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  1. I am really curious if anyone has used icaching and what their experience is with this application? It only has 43 reviews in the app store so I would appreciate any information in terms of how it compares to GSAK.
  2. I am curious how others handle this issue. When you "write note" and sign a challenge cache, you usually do so because you are not sure if you qualify. Once you do qualify, do you log it on the date you qualify, on the date you go through your data and discover you qualify or on the date you signed it? I tend to log it on the date I discover I qualify. I am curious what others do.
  3. I got a mac and no longer can use the beloved GSAK. I have noticed in older posts to these forums that there were no apps for the Mac that could come close to replacing GSAK. Is this still true? I looked at icaching but there are so few reviews I can't determine if it is helpful. I basically used GSAK for sorting and finding caches, loading GPX files and running macros on various caches. I would be helpful to hear if there is anything like this for the Mac? I understand I could run bootcamp on my Mac and then use GSAK, I would rather not if a great app exists. Thanks!
  4. We are a group of 4 geocachers and are getting ready to do our first "power trail" or "numbers run." It consists of a road that has 250 geocaches, each spaced 1000 feet apart. This is only for the numbers, but we wanted to have this type of experience at least once. It was our idea for the four of us to start at one end and go to the other, assigning various tasks to each of the 4 people, signing all the logs. It has been suggested to us that it would be better to have 2 start at one end, 2 start at the other and meet in the middle, thus cutting our time to complete the task in half. This seems like cheating. I would be curious to know how other cachers view this. Thanks!
  5. I have put out 28 geocaches. Coordinates can be off when placing a cache so I always like to try and pinpoint them on google maps so my listing is accurate for coords. The only way I have been able to do this is to tediously tweak the coordinates on google maps. I cut and paste them into the google search bar. It brings up the satellite map, I will zoom in and find the spot where the cache is and then slowly change the last number of each of the latitude and longitude (zooming in again after every change) in order to pinpoint the cache. If I try and just right click on google maps where the cache is I get a latitude and longitude reading that does not coincide with the geocaching.com format for listing caches. Is there an easier way? Thanks!
  6. I purchased a travel bug bumper sticker for my car. It remains in my inventory to be 'dropped off.' Is there something I need to do so it doesn't appear in my TB inventory?
  7. Is it ok to 'find' your own cache? I know some people do and some don't. I am wondering what the general consensus is on this.
  8. Thank you so much, that is very helpful and makes me feel better!
  9. For the iPhone, you really can't go wrong with the official app. It's expensive for a mobile app, but it's worth it. Keep in mind, though, that using a different app will make absolutely zero difference with your accuracy. If that's what you're looking for, you won't find it. The accuracy is a limitation of the GPS device in your phone (as well as that of the hider), not the app you're using. Just remember that the coordinates will only bring you close to the cache location. It won't be very often that you'll find the cache at the exact spot your device says 0. Once you get within about 30 feet, stop looking at the device and start using your eyes. Like you already mentioned, the hint can be very helpful, but don't forget the description, title, size, difficulty and terrain ratings. All of these can contain information and/or clues that might help narrow down the hiding spots you need to search. Edit to add: Welcome and good luck!
  10. I just started geocaching about a week ago. We are only doing 'easy' caches so we can learn. We found our first 3 that we attempted which was so exciting. Of the next 5 we only found 2. I am using the free version of GCTools for the iphone4. We put in the coordinates manually. I am a bit overwhelmed by some of the information I have read in the forums and am wondering if anyone can recommend an iphone app that is user friendly and works well? We also read all the hints and made sure to only look for easy caches that had been logged within a week or two. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!
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