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  1. Thanks for the info, that did indeed fix it Fingers crossed it stays fixed.
  2. The race between choochoo1996 & Muddy_Puddles is also started.
  3. Well, now I've got a different set of maps to the normal ones (Thunderforest, Esri & Stamen), no OS, satellite, google maps etc. Seems a bit like when GClh used to over the maps. On the settings there are hundreds of map boxes, all ticked, the map default box is about 3 pixels wide and shows no info.
  4. Had the undefined maps and grey screen again for the last few days. Choice seems to be either keep editing the script and adding those extra lines in or just leave map enhancements disabled . It does seem to be a problem with this script rather than the browsers.
  5. Spoke too soon, it's all back to undefined and a grey page again. See screen shot:
  6. Unfortunately, I've not been able to replicate this problem, and so far, no-one has given me enough detail to be able to figure out what is going on. I'm not sure what might be causing people to see the problem magically get fixed and then broken again. Also, I haven't got a good idea of how the "undefined" problem presents itself. Does it appear in place of the map tiles, or as a pop-up error message, or in place of the map selector widget? What version(s) of GME and your web browser are you using? Was the problem preceeded by getting a message telling you the script was updated? If you're still having problems, let me know - the more detail the better (email via my profile if you don't want to spam this thread). I have put an updated version of the script (v0.6.7.1) up on userscripts.org that has slightly better handling for configuration errors. That might improve things a bit, but I'm really just guessing at the moment. Ok, best I can say is that I opened a cache page and the "view larger map" area was plain grey with a couple of cache icons on it. Opening the "larger map" gave a plain grey map with a few cache icons. The top right button to select maps said "undefined". I applied the fix you suggested, adding 4 lines of text into the Chrome console pane and the maps came back. I just had to add the extra overlays and mapsources I use and change the settings (imperial/metric etc). A couple of days later it was back to the plain grey map, undefined map selecter & no roads just cache icons. Applied the fix and again got the maps back. Had to change settings and add in the extra maps and overlays again. Currently working as it should. No pop-ups, no message about updated scripts. I'm using Chrome & GME version 6.7
  7. The fix worked well but it's all gone again, back to undefined again. HAs it changed or is there a proper permanent fix? Got to redo my overlays and map choices again.
  8. Looks like a cool idea and something a little different. Count me in.
  9. I must admit I preferred the old look. I don't mind change at all, I just think it used to look better.
  10. Still getting this issue today: No response after 20 seconds No response after 40 seconds ...on each and every 30 cache batch before it eventually comes up with an error and have to retry. Whatever GC did or didn't do on Tuesday, that seems to be when the issue started and yet still no response from them. Come on Geocaching.com, this is pretty much unusable now.
  11. Still slow, still not working correctly. Caches take ages to show up if at all and then are not clickable for even longer. A serious downgrade NOT an upgrade.
  12. Same here but also not getting any emails at all from GC.com today. No watchlist updates, pq's & no copy emails for 2 that I sent to cache owners
  13. Ah, so it's automatic, that's why I couldn't find out how to do it I just have to remember to tick the box. Thanks very much, that's a big help. Problem solved
  14. Hi all, a complete newbie here with a newbie question but I've looked and can't find the answer. I found a Travel Bug, I visited the TB log, saw where it had been and logged that I had it. So far so good. On the log I see that one person has taken it "visiting" other logs as he/she has spent a day geocaching and has entered each visit as: XXXXX took it to YYYYYY. This seems to be common practise. I would like to know how to do this as it came with me to a couple of caches after finding it but I still have it (planning to move it closer to it's destination soon). How do I make the visited location a hyperlink linking to the visited cache? To be clear I want to log: Muddy_Puddles took it to ZZZZZZZZ location where ZZZZZZZZ is a hyperlink to the cache I visited. Can anyone help?
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