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  1. quote:Originally posted by Sir Lost Alot:I am going to Florence Italy next month ... [snip] start a cach o'er there. Hmmm. I just noticed that part. That's called a vacation/tourist cache. Please don't do that unless you plan on maintaining the cache. How often do you get to Florence? I came up with an idea for a TB for Florence: a bell named Giotto (the architect of the Duomo campanile). Can I send it to you before you go? If not, I'll find a cacher in Florence and mail it to them.
  2. Good tag. The back side of mine has the travel bug icon too, more explicit instructions, and includes the tracking number. The written instructions are so the finders don't have to do more homework before logging. I can send you the Word doc if interested. Hmmm, that reminds me, I should put geocaching stuff together on a web page.
  3. Oh, and I recently asked about sound files. You can't upload them, only images, so you'll need to provide an external link to the sound file. Nice AZ bug
  4. I can Markwell you to a Markwell thread instruction tags. ... and summarize: http://www.xsnrg.com/geocachingwa/asp/travelbugsheet1a.asp http://www.9key.com/cache_docs.asp I use a smaller version for my bugs, which I print and put back to back, then laminate them. You can see the tag on one of BGOR's pictures( http://img.Groundspeak.com/track/45056_200.jpg ).
  5. You mean this Travel Duck? I can view its page, of course I don't have the tracking number, but the page loads. Try it again.
  6. A poll worked SOOOOO well in my case.
  7. If I put a link to an external sound file on a travel bug page, then people could hear the sound I want associated with the bug by clicking on it. Can a non-image file be uploaded on the geocaching.com server so it's an internal link, like the images?
  8. If I put a link to an external sound file on a travel bug page, then people could hear the sound I want associated with the bug by clicking on it. Can a non-image file be uploaded on the geocaching.com server so it's an internal link, like the images?
  9. People turn many things into TB hitchhikers (TBs). smillersmiller suggested to me that most small toys and keychains are probably out there. I recently found the Wally the wandering weasel TB, which is a beanie baby. He was released into the cache wild a year ago and seemed to be in good shape, considering he's a plush toy. When I plan a TB, I look for something durable made out of plastic, metal, and, recently, things I've made out of wood (and then painted), thinking that a plush isn't going to survive a wet/damp cache. I like the wooden ones because they (like crafty signature items) are unique, more ... special ..., and interesting than a corner toy store trinket/keychain. The travel bug tags are metal because of its durability and there is a thread about possible alternatives for the tags. How do various TB-hitchhiker materials hold up out in the wild? Do plush toys hold up? I would think flexible plastic and vinyl would work. I've found a plastic bike in a zip that was broken, which I glued, but it is doomed to break again.
  10. Send an email to one of the previous finders and ask for the tracking number.
  11. There is a minimum distance (100 miles?) it has to travel before the map feature activates.
  12. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:+ _"This is gc.com, love it or leave it "_ Oh, so geocaching.com will only have cosmetic changes and people should start splinter web sites when they want additional features and otherwise duplicate this site. Now there's a good idea
  13. Did someone say maybe there should be TWO icons?
  14. The poll is to assess the geocaching.com users to see if the icon vocabulary on geocaching.com should be expanded for those users , not to assess or question the features or users of Watcher. ... and, yes, people should be aware of Watcher and I know Watcher can do many things, including (micro) filtering.
  15. The poll is to assess the geocaching.com users to see if the icon vocabulary should be expanded, not the features or users of Watcher. ... and, yes, I know Watcher can do many things, including (micro) filtering.
  16. Check the comment from 19 Oct: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=44477 The TB's tag and web page say travel by ground. One day someone will take one of my ground-hugging bugs to Tuva, but I'd be happy with that Hmmm, maybe I should send one there, be right back... Hehe.
  17. Multiple cosmetic changes to the icons have been happening lately, which has brought up mention of an icon for micros. I would like to see the latter. I have heard the argument about how it's a size not a type, e.g., the final for a multilocation cache can be a micro and a multi is a type or, the opposite, the skills needed to find a micro are different, so it's a separate type. I did a San Mateo city search this morning and it came up with over 2900 (within 100 miles). Most of the first 20 are micros, some are multi-micros (the following pages are similar), but I have to look at each non-virtual one to determine if it is a micro.
  18. There are lots of caches in Florida already. None of those will work? How fancy of a web page do you need? Should it be page with race information plus a map server that will generate a dynamic map as the race progresses or a simple page with a periodically updated map? Under its own domain? Anyone else interested in an AK to FL race?
  19. quote:Originally posted by Mark 42:I would like to see the addition of unique icons for micros and night caches. I don't care about night caches, but would like to see an icon for micros.
  20. In that case there isn't much of a choice. Like was said in the other thread, a picture at the virt cache site would be good "proof" that it was there as part of the log.
  21. A race around the world in about 2 months? Are you serious? Many people hold a TB for a month before placing it again. How about a year? Interesting race idea though.
  22. A race around the world is overly ambitious.
  23. If you want to learn about TBs, one way is to look at some examples, by going to the "Track Travel Bugs" page and look some up, or just look up the bugs in some caches near you. ... but DON'T look at Alien Army of Chaos, it's an abomination You could take something over there, or send back a "souvenir" you find there as a bug, so many possibilities... The latter option could be awkward, because it's better if the bug should have an instruction tag on it. You would know the goal and tracking number in advance, but not what it was or its name. I have some tags, I could put together a TB for each of you to have come back to CA (or ?), or you could buy your own tags and do your own. A bug should have a theme/goal. We in the forums can help/coordinate, or work through email directly. Either way, take a picture of it before you send it on its way. Not that THAT BOTHERS ME!
  24. You asked that about a month ago. I see you're in Alaska, do you have an idea or where would you like the bugs to start from and go? I've never been part of a TB race, but there's always a first time... I have some TB tags How about if all the TBs have to be snow/winter themed (polar bear, husky, snowmobile, snowman, etc), starting in Alaska, and the goal is some cache in Florida? ... this is only a draft suggestion, not to be taken seriously or restrictively.
  25. You mean Portland, Oregon? ATTBI changed to Comcast, so you might try maverik133@comcast.com (or .net?) He's apparently active, but hasn't updated his email address.
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