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  1. Thanks Primo for all your work and investment of time and money for this project. I received my coins Friday and they look awesome!!!! Sent in the rest of my money via PayPal.........
  2. :angry: I think SD has a point with the forums. We rode on the coat-tails of MemphisTW.org for a while with some loose forums but if we had our own domain with Php-Nuke or something similar, I think things may become a little more organized and we'd have a common place for posting and polling. Most folks in other regions surrounding us already have a forum home so to speak. We as a group are still using the good ol' GC.com forums. Nothing wrong with that, hey, it's free. Anybody know of a place that would host us for a little bit of change? Just a thought........ I'm FOR organizing to promote the sport locally and to have a common posting place for questions or concerns that pertain particularly to our region, but I have to agree that it doesn't need to be anything like MTGC.
  3. Awesome primofam!!! Thanks for doing all the leg work on this one. I'm sure all the GOWTs appreciate it . I still chuckle everytime I think about your FTF log in Just Ducky - Revived
  4. Hey Primo, Will they no longer track coins, or are you saying the coins we get won't be purchased w/ the tracking option added on? Could you please clarify. I might be in the minority but I'd rather pay a little bit more to have my coins tracked (preferably through GC.com). Just my $0.02 though.... Does tracking matter to anyone else besides me?
  5. Maybe I don't know much about the tracking process but it seems we could get some nice looking COLOR coins, sequentially numbered, and then if you wanted to track some of them or all of them you just paid the extra $1.50/ coin to GC to track them. Am I oversimplifying it? I thought you could just "activate" the ones you wanted to like a TB. All the coins that I've seen that are tracked have a TB designation assigned to them. Can someone please clarify the tracking process for Geocoins? Maybe I've got it all wrong.
  6. I'll chime in here and say that I like the idea. I am fortunate enough to live close by the very first cache placed in TN. I have found Tennessee's First Cache "LPS001" and it is a fine cache and in good shape and all (it has been upgraded from a baby formula can to an ammo can). I can see the argument for recognizing all the caches that were placed in 2000 and to recognize the historical significance of them. Does anyone know the actual number of caches placed in the year 2000? It does seem like a lot of trouble to go through just for 50 caches and then there is the problem with those that are archived, on private property, etc., etc. I salute TheStosh for getting this idea going but I wonder why Jeremy or TPTB have not commented on the feasibility of it? Just a thought.... edited for spelling
  7. Ditto to what bikr said. Thanks for doing the legwork......
  8. Heading out this week to do some TB harvesting in the area to bring to the event . There is a cache close by my work called M-town Mobland, Part I: The Botched Drop that has some stranded Bugs and a Geocoin in it that were put there last April. I'm hoping to do Just Ducky - Revived as my 200th Find. I'm pretty sure Spencersb, TuckSackett, and myself are going to come up a little early and try to pick off some in the Jackson Area before the event and anyone else is welcomed to join us. Spencersb has graciously offered to bring up to 7 up in his minivan. I think the plan is to meet at the I-40 Rest Area in Arlington and carpool from there. Email myself or Spencersb for the exact departure time later this week.
  9. Very Nice! It works great on my Nokia 6610 running on T-Mobile's GSM network.
  10. I'd be interested too. Let us know what you find out!
  11. It's too late, Chuck found the original Just Ducky by swimming to it
  12. I received mine yesterday for $36. I have no idea what the amount was supposed to be but it's better than nothing!
  13. I'm going to do my best to try and come. The best day for me would definitely have to be a weekend lunch or weekend afternoon. Preferably a Saturday. Let's see..... if I leave Memphis at 8:00 am that should just about give me enough time to get Just Ducky - Revived
  14. Mmmmmmm.... Chicken............ Don't they taste like Frog Legs?
  15. Here, Here!!!! Props to Primofam. Man he wanted that FTF bad!
  16. WooHoo!!! I've been jacking around with the idea of organizing the August Hot Wing event as well. Since BlodLizrd seems to have "left the building", I'm glad you picked this up Bitbrain. It has been quite a while since we all got together and may inspire some (myself INCLUDED) to get off their butt and place some caches . Let me know how I can help out if you need me to.
