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  1. Glad it's not just me. Would really like to get this useful feature back.
  2. I'm also having this problem, no caches showing on the map when I know there are plenty all around me. I can even see one in front of me. I've tried re-applying the filters to no effect. I could mess about restarting the phone every time I want to find a cache or uninstall and reinstall but being lazy I just use GeoohGo instead, which shows all the caches all the time. Hopefully GC.com will fix the app soon but until then if it doesn't do the basics it's pretty much useless despite all the new features they're adding.
  3. Wanted to check out a few caches to grab while on atrip tomorrow but nothing I do will let me view the caches from the map. Tried Chrome, Firefox & Edge, tried different zoom levels, different maps on the leaflet options etc. The hand tool just will not work so effectively no 'active' map. Haven't tried the PQ method mentioned by some but the caches I have loaded in GSAK work fine if I open GSAK map view.
  4. Here's a link to the original post about getting OS maps working: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=291102&view=findpost&p=5495595
  5. Sounds about right to me as I've had very few issues on chrome when GC.com is running smoothly but find the GME menus etc missing when they overload, which sadly is far too frequently. As for clicking on cache icons, that has always seemed very poor to me and needs lots of zooming in and out to get the icons active. Absolutely nothing to do with GME though, just Geocaching.com's servers and systems.
  6. Absolutely true. Groundspeak provide the site but GSAK & scripts like GME make it much more usable.
  7. Oh dear, it seems GME has disappeared from my map view. There is no GME settings or gear icon on the large maps to change any settings but GME is still working on the cache pages (small map), just not on full screen maps. How can I get it back please?
  8. It would be greatly appreciated. Lost count of how many times I've had to manually put them all back in.
  9. Simply follow the instructions here and it will work on Chrome and Firefox. Still using them on both browsers with no problems.
  10. Nice and easy, thanks for the instructions.
  11. I miss this conversion tool which I've used a few times. Yes there are other options but this was convenient and right there on the page when we needed it. Only 100 uses a day still means 365,000 uses a year so hardly unused. Please bring it back.
  12. Glad you got it sorted. Sometimes only the OS maps will do
  13. Still working fine for me, so far, both on Chrome and Firefox on Win7.
  14. D'oh, missed that. Easy when you know how. Thanks Alan
  15. Ok, followed JimJinks fix and got a basic key, inserted it on the big map option, https, and it works great. Brill, thanks. Now, how do I insert the custom map bit into the http cache page bit? Can't see where I do that. I assume it needs to be done on the "view larger map" but there's no options apart from choosing map.
  16. A great alternative although I'm hoping it gets sorted on GME too as I use it a lot for 'official' footpaths etc and many other things.
  17. It's not just GME that's affected either. I use Cach'Eye (http://www.cacheye.org) to plan my trips and the OS maps there now show the default Bing maps too.
  18. I'm assuming a typo, or aren't Mozilla & Firefox the same thing now? Not trying to be pedantic or an a** just wondering which browser you found works and which doesn't as I've got some scripts that stopped working on Firefox (eg GC Little Helper, GCComment) , some broken on Chrome and some that have stopped working altogether on any browser (eg GCTours). Funnily enough though GME still works on both and I still have OS maps etc.
  19. Well, the race between myself and ChooChoo1996 has been a bit of a disaster. His TB, http://coord.info/TB4XBFN, made it from Canada to the UK and got to within 12 miles of it's destination. I planned to go and collect this myself and complete it's journey but before I made the trip the cache and contents went missing and it was later archived. No sign of the TB since. My TB, http://coord.info/TB54G42, travelled from the UK to Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, where it was placed in a cache which the local reviewer promptly archived. I assumed that was the last of it but someone managed to rescue the TB and move it along... back to the UK. From there it was placed in the highest cache in the UK at the top of Ben Nevis then collected by someone heading to Canada, the TB's destination... only he forgot and left it on his kitchen table. The TB was eventually placed in another cache at the opposite end of the country and surprisingly picked up by a cacher local to me while on holiday, who returned it to me at a local event. It's travelled almost 15,500 miles and is no closer to it's destination than when we started, sitting at this moment back on my desk. I think this entrant will now drop out and declare Choochoo1996 the winner as his TB got far closer to it's destination than mine did.
  20. Glad you're sorted. I didn't think it could just be GME
  21. Sounds strange Team Dreggen 2. I just scrolled right across the UK map on default zoom then up and around, no problem. Called a PQ not in my local area and no problem with that either, all caches shown on ANY zoom level. Never had either problem at all on Chrome or Firefox.
  22. Yep, all working well now, back to normal, well as long I don't try to use GClh with it as that seems to take over or interfere with the maps (regardless of "replace layer control" setting) and I get no maps at all. Many thanks, GME rocks!
  23. Good news & bad news about the TB exchange race. First the good: My racing partner/opponent, Choochoo1996's TB is doing well and yesterday visited a cache only 13 miles from it's destination, close to my home and only a mile away from where I was caching the previous day. It doesn't appear to have been dropped off though so maybe it's heading closer. The bad news: My poor old slow starting TB eventually moved a great distance quickly from England to Laos, to Vietnam and then to Cambodia. Unfortunately it was then dropped off in a cache which had just been archived (unknown to the cacher who dropped it) and now locked by the reviewer so unless someone has this stored as a PQ and visits an archived cache which they can't log, I guess that will become it's final resting place . Looks like my journey is done but looking forward to seeing my opponent's Jeep TB very soon.
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