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  1. I have downloaded Cashemate and have been trying to make it work but not having a degree in computer science, I find it very confusing. I have been trying to use the instructions and the boxes that come up are not like the ones in the instructions. I don't even have a convert button. Is there a program. A program I can buy, that makes this as easy as it should be? I just want to take the files and put them on my Palm TX. I might be retired but I do not have the time to jump through all the hoops this thing is making me jump through. I want to be able to just download the files from geocache and load them on my Palm TX. There has to be a program out there that does that. I am not a computer guru and do not enjoy trying to figure this out. I want to geocache That is what I enjoy Please tell me there is a paid program out there that is made for the dummies.
  2. Someone told me a while back but now that I am ready to do it I can not remember what I need to do it. I have a Palm Tx and want to load the cache information on it. Can anyone help? Thanks I see where there are a number of programs that will do this but which is the best and easiest?
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    Palm TX

    I have a Palm TX and know there is a way to load cache information onto it. I can not find information on this site how to do it. I know I did it a few years ago but have forgotten. What files do I have to load? Thanks--Royalott
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