  17. If you are a premium member, you can run a pocket query with lat/long centered at the midpoint of your route and have an adequate search radius that will allow it to reach to Nashville on one end and the Ocoee on the other. If the number of caches returned exceeds the limit (which might happen since you're in Nashville), you could run several queries that overlap each other. Import these into GSAK, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, if you don't have it you can get it here. GSAK will allow you to do an arc filter of a much smaller radius along your route, say 1 or 2 miles from the interstate, and also allow you to filter out the results by cache container and difficulty. While I haven't actually done it before, a good resource might be the plethora of posts in the GPS Software section of the Forums under GSAK. While I might have not totally answered your question, I hope I sent you in the right direction. There might be an easier way though that I'm not aware of.
  18. This one is SOLD to a gentleman in Indianapolis.
  19. I sent an email a couple of days ago to Team ODDCOUPLE. This one is still available. Anyone else interested?
  20. Ok, several people have emailed me about the asking price. I found the manual and am asking $150 for the GPS, accessories, and the Mapsource software. I will accept PayPal. I'll accept other forms of payment as well but it will delay shipping. I'll ship it insured to anywhere in the U.S. I would much rather a Geocacher get in on this good deal than someone on eBay so I'm offering it here first. Here is some information about the Legend from Garmin's website. The entire North and South America's basemap showing major roads, Highways, and Interstate system with Points of Interest and Interstate exit information comes preloaded in the Legend's internal memory. The eTrex Legend's added memory allows it to accept downloaded map data from GARMIN's entire line of MapSource® CD-ROMs, including US Topo® and US Roads and Recreation. Mapping detail is presented on a new high resolution liquid crystal display (288x160 pixels). An innovative rocker switch on the front allows for quick and accurate map panning, as well as selection and enter functions. The eTrex Legend comes in a brightly-colored translucent blue case that really makes the unit stand out. New to the product design, GARMIN will include marine aids to navigation in addition to the basemap. These navigational aids will be pre-loaded into each unit from the factory. Features and Specifications Receiver: 12 Channel, WAAS capable Internal Memory: 8 MB Memory Options: No Display Type: 4 Level Gray LCD Display Size (inches): 2.1 x 1.1 Display Pixels: 288 x 160 Antenna Type / External Option: Internal Patch / No Data I/O: NMEA 0183, RTCM 104 (DGPS) Unit Dimensions (inches): 4.4 x 2.0 x 1.2 Unit Weight: 5.3 ounces Battery Type / Expect Life: 2 AA / 18 hrs (using battery saver mode) Waterproofness Standard: IPX7 Operating Temperature Range: +5 to +158 Fahrenheit Map Datums: Over 100 Grid Systems: Lat/Lon, UTM/UPS, Maidenhead, MGRS, etc Waypoints: 500 Routes / Waypoints per Route: 20 / 50 Tracklog Points / Reversible: 2048 / Yes Built-in Basemap / Database: The Americas Highway Basemap Downloadable Map Options: MapSource CD-ROMs Built-in Electronic Compass: No Built-in Barometric Altimeter: No Warranty: 1 year Included Accessories: PC Interface Cable Other Notable Features: Hunting and fishing calculator provides optimal times of day to hunt or fish
  21. I have a one year old Legend that I'm selling because I'm upgrading to a GPSmap 60CS. I'll also include Mapsource Roads & Recreation v3.03, a handlebar mount, serial cable, and manual (I hope I can find it). It is a great, compact handheld for geocaching and has served me well. Post a note here or email me through my profile if you have any questions. This one will be eBay bound soon.
  22. Congrats M.D. Good luck on you next hundred and next thousand.
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