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  1. Hi, I have unactivated Thuringia geocoins in bronze, silver and black nickel for trade. Is anyone interested? I search gc-trackable coins. I have only a few, so my searchlist is long...
  2. I post in English, because my Swedish is not good enough for longer discussions. If they want to use my design, fine. But it seems to me, that swedish geocachers are not interested in geocoins. Anyway, I will concentrate on my first and only personal geocoin (with a complete different design). But this one would be mostly for trades or use in caches. I will only sell a small amount of them. cheers, Axel
  3. It seems that they are not happy about my idea. My post in the swedish forum www.geocaching.se has been deleted without a comment after half a day. So I think they don't want a coin or a discussion about it.
  4. thanks for your input. It seems that you think it is better to have no geocoin for Sweden than a coin made by me. Ok, maybe I should better concentrate on my own geocoin project. But it seems that the we will have no Sweden-Coin the next years, because the discussion on geocaching.se is going on for more than a year without a result. cheers, SwedenHawk
  5. Hello, I also want to trade with you.
  6. thanks a lot for uploading image
  7. when I click on the link, I get the error message mentioned above but when I refresh the error page, then the image appears (My webspace seems to have a failure) Does anyone know a place, where I can upload the image. Thanks!
  8. thanks for reply, fixed, it should work now
  9. Hello, I have searched for a long time, but unfortunately there seems to be no geocoin for my favourite country Sweden. I'm a big fan of Sweden. I work for a swedisch company and so I'm often in Sweden for business trips and for holidays as well. Here is my design proposal for a swedisch geocoin. SwedenCoin.jpg The backside could either be in 2D or 3D. What do you think about it? Any ideas? It should be possible to mint such a coin for costs of 6€ or 6,50€ per coin instead of the expensive norwegian coin, which costs 12,50€ (thats too expensive). What Do you think about having a swedisch coin? Greetings from Germany, Axel (SwedenHawk)
  10. The LE gold edition is sold out also now. There are still some bronze and silver ones left to buy on www.geocoinshop.de . I would also be happy to trade for other GC-trackable coins.
  11. Put me on list for a trade if possible - I have my Thuringia coin, maybe you are interested in.....
  12. Nice coin! Would like to trade you my personal Thuringia coin.
  13. The limited Black Nickel edition is sold out!!! But there are some silver and bronce coins left.
  14. The Thuringia Geocoins have been shipped yesterday. There are still some coins left!!!. (GeocoinShop).
  15. Thanks ! There are now only 9 LE Gold left.
  16. There are only 7 "Black Nickel LE" available now. So if you want one, you have to be fast.
  17. Thanks for the positve reply. The testcoins from the minter arrived today. I think they looks great. I especially like the 3D-front.
  18. Now I have added a space between "E" and "010°", like between "N" and "50°". I think it looks better in this way. What do you think about the coin and its design? Any ideas or suggestions?
  19. I get the digital artwork from the minter today. That's the final design (Black-Nickel version): Do you like it? I'm interested in your thoughts about the Design, because this is my first Geocoin.
  20. In the middle of the frontside you can see the room, where the reformer Martin Luther translated the Bible in 1521. He needs only 10 weeks for it - amazing. As you can see, Thuringia has a long and fascinating history.
  21. some more facts: - the Thuringia geocoin is trackable with its own icon at geocaching.com - this coin is limited to 500 pieces: - 250 antique bronce 5,6 Euro ~7$ - 150 antique silver 5,7 Euro ~7,1$ - 50 black nickel (LE) 6,4 Euro ~8$ (only 1 per team) - 50 antique gold (LE) 6,4 Euro ~8$ (only 1 per team) - shipping date: in the middle of July
  22. Because all coins of the regions of Germany series are related to very small areas for example a town or a admistrativ district. Thuringia is a federal state and it is worth to have a special coin for its own. Second reason is, that I don't like the backside of the regions coin very much. Only a seperate coin gave me the oportunity to have another backside design.
  23. Now it's time to have an own coin for the most beautiful federal state of Germany - Thuringia. That is how the coin looks like: The front is in 3D. Some parts are sand blasted. I hope you like the design as much as I do. You can order the Thuringia Geocoin is now at www.geocoinshop.de The pre-order starts today.
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