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  1. George, I'd like to play with it a little. Is it an Illustrator file? Mostly the text. I have that really cool Adobe Font Folio dealy with 1,000s of Adobe fonts.... I really like the graphic!
  2. Here's the logo I made a while back (in tiny form): but I like George's a lot better.
  3. A lot of us have kids. At the BBQ we put on I think there were as many kids as adults, and I don't think we saw them much all night! Of course, they can't be as crazy at a restaurant, but definitely bring the micro people.
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    Can't have more than one pic????
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    C'mon, avatar, show up!!!
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    Don't even read this.
  7. Any new cachers that have found the forum PLEASE go to the pizza get-together. We are very glad we attended our first back when we first started. You'll have a great time!
  8. From what I understand the Garmin gps units rated waterproof by IPX7 standards have a small diaphraghm to maintain equal pressure inside the sealed unit. After 30 minutes there is a slight change that this diaphraghm (which is desinged to pass air only) could begin to leak a small amount of water. My sons have a Legend and yellow eTrex which they dunk in the water all the time with no problems. Anytime it gets a little dirty they dunk them in the pool.
  9. I'm going to log the BBQ. If anyone objects let me know, and if it's a good reason I'll retract it. But I'm with Jamie, I don't see why not. Found 2 more new cachers also, going through my own finds: jimnviv bmikey1 It will be fun to have these newbies at the pizza deal with the superheroes of the CVC to mentor them. lol
  10. Just looking through the caches near Turlock for recent finds, and I've found 4 MORE new cachers in the area: Planeta Shortcircuit halfdome Motown Goonies Be nice if George would email them (not to volunteer you!!!) and let them know what's up. Our next get-together could be pretty big!
  11. We went out to meet Pat at the Arrowhead cache and wound up having a little get-together ourselves out there! We met new cachers The Mick and 4Hearts. I was going to check on the cache if Pat couldn't for a while, but we all met out there instead. I haven't seen a post from 4Hearts yet. it's definitely a clever and tough cache. I'm still surprised Zach got the FTF here. I don't think I could have found it - at least not easily.
  12. November looks pretty open for us, and we'll definitely be wherever if we can! Event caches are kinda funny, don't you think? The one doing all the work doesn't get the find, all the others do. lol
  13. When you get it just make sure you don't... ... .... LOL. I'm a Garmin guy, so I have to give you a hard time. It's part of the secret society. Whoops, I didn't say that....
  14. If I were a Mac user (I'm not), I would buy one of the reconditioned/used PCs available practically anywhere for $100 or so. It doesn't have to be fast (MapSource runs great on my OLD OLD OLD 133Mhz PentiumII laptop). You could probably get a machine decent enough to run all your gps software for about the same as the Virtual PC program - and ALL PCs of that era have the serial port that's so important for gps programming. Just a thought. Not trying to convert you!
  15. It's a great unit. Strange about that button problem, but I've had my share of all kinds of electronics bad out of the box... I use a SPIII for street navigation, and when I get out of the car to find the cache I use the MAP76. It's been great - much easier to read maps and data than my son's Legend. Great reception. Good form factor (big to accomodate the screen and antenna), but fits in your pocket easily, floats... Don't have a need for the tides info, but it's interesting...
  16. The only thing I've REALLY found useful in color on my SPIII is seeing my current route a different color than the road I'm on. I know the V does this by shading the route grey and making it wider than the road, but there have been times where I'm on a major freeway and have to turn on another freeway, while there's yet ANOTHER freeway I DON'T want to turn onto (ie. Los Angeles). It's much easier to see where you're supposed to go with that great PURPLE track. But that's the ONLY thing I've found really useful about the color part.
  17. I wonder what the resolution will be? If it's the same as their other models I'll stick to my GPSMAP76 with its black and white HI RES screen and great battery life. Color's great in the car, that's why I got a Street Pilot III, but if I ever chose to use it for caching it's rated at 2 hours of use with SIX AA BATTERIES! Crazy.
  18. I should have put the actual find date on my log, but I couldn't remember exactly when it was! lol. I hope it's how it should be, because it was a fun find! Thanks again Ron!
  19. Back in 1994 I saw a gps unit for the first time. It was some kind of Magellan unit - I don't remember the model. Anyway, my friend and I went to buy one at the only place that seemed to carry gps units, West Marine. When we got there we were blown away by the ultra-modern GPS45 by Garmin. It blew the Magellan away. Soon after I bought a GPS38, because it had a few new features the 45 didn't. I didn't do much with gps units again until recently when I discovered geocaching and bought a Legend. Then I couldn't stand it and bought a GPSV and sold the Legend. Then I wanted another handheld unit and bought a GPSMAP76. About this time I got a yellow eTrex for my 9 year old's birthday. Soon after he got a Legend as a combined bday present and his yellow went to his 6 year old brother. Having the GPSMAP76 for "out of the car" use and being just a little disappointed with the 19MB of map memory in the V, I sold the V and bought a Street Pilot III. I was happy with every Garmin purchase and will probably buy their products for good.
  20. I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the BBQ last night. It was great getting to meet some new people, and catching up with the others we already knew. Thanks for all the munchies you all brought...they were great! (Mary, I need that recipe. ) And Pat, thanks for BBQing!! You saved me from turning those poor burgers into briquettes. Anyway, the Cenral Valley Cachers are a great group and I am glad my family is a part of it. Thanks again! Tammi
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