading a post about you taking a vacation in the near future? Should I wait till you are back? thx! d
  16. Give them to friends and family that are not into geocaching Can be cool gifts for x'mas so they will go "aaaawwwwwwwww"
  17. OK... I have put together about 20 packages last night and they will go out at some point today.... Some of you might have already received a confirmation email from PayPal. I'll try to get the rest of them done by this weekend. International mail might take a little longer for me to do since I'll have to stand in line at the post office and all... Thanks again. d
  18. looks nice. Is "death valley" and "mt. whitney" going to be in a darker color text?
  19. very nice idea. Do you have images of your coin?
  20. A little (VERY HEAVY) box came in today!!! YAY!!! The lighting is bad so the pictures look reddish... Now back to matching coins with tracking/activation code sheets....
  21. Copies function as well as the real thing and if they're labeled as "COPY" in the title, I just don't see why anyone should object. No one objects if you use a "COPY" travel bug tag. I would have absolutely no objection in this scenario. Point well taken!
  22. They have removed the "From the highest peaks" and the lgeocoordinates of Mt. McKinley. Also, the elevation of Death Valley appears to have been removed or too small. Also, the ammo cans on the wagon train don't look like ammo cans and are not green The sign chould be contrasted a little better; perhaps with black lettering.... Also, I know that the bird, the flower and the bear are on the front as icons of California but I have to agree that these make the coin appear to busy. The main theme appears to be the geography of California so it would seem consistent to only show those features. Although the wagon train falls into this same issue, I think that it is really cool and really helps that face. Nice coin. But you're right, I think the coin on both sides are way too busy.... too many colors. Is the mountain on the front going to be photographic printing? If it is the case, I will be interested in how they would put the bear and cal state graphics on top of the picture.... Also, I don't remember seeing the size of the coin.. but even if it is a 2" diameter coin, it will still be too much going on, in my opinion. Out of curiousity, I know most coin mints give you about 4-5 different colors for free, then charge each additional color. Is this the case here? thx d
  23. kealia, how many coins (type and quantity) did you mint? Do you track all of their movements???? That is a pretty neat idea actually... but I'm sure it's a pain to input all that info.... Would love to see some of your coins! d
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