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  1. Su telegram penso che tu possa usare la ricerca, su whatsapp se vuoi scrivimi in privato e ti mando il link.
  2. I did my first geotour last year, and in a few days I will start a 10-days-trip to do the second one. I was thinking... there should be a way to "log" a geotour beside logging all the caches in it. Like a log for the whole geotour itself, where you can leave a comment about your experience in total, without focusing on a specific cache or area. And in the geotour page, all this kind of logs will be collected and could be read by anyone who visits the page. Of course it won't give a find, but there could be a counter on the geotour page with the number of geotours you have completed. It's just an idea, but I think it'll add a lot to the geotour experience!
  3. Ciao, il forum italiano, come vedi, non è molto attivo... se vuoi esistono dei gruppi sui vari social (facebook, telegram, whatsapp, discord), ti consiglio di iscriverti lì se vuoi conoscere qualcuno!
  4. Events started again here, and I attended one last Saturday, and of course found some other caches. I tried to use GSAK to log everything in the correct order (and it worked perfectly last time I did it) but this time it doesn't work, and the event appears at the beginning of the day. Seems that now even with GSAK it's impossible to log in the correct order I hope they will fix it soon. EDIT: it worked again!
  5. I had asked for this feature too, I totally support this! Why we have to give a reason when deleting a picture but not with a log?
  6. I believe it is. HQ is aware of this since last August but probably they're working on something else. In the past posts someone explained a way of logging them in the correct order using GSAK, I am using it and everything is correct
  7. This is a change I had wanted for a lot of time, thank you! For future improvements, together with the possibility to divide the souvenirs into groups, I'd suggest to change the date fo souvenirs to the date of the log, not the date the log was sent.
  8. WhenI open the page All Event Cache Types from a personal profile, both hidden and found (link), it shows all kind of events: regular events, CCE, CITOs, Megas and Gigas. But when I go to the second page, it switch to showing only regular events. Is there a way to display all kind of events in pages other than the first?
  9. Thanks. The milestone problem is from one year ago, I had no idea that Labs could mess up stats, I logged them at a mega, Adventure Labs were not a thing yet. I'll try to explore gsak and see if there is some way, if not it's ok, I am already happy to have logged Al the cache I was holding back
  10. It worked!! I'm very grateful to you, i could eventually complete the log I was saving since a few months! Do you know if this works with lab caches too? There are some messin up with one of my milestones...
  11. Sounds like I'll have to learn how to use GSAK...
  12. Fortunately, I had only a few logs deleted and mostly on TBs, but sometimes had happened that the owner never replied to my request of explanation. Personally, I had to delete a lot of logs for the most diverse reasons: spoilers (after asking the player to edit it and never receiving an answer), blasphemy, personal offense, fake logs (both on Tbs and caches), double logs... If I had the possibility to use this feature it would have simplified me a lot, because most of this people didn't even asked me the reason for the deletion, and just redid the same identical log. Receiving an email with an explanation can also instruct players on how to log properly.
  13. Too many times has happened to receive the notification of one of your logs being deleted, so you asked the owner the reason, and never got a reply. If you tired to log again, it would be deleted again, but still got no reason from the owner. It would be interesting to add a pop-up window when someone deletes a log (except if it's deleted by the same person who wrote it), where he must write the reason why he's deleting the log and he cannot proceed unless he does it (something similar happens with pictures). In this way, whenever you get the notification of the log deletion (both on a cache or on a trackable), you also got to read the reason why it has been deleted, and ant the same time, the owner has to give an explanation for deleting the log.
  14. HQ is aware of this bug. They told they are working on it to fix it... I they'll do it soon because I have some old finds in waiting to log until the bug is fixed
  15. There are none... but I think that since you cannont change the date of the log anymore for events, probably they canceled the dete/hour data, and its set by default as last found of the day. Did you try to log with cachly? Yesterday I tried many times to "play" a little with the hour of logs, logging and deleting them to but it didn't work. All of this seems to non apply to CCE, only to evwents and CITOs. Also, on the logs page, the order is correct, on the finds list, is not.
  16. Se non sei un utente Premium, sicuramente non puoi aver nascosto una cache riservata ai premium. È probabile che tu abbia messo valori di Difficoltà e Terreno oltre il 2 (oppure che la cache non sia traditional): questo fa in modo che sull'app ci sia un ulteriore limitazione. Sul sito e su altre app invece questa limitazione non dovrebbe esserci.
  17. I tried, and it's still not working... I have some logs on standby because i want to keep the correct order, so I can log the cache of some days only up to the event, and not those I found after that.
  18. Nello spazio per il nome puoi scrivere quello che vuoi: un nome, due nome, un soprannome... quindi puoi aggiungere il nome del tuo amico, anche se rimarrà soltanto una cosa di forma, perché poi le cache sono legate a un singolo profilo come proprietario.
  19. Yesterday and today I tried many times to upload a picture to a log using the browser on my mobile, but it failed; it looks like the "upload" button is not working properly (but then i tried from pc and it worked). It used to work perfectly until a few days a go, so I don't know if something has changed and this is a bug or if the problem is in my mobile. Anyone experiencing the same?
  20. Well, after a few months with the app, I experiencedw it with some different wherigos around europe. I think it works well now, the map is very useful and the app itself is easy to use and to understand. I only had a crash problem during a cartridge, but probably it was my phone and not the app. Anyway, many thanks again to Mangatome for making this possible!
  21. Got it now! I'll be in Munchen for the Giga Event, so I'll try some new cartridges, I hope this will work fine! Thanks Mangatome!
  22. Hi, i tried the app today with the only Wherigo cache in Milan (although it was disabled). The app worked very well with every step except in the end: in the last step it was needed to answer a question, but the window with the questione and the bar where the answer had to be inserted didn't appear. After a few tries it started appearting and disappearing in less than a second. After some more tries it appeared and stayed, apparently fixed, and i could insert the answer. After a while it crashed, but then it worked again, saying that the input was in loop (probably it didn't regidtered the answer from before). A suggestion: it would be useful to delete if we could a single element from the history, instead of keeping them all or clearing the history completely. The app is very good anyway, I liked it a lot. I hope it will improve again and again. Thanks for your work Mangatome!
  23. Ok now it stopped working completely
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