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  1. I'm also having this problem, no caches showing on the map when I know there are plenty all around me. I can even see one in front of me. I've tried re-applying the filters to no effect. I could mess about restarting the phone every time I want to find a cache or uninstall and reinstall but being lazy I just use GeoohGo instead, which shows all the caches all the time. Hopefully GC.com will fix the app soon but until then if it doesn't do the basics it's pretty much useless despite all the new features they're adding. 

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  2. Wanted to check out a few caches to grab while on atrip tomorrow but nothing I do will let me view the caches from the map. Tried Chrome, Firefox & Edge, tried different zoom levels, different maps on the leaflet options etc. The hand tool just will not work so effectively no 'active' map.


    Haven't tried the PQ method mentioned by some but the caches I have loaded in GSAK work fine if I open GSAK map view.

  3. I think most of these problems are caused by Groundspeak's server issues. From what I figured out yesterday, the symptoms with GME are caused by GME trying to modify the map page before all the scripts from the geocaching.com servers have loaded and run properly. I can work around the issues to an extent by building more checking into the GME script, but it's hard to test and figure out what needs fixing: if the server is running too well, everything works fine and I can't see a problem. If it's too bad, then I get the 500 error and nothing works!


    The same problems are probably also behind the issue where the map page loads, but clicking on a cache icon doesn't do anything. Whenever you move the mouse over a map tile, there is a request to the server to ask whether any caches are in the area, which has to be answered before you can click on the icon. After you've clicked, there's another request to fetch the information about the cache. Overloaded servers can break the website at any of these stages.


    Sounds about right to me as I've had very few issues on chrome when GC.com is running smoothly but find the GME menus etc missing when they overload, which sadly is far too frequently.


    As for clicking on cache icons, that has always seemed very poor to me and needs lots of zooming in and out to get the icons active. Absolutely nothing to do with GME though, just Geocaching.com's servers and systems.

  4. I used to use OS maps in Chrome but then they decided GME was not one of theirs so disabled them...have tried reloading them again yesterday but Chrome wont let them work...Have loaded GME on Firefox with Tampermonkey and still no joy..and only Bing Aeriel shows in menu.....very frustrating as OS maps are so much better for planning a route...now I do a screen capture from Streetmap then put it in Paint and add a red circle of all the caches I want then print it out....

    Simply follow the instructions here and it will work on Chrome and Firefox. Still using them on both browsers with no problems.

  5. After using the Bing maps quite successfully to show OS mapping on the geocaching map display, it has stopped working! I have tried creating a new map key in case I had exceeded the allowed downloads but the result is the same. I can not recognise the map that is displayed but it has slightly less detail than Mapquest. The map does change when selecting OS by Bing and the correct attribution does appear in the bottom right corner of the map. The map just is not an OS map. Looks like a change in Bing but I am nor sure what. This with Firefox on OSX on two machines. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Still working fine for me, so far, both on Chrome and Firefox on Win7.

  6. What do you like most about challenge caches?

    They can get you to look at caches and ideas that you've never tried or considered before, opening up new experiences in the game.


    What do you not like about challenge caches?

    They can be far too involved and make it a chore rather a fun game. I don't like those that 'force' you to change the way you like to cache, ie streaks, lots of expensive travel, more logging, bookkeeping, computer work than actually finding caches.


    What would you like to see changed about challenge caches?


    If you could describe your favorite challenge cache type, what would it be?

    Ones that I can work on and complete in my own time at my own pace without having to travel far and wide to specific places (other than local to the cache)


    What types of challenge caches do you avoid?

    Any that involve streaks (Some of us simply can't get out to find tupperware each and every day), long distance travel, tree climbs etc and stupid quantities of caches in a day. I'd rather take my time and enjoy the caches.

  7. Ok, followed JimJinks fix and got a basic key, inserted it on the big map option, https, and it works great. Brill, thanks.


    Now, how do I insert the custom map bit into the http cache page bit? Can't see where I do that. I assume it needs to be done on the "view larger map" but there's no options apart from choosing map.

  8. Using GSAK.


    Use macro Google_Map_V3.gsk to produce the map page, then select the menu drop down on the map and select Ordanace Survey.


    Thanks to the Geocaching_Uk Facebook group.

    A great alternative although I'm hoping it gets sorted on GME too as I use it a lot for 'official' footpaths etc and many other things.

  9. ... I use(d) Mozilla , and GME failed for me after an update to v 2.33 yesterday : I traced the problem to the mysterious disappearance of the greasemonkey script which it seems is not compatible with the update.


    So I'm now a firefox user ... at least until (and if) greasemonkey catches up.

    I'm assuming a typo, or aren't Mozilla & Firefox the same thing now? Not trying to be pedantic or an a** just wondering which browser you found works and which doesn't as I've got some scripts that stopped working on Firefox (eg GC Little Helper, GCComment) , some broken on Chrome and some that have stopped working altogether on any browser (eg GCTours). Funnily enough though GME still works on both and I still have OS maps etc.



  10. Well, the race between myself and ChooChoo1996 has been a bit of a disaster. His TB, http://coord.info/TB4XBFN, made it from Canada to the UK and got to within 12 miles of it's destination. I planned to go and collect this myself and complete it's journey but before I made the trip the cache and contents went missing and it was later archived. No sign of the TB since.


    My TB, http://coord.info/TB54G42, travelled from the UK to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, where it was placed in a cache which the local reviewer promptly archived. I assumed that was the last of it but someone managed to rescue the TB and move it along... back to the UK. From there it was placed in the highest cache in the UK at the top of Ben Nevis then collected by someone heading to Canada, the TB's destination... only he forgot and left it on his kitchen table. rolleyes.gif


    The TB was eventually placed in another cache at the opposite end of the country and surprisingly picked up by a cacher local to me while on holiday, who returned it to me at a local event. It's travelled almost 15,500 miles and is no closer to it's destination than when we started, sitting at this moment back on my desk.


    I think this entrant will now drop out and declare Choochoo1996 the winner as his TB got far closer to it's destination than mine did.

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