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  1. Thanks for the help... and good luck with the move... have an uncle who's a prof at U of Windsor... interesting little town... topography's a bit flat for me... but lot's of caches!
  2. Thanks for that... I'll check which area we will be going out from. (By the way, here on the East Coast we don't say "eh!" That's more a central Canadian thing... here it's "B'y" an abbreviation of Boy... sort of like Mate.)
  3. I am that local cacher. -Wlw Thanks matey! A 15 or 20 minute walk is fine and I'll try to snag one or two of these if time allows but will absolutely try for the micro! Thanks to everyone for the help. Looking forward to visiting. And for what it's worth, I have a home in Nova Scotia where just about everyone has Ulster-Scottish roots, and the others are Acadian... we understand mixed up! Take care and happy caching
  4. Clear as mud, mate... I'll give it a go.
  5. Forgive the ignorance of a stupid Canadian but isn't northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom? Hasn't there been a bit of "trouble" centered around that topic since the restoration? Never mind... I don't need to join another forum to be taught geography, history or political science
  6. Thanks... but I was hoping for input from a local cacher with experience finding caches in the area.
  7. I will be spending three days in N. Ireland later this month to do some diving but also want to find a cache or two. Any suggestions of quick but fun hides in the area of Crossgar much appreciated.
  8. You could ask other people to begin an email blitz... but that probably will not work and is not the smartest action. I see the guy has only logged two finds, so most likely your bug has gone. However, be patient.
  9. Bump... Is there no one from Newfoundland out there willing to share information?
  10. I will be visiting Newfoundland this July to do a little research on some wrecks near Belle Island, and while I am there would like to drop a couple of Travel Bugs... suggestions please on some active and fun caches near St. Johns Thanks all
  11. I need a new unit and lean towards Megellan since all my map CDs are compatible. Budget is tight and the 300 looks like a decent mid-range unit. But it's non-mapping. So, has anyone seen the 400? How does it perform? What did you pay for it?
  12. I've looked for one and found it... I have also found other from this very active cache hider... more than 350 hidden... and they do tend to be challenging. Which GPSr do you use and does it normally have problems settling down during the final stages of the hunt?
  13. I found a Texas Geocoin recently and would like to log it but the website is off-line. Anyone here have any suggestions or information about an alternative to www.txgeocoins.com?
  14. Does anyone have any experience logging texas geocoins successfully... the website is off-line all the time... thoughts?
  15. I did it!! Reached the 300 mark with a visit to The Towers on the southern edge of Barrie, ON. A very neat cache and a great one to attempt at night. Take care and happy caching
  16. I was hoping to break the 300 mark this past weekend, but it was not to be. I will get another chance tomorrow in the Barrie area. I am going to try This One and will also go for This Multi. Any suggestions?
  17. Brian: I am in Florida from March 14 to 25... Sorry I will not be able to make it. Good luck... hope you are not solo!
  18. Would suggest contacting NSS in that case. NACD focusses on wet caves, although many members do partake of dry caves too. Good luck.
  19. Are you looking for dry or wet caves? I have gps coordinates for several wet caves which you are more than welcome to. However, would not suggest putting caches in them! I will be "releasing" a cache in NFL in March. It's a multi and the first step is "hidden" inside a wet "tourist" cave. This first step of course is simply a clue which is part of the natural cave formation itself and not an introduced item. FYI in addition to the NSS (great organization) you might also contact National Association for Cave Diving
  20. Eagle Dad and I have completed this cache.
  21. Surely the final arbitrator in the argument is the person described by the "potentially" offensive term. And under that criteria, the test is simply asking: "Would the majority of people of color find this an offensive term?" I believe they would. I do. It's a spirious argument to say that political correctness is changing our language: language is dynamic and words and phrases go in and out of useage constantly... otherwise we'd all understand Chaucer without the help of Coles Notes. The clue's offensive right now in 2004: forget what Enid Blighton or Agatha Christie may have written.
  22. You might want to contact these folks for information about dealing with park authorities. They have placed several caches in Florida State Parks with permission and have developed a set of guidelines -- as far as I can tell -- to ensure everyone comes away happy.
  23. Thanks Decodoppler! Yes it is quite a mystery. You were the first one there after the bug was placed in the cache by bluecapricorn. I have tried to email him to make sure he actually placed it in the cache but he has not responded to my email. It seems pretty weird that the bug would go missing but the cache is undisturbed. My guess is it was either never placed in the cache, or someone took the bug before you got there, didnt log the bug or the cache, which doesn't make much sense. Next time I am in Toronto I may drop in on the cache just to read through the log book and see if there are any other entries before yours who may have taken the bug. Oh well hopefully my next bug will have better luck. Happy Caching! Logger Let me know what you find out... Based on the pristine condition of the cache, I suspect that the bug was not placed in the cache. Have ot admit I do not remember looking in the log book, but if I find myself back in the area, I will check it out... anyhow, good luck
  24. I dropped in on the Green Bubble cache very soon after Mr. Wiggly was reported to be resting there. I think I posted the first "It's Missing" report. Very odd since the cache itself was in OK shape (contents intact and bungee cord strap nice and snug) Hope your bug turns up! Take care and happy caching
  25. I second this recommendation... informed staff and quality products... good $$$ too
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