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  1. But if the bugs are fixed would you use IE7? I've only ever used IE, having tried but not really liked Opera. However, if Firefox is some sort of prototype for IE7 then I might be tempted to give that a go instead of the MS product - anything to get away from the biggest global brand.
  2. No, you're not the only newcomer for sure. We signed up at the end of last week, have done one expedition and are now a hooked family of five (the fifth being our labrador, Blossom). Have fun with the new Etrex. Steve.
  3. After a couple of further sporadic hiccups it's fine for me too now.
  4. Sorry all, please ignore this topic. The site seems to be working ok now. Perhaps I was trying to connect during some server maintenance work or something.
  5. Hi all. Is anybody else having difficulty accessing geocaching.com this morning? I keep getting "server busy" errors, which is odd as most of the USA is asleep. Or are there regular server glitches? I have to ask as we use BT ISDN at work, which is a pain and so it could be that the problem is at my end. Steve.
  6. Some people's idea of "looking" is less than thorough! I imagine so. Hence my reluctance to say that our dnf is missing - until Redpandas confirms one way or t'other.
  7. Thanks for the "chin up" Nediam. Actually the worst thing about the DNF was the horrible feeling of failure. We hadn't looked at the photo clues in the gallery, but were able to decrypt the written clue in situ. However, when we got home and looked at Redpanda's photos we knew that the thing had gone. A quick e-mail to him confirmed that he had already been given reason to suspect that all was not well with his ammo box. We were very grateful for his quick reply, because finding out that the cache had probably been pinched, along with pictorial confirmation that we had been looking in the right place, quickly alleviated our down in the dumps feeling. Unfortunately, with this being our first Geocaching expedition, I had excavated and replaced half of the ground in the area thinking that it was well buried! That's on our to do list on Friday after school. We had considered it, and Himley Plantation, for yesterday, but decided on the walk up onto Orton Ridge instead. Never mind, we're not downhearted. All I need to do know is figure out how we can set a cache full of toys for "children who don't have any themselves", the brainchild of my 6 years old son. It would appear that he seems to associate a box and toys with Romanian orphans or such like, a legacy of the Christmas shoe box appeals methinks. Thanks for the replies everybody. Take care, Steve.
  8. Wow, how big was that cache, and how close to the summit venue? Could it conceivably have been a threat? Well done to whoever placed that one.
  9. Despite posting a DNF (link here) for our first attempt at Geocaching, my family are undeterred and happily planning new hunts AND places to stash our own caches. Although we'll wait until we've succesfully found a few first, I just wondered how often the more experienced amongst you visit the caches that you placed yourselves to check that they're in good condition and not filling up with water or similar. Or does that depend on how frequently they are visited - or in other words can a regularly visited cache be monitored purely by log postings on Geocaching.com? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  10. Well the Ebay version mentions "fully unlocked", which may indicate that it's not quite legit?
  11. Well done John. The wife, our two children and I attempted our first Geocache this morning (Just Deserts 2 - Return of the Shark). We arrived home after 3 hours to post, sadly, a DNF, although it would appear that our failure was due to the cache having being stolen rather than our poor searching. Although the discovery of the (probable) Muggle intervention cheered us up a good deal, we were far from downhearted and indeed are planning one or two more local expeditions in the next few days. And we do know that we have got the hang of using the GPS aswell. Take care, Steve.
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