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  1. So where in the pre-80s era do Champion The Wonder Horse and The Lone Ranger fit in? I seem to remember them both being black and white, although in the latter case I also seem to recall that that was more to do with our tv than the way it was filmed - I always picture the LR in pale blue.
  2. Ahhh yes, truly the 51st State eh?
  3. Well I've downloaded GSAK but haven't really tried it out yet, although it does seem intuitively easier than Fugawi. I'll probably have a real go with it later tonight or tomorrow after dabbling with Firefox for the first time. Thanks for the advice all, Steve.
  4. Well after a few days reading about Firefox in these here parts, I'm now using it for the first time. Initial impression is excellent, especially for the tabs option which is great.
  5. Me too. mainly since I read Al and Tracy's post pointing out that Paulus the Gnome was shown in the sixties. Steve.
  6. Of course everybody here watched the repeats shown in the 1980s. Steve.
  7. Put's on hard hat, clears throat and...............well. Chorlton and The Wheelies I never saw, so I assume that was an 80's prog - I seem to recall my little brother liking it. The rest I remember watching so I reckon that they were actually - and this is the dangerous bit - programmes from the SEVENTIES. I'll get my coat, Take care, Steve.
  8. Actually it's a CBBC animated show that I think is one of the best programmes showing on telly at the moment. Anybody else watch Jakers? A future classic for sure.
  9. Although I don't watch Eastenders, I just looked at a screenshot of the actor. I'm sure that he played a pro card player called Robbie Box or similar in a series a few years back. He was the main character but I'm blowed if I can remember ithe programme name. I'm surprised to say that I can still "hear" his voice, and it obviously is Mr Benn. Now I'm perplexed as to why I didn't pick that up back in the '80s.
  10. Wow, I have to tell you that, as a novice Geocacher, this thread is a great eye opener. Some of the tech stuff goes over my head, but when I put the children to bed this evening I suspect the rest of the night will be spent downloading, installing then configuring new and old software. Sad to say, I can't wait.
  11. As I have the 4 cd set of Fugawi digital maps covering the whole UK I have previously used that software to download waypoints/ route to our Etrex yellow GPS. However, it never seems to be the easiest software to use and I'm trying to get my wife, who's not great at computer stuff, to be GPS self sufficient so to speak. Having had a look at the screenshots I wondered whether I would be better off using something like Easy GPS as the waypoint programme for her. Can anybody offer me a comparisin of the two or suggest any other software that is easy to use for a novice technophobe? Having already bought Fugawi I'd prefer free programmes but that's not essential. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  12. I never really got White Horses, but I loved the other three. If I ever hear that piece of music that was used as the Robinson Crusoe theme I'm away to another place entirely - truly mesmerising. As for the Flashing Blade, it's timeless. Now that I have it on DVD I've actually managed to see all of the episodes (including the last one which was never dubbed into English from the original French), something I never quite managed during those 1970s summer holidays. And my six years old son also loves the series too.
  13. Or, if you're looking for bulk there's this place.
  14. When we needed some at work I got them from Lyreco (www.lyreco.com/OLO). If they have them I imagine that somewhere like Staples would too, or as Learned Gerbil said, maybe your local inependant stationer.
  15. Ooo, Hazel, could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of that too? Thanks, Steve.
  16. From a newbie point of view it seems reasonable. The only person who will miss out is you, not being able to join the rest of the family in the hunt. Or at least not as anything more than an observer.
  17. So presumably it's those older models that can only hold 1 route then, whereas the newer can hold 20?
  18. I bought my etrex yellow in 2001, and it converts in one step - When in OSGB mode, I can't set the map datum to anything else. It won't highlight that field. The firmware is upgradeable - go to the Garmin download page to check your version. Mine's running version 2.20. Obviously, you need a serial cable to update it. We use an Etrex yellow too. I'm on firmware version 3.3 now which Garmin list as the most recent. Interestingly I noticed in another thread (the "Which GPS" sticky) that somebody cites the ability to only hold one route in the memory at a time as being a major drawback with the Yellow. In fact mine has room for 20 routes, although I've only loaded one so far. I did wonder if this was something that had been upgraded in the newer firmware. Take care, Steve.
  19. Thanks all. It's worked well so far anyway so I wasn't inclined to change it unless it was necessary, but I now know that it isn't. As they say in the Black Country, "if it ai bost doe fix it".
  20. Thanks Wizard. Those settings don't make much difference then? Steve.
  21. Hi all. Although we've now used our yellow Etrex GPS three times without any problems, I noticed when messing around with it last night that it is set to use the WGS84 map datums. As we live in the UK I'm wondering whether it would be better set at Ordnance Survey GB - or does this apply only to more sophosticated units that show map details etc? Thanks in advance, Steve.
  22. That is what I meant, yeah. I'm not a great follower of Tech stuff, but I still see Microsoft as improvers and developers rather than inventors, so it would be in character to use Firefox as a model for their new browser.
  23. Blimey , I wonder if they could justify that price if it weren't for the certificate's exclusivity? Take care, Steve.
  24. My wife had read an artcile about Geocaching written by radio presenter Stuart Maconie, and was intrigued. Then, over the last few months she got lost on two or three walking expeditions with friends, and I decided to buy her a GPS for her birthday. When she unwrapped it last week, more or less the first words out of her mouth were "wow, we can have a go at Geocaching now". And so we did.
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