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  1. Spotted this log and thought it was a good one. One cache a day keeps the doctor away! gruenerfrosch
  2. Hi, I have three active caches near my house but I no longer have much time to care for them. They are currently in good shape but I would be willing to let someone adopt them. I probably would put a watch on them so I can still get notified when they are found but otherwise I've mostly had to give this up. Before you do give them to someone let me know though, I might ask a few local cachers I know in person first but I just wanted to put this out there if someone is interested.
  3. Alright, I have had my vistaC for several years and now I want to get topo maps for it. I have the National Geographic maps but I almost never use them because I never have the computer with me when I need maps. I want to get something with fairly high detail, auto routing would be nice but not nescisary. Tell me what to get! I am looking for suggestions including those that involve modifing the software.
  4. I have one of those cases and I attach it just like that but I like to tie a lanyard on for extra security. You can still pull it off for use but there is no danger of losing it, and belive me, I've found it swinging from the lanyard more than once.
  5. I have also been trying to figure out a way to send the additional icons that MapSource has to my VistaC but I haven't gotten anywhere. It seems odd that they would have them in MapSource and not let you use them in the GPS. I'll be watching this post. Hope someone can get to the bottom of this!
  6. I have a full set of National Geographic map CDs for Washington State in Box. Runs on Windows 95,98,2000,ME,NT,& XP. All of the discs but one are unused and that one only 2 or 3 times! I want to sell because they don't comunicate with my new GPS and because the one disc I used got a small scratch on it. Now the entire map works except the one county where I live (Clark). If you live anywere else in the state it works fine. Uses Com ports only, the maps zoom and print but you can't upload/download to a GPS with USB (Adapters should work fine, I haven't tried it). Paid $80 sell $60 OBO
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