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  1. When Oakcoins were giving away their bucks with purchases, I could't redeem them as I lived overseas


    I have just been having a tidy up of my Geocoins and I didn't realise just how many bucks I had!


    Sorry to ask a daft question but are they tradable/desirable? Should I just put them in caches?


    Thanks for amy advice

  2. Most of you will be on Day 12 today but I decided not to play catch up but to open one a day which will take me into the New Year :rolleyes:

    So today I am on Day 4


    This is what I have opened so far


    Day 1 - Geocaching badge and wrist band

    2 - Idaho spuds - mmm yummy and a Happy Christmas badge

    3 - Motorbike Geocoin

    4 - Fab Christmas stationery set


    Thank you RC,I love this mission

  3. I have really enyoyed being part of this mission - even though mine has still not arrived yet :anibad:


    So, it got me to wondering.... I would like an international penpal (both e-mail and snail mail) and perhaps on the first of the month we could send each other a gift carrying on this mission! It would also be great for my 8 year old daughter too.


    So, is anyone up for it? :mad:


    P.S. I live in England and I am a mad as a hatter!!!!

  4. Another lovely coin, though sitting here in the sweltering heat, on the border of drought conditions, I find it hard to connect with Christmas and snow.


    Hoping you will continue each year with this series - it's one of the better ones around.


    It's blizzarding here in Northern England at the mo :laughing:

  5. I can't wait for my parcel to arrive :laughing::rolleyes::rolleyes:


    We have snow here and when it snows in the UK, everything grinds to a halt :laughing:


    Parcel hasn't arrived yet but hopefully it will be soon.


    May I suggest that all senders give their recipients their tracking numbers so at least it can take the guessing out of where their parcel is.


    For those who are opening today, enjoy and may we have some pictures please

  6. We are getting so excited here in The McKnifficent 6 household. Every day when I get in from work, I have been asking.... has a parcel arrived for me yet?


    It won't be long before it arrives but I am becoming so impatient - what a big kid am I :laughing::rolleyes:

  7. Last day of shopping for me today - I have had SO much fun thinking what my recipient would like.


    I can't wait to lay everything out and decide what is going to be opened on what day


    Rivercacher - just one question - nobody has listed who they are buying for and I am dying to know who is sending to me! is it ok for us all to state who we are buying for?


    Have fun everyone


  8. What an absolutely fabulous idea :lol::lol::D


    Please count me in - I don't know whether I am more excited about sending one or receiving one and yes you guessed it, the calender is for me, an over excited 47 year old B):sad:


    Off to send my e-mail - CONFIRMED - my e-mail has now been sent :(:santa::)



    Email Sent: Oct 26th

    Name Received:

    Mission Sent:

    Mission Received:

  9. Thanks :mad:

    Have printed these ones off





    You haven't mentioned whether you'll be caching on your own or with mini-cachers in tow, but this is one with a great view, suitable for all the family - 360 degree View. If you like ancient sites, try Ben's Walk and discover a fougou.


    There's a good, level walk out to the Logan Rock cache, although the last 20ft to find the box may be a bit of a scramble. Fantastic views from this one westward across the bay towards the Minack Theatre and it's a great walk (30-40mins?) if you want to make a circular walk over to Porthcurno. There's another small cache on Minack Point (I won't mention which one :D It'll be re-enabled by the end of this month :D ) and then you can catch a bus back to Treen, which is the parking spot for the Logan Rock cache.


    If you're feeling really adventurous, try Don't Look Down II! . We haven't attempted it yet, but I'd like to.


    Lamorna is another pleasant coastal walk from a lovely little cove where you could also do Cornish Cove Cache (which has a White Jeep parked in it at present).


    Just a small selection of ones we've done in the far west corner :mad:



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