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  1. I was just thinking this through the weekend and thought about having to enter waypoints (i can't spell coordanance) on two units to just find a cache, so i'm leaning back to the Legend CX. I'm preety sure I'll be real happy with the Legend CX. So next stop, the bank with a bag full of change, the scrap yard to turn in the scrap metal I've been collecting, back to the bank to deposit said money, then back home to pickup the phone and start ordering.
  2. Looking for opions on my two options. I'm Looking to buy a Legend CX withe the Auto Navigation kit for geocaching. Both the GPSr and Auto kit will run about $400. My other option is that I own a Palm T5 and thinking about getting the Palm GPS unit. That will get me to where Im going then I could also buy a inexpensive unit to go on foot to the Geocache? The palm gps unit would be $200 plus what ever a hand held unit would cost? ~~$100. Total about $300. ($100 saving). I'm realy leaning to the legend CX, but I don't want to get tunnel vision and miss something that would be a better setup for me. Let me know what your opion is. Thanks in advance Spectremaster Palm unit can be found here.... http://store.palm.com/product/index.jsp?pr...rentPage=family
  3. looking to get the same unit. Hope i do as well as you did. Great Find !!!!
  4. P.D.A. Personal Digital Assistant Ive got a much older Pilot 5000 (befor it was Palm Pilot) Dont know if i can use that to geocach or not? I installed a two meg upgrade to it about a year ago. My new one is a Palm Pilot T5, Ive got Cachemate loaded on it now but have not used it because i do not have a GPSr yet. Income tax check should be here this friday. looking to got a Garmin Legend CX
  5. Check on the back side of the unit for a small hole marked "reset". Use a paperclip to push the botton that is located behind hole. this will perform a soft reset. And I beleive if you push and hold the power button while pushing the reset button you will perform a Hard reset. ****** WARNING THIS WILL ERASE ALL DATA FROM THE UNIT ***** If you do a hard reset you will end up with a unit taht has everything it comes with when it is new. If any of this does not work you should be able to find a manual on the Palmone web site. I for info for my much older Pilot 1000 (before they were bought by U.S. Robotics, then Palm.)
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