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  1. ::looking around::: pssst! This IS the travel bug forum OFF TOPIC: It was probably in some other forum first, then got moved here. Hmmm ... I thought there was some sort of icon that gave us a clue in that direction. Wasn't there? An arrow/envelope icon or something? Yes, there is. This thread started in General and briansnat moved it here. There is an arrow there. My Surly the SR71 has a goal to fly and fly often. It would be good if it could rack up distance-to-the-moon miles, but that could take a long time. Alien Army of Chaos will to that much quicker.
  2. fly46 suggested geojed start his race in Florida and heading to Alaska from there, so the same could be done with yours, or you could wait until spring. The problems include 1) the waiting and 2) conflict with the 2nd annual cannonball run, assuming they do the run again. Making a race "annual" assumes the racers finish in less than a year, a big assumption for TBs. Seems like your race is ready to go, so there's no point in waiting. The/We Johnny-Come-Lately entries are the only thing potentially slowing you down. Is yours a Lego-themed race? It could start and end in Carlsbad, if someone down there wants to handle the placing and watching. I could do it here, but I'm near SF so clockwise from here could potentially get a bug to Washington or Montana while still winter.
  3. I meant to start. I have mailed a bug to someone on the east coast to have a bug start there and work its way back. Mailing it to the destination is very very bad.
  4. A similar thing has been done, or rather is on the way... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=25686 One interesting one was Mtnlion's autograph bug that was sent to Wil Wheaton for an autograph. It has completed its mission. There's another thread about favorite TBs: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=25575
  5. See this thread... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=59108
  6. This thread has this http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=25784
  7. I cache I found recently had the following post: "After getting home from a 50+ caching marathon with [x y z]. [we] didn't want to waste what remaining daylight there was, so we were off for a few more caches. Neat camo job."
  8. You can do whatever you want with the TBs you own. Some cache owners like to do what you are planning: put a or some TBs in their new caches to seed them. Most people find (many) more caches than they hide, and find and place TBs in any caches that will hold them. You can start a TB in one of your caches or in anyone else's caches. You could even mail a TB to someone else to place in someone else's cache.
  9. Yes. It's rare that I can get my wife and our daugther out caching. I've also gone with another cacher. Much different than going alone, and better, as long as I don't have to carry them
  10. brad.32

    Travel Bug Logs

    Caches have a link associated with each log to view a log on a separate page. TB logs do not. There doesn't seem to be a way to do it besides a reference the person's log to read and a link to the TB page.
  11. When are you going to start your race, i.e., how much time do we have to get one ready? If they are to start and finish in ND, then we would need to send them to you/someone in ND.
  12. Busty is a questionable TB in what this society considers family-oriented. Like the monkey, it's a toy for adults. I was curious about the societal stuff, so I looked up what The Naturist Society had to say. They have a long article, "205 Arguments in Support of Naturism", that has a section "Naturism promotes sexual health" that discusses social modesty and the display of bodies in clothes. The other two sections linked below are relevant to this thread too. Some observations on the nature of modesty http://www.naturist.com/resources/205_015.htm Naturism promotes sexual health http://www.naturist.com/resources/205_029.htm Accepted clothing requirements are arbitrary and inconsistent http://www.naturist.com/resources/205_102.htm There is no nudity on the linked pages, but there are some pictures on other pages, depending on how far into their pages you look.
  13. In my earlier post I mentioned size: new Barbies are not (that) out of proportion anymore. nincehelser had it correctly though. People are not that offended by seeing or talking about breasts but are offended by genitalia. For example, topless beaches are more acceptable than nude ones.
  14. That bug has traveled to a few caches already, so I don't know what's up with the "not released yet" status. The owner placed it in a cache, it should be released, but then it doesn't have a name or a description. It sounds like you have done the right thing, if the bug shows up as a TB you have found. Go back to the cache page to log a note and see if the bug now appears in the drop-down list. It could be a timing thing ??? If that doesn't work, write to the owner and ask him to finish defining it.
  15. This is the right forum thread... Sunday, November 16, 2003 Note from Sparrowhawk: The bug is now safely in the hands of a very delighted Wil Wheaton. We handed it to him personally at a local Starbucks to make sure it was safely delivered. Watch this space for lots of pictures and details!! (Give it a few days because hey, I gotta fly home to Portland and my own computer first!!)
  16. Mtnlion's bug has reached Wil, see the ohter thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=26590
  17. Our daughter received 7-8 Barbies for her 4th Bday, but had one before that. As far as her figure, they seem to all be different, but I haven't measured or otherwise systematically checked, but ... I get enlisted to help get the clothes on them and the clothes fit differently: some have a bigger torsos and their waist and breast sizes vary. I just did a TB search for Barbie and the search returned 30. I checked a sample of those and those that had pictures were all clothed, i.e., not in their natural state. I would think that if someone started a naked Barbie, someone would soon put clothes on her to correct the ... oversight. Barbie has no personality without clothes.
  18. Buying an 8 pack is cheaper than a 4, which is cheaper than 1. Same price for the tags, but cheaper shipping. Volume discounts.
  19. How does a cacher figure out to go to geocaching.com and enter the tracking number to log the TB find in the first place? An owner-supplied TB instruction tag.
  20. The attached additional tag is not so much a description but an instruction tag to clarify what people should do with the TB. If someone who has never dealt with a TB before picks one up, then the idea is that the instruction tag would help them do it correctly so the bug is not kept or otherwise not logged by them. The Groundspeak metal TB tag has mininal information on it. I see it as a number tag and it's up to me to provide useful directions for the finder.
  21. It seems that in many cases the bug stays MIA for a long time because the TB owner is not aware of the problem. They should be keeping an eye on their bugs and grab them back (or move to a graveyard, etc) when they go missing. ... but if the owner is unresponsive to a notification email from someone who visited the cache, then it makes sense to allow the owner of the cache to modify the status of the TB in the cache: "it's not really here".
  22. TBs have to travel 25 miles before the map option becomes active.
  23. People do this "all the time". Send an email to the bug owner and explain the situation, then grab the bug back and do it the way you meant to.
  24. I looked at the pages for all your bugs to find the reference number for the problem one, and, like you wrote, they generate maps, except one. Like Tower247 wrote, one thing that is odd about your GeoRocks! (TB456A) TB is that you keep placing it but never grab it. For other personal tracking bugs that I have seen, the owner grabs theirs then places it. Of course, regular bugs "always" get that in/out treatment. i.e., How can you place it if you don't grab it?
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