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  1. OK, no more takers so I will give the DING, to civilised The Oder of COMPANIONS of HONOUR (CH) is awarded as wiKi states above ^ . It is often thought of as a junior Ordser of Merot. Civilised, over to you......
  2. Just googled so won't enter - but if it helps other quizzers, the first word needs an extra *....and it is a well known Order Cheers for that Sharpeset - I must have thinking in the singular :) I'll give it until tomorrow morning now!
  3. Yes, it is high time to move on. From Wikipedia: "The Order of the ********* ** ****** is an order of the Commonwealth realms. It was founded in June 1917 by King George V as a reward for outstanding achievements in the arts, literature, music, science, politics, industry, and religion. It is sometimes regarded as the junior order to the Order of Merit." If no one gets it in 12 hours or so I will give the ding to civilised as being closish!!
  4. Nope limit is Sovereign, Prince of Wales and 24 others = 26 (2 vacancies at this time!). Sorry - No Ding Order of Merit ? - (that's the one I aspire to) Sorry - I missed this one yesterday - NOPE - mind in some ways closer. Present holders of this include Mary Peters, Judi Dench, Desmond Tutu and Maggie Smith - oh and Lord Coe, but there are ...... 61 others
  5. Nope limit is Sovereign, Prince of Wales and 24 others = 26 (2 vacancies at this time!). Sorry - No Ding
  6. Thanks MartyB, so, Which British Order is limited to 65 members?
  7. I've seen this mentioned in a whodunit recently (I think). Ill plump for Ockham's Razor.
  8. Thanks Marty - for what World Championship Event might The Golden Spurtle be awarded?
  9. Its a Van Eyck - a portrait of a bloke and his wife - but I can't remember their names without googling (I was at School with Richard Cork, sometime art critic of the Times!)
  10. You might drought its right ----- but it is a, supergalctic DING to you!!!!!
  11. Right a blast from the distant past (sort of) many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away the Mekon lead the Treen warriors, but whose deadly enemy was he?
  12. I think Chicken Chennai sounds a lot tastier than Chicken Madras!
  13. Come on you Spireites - going to Coventry?
  14. Food rationing came to an end, formally, in July 1954 - but what was rationed in UK between late 1956 & 14th July 1957 & why?
  15. Yes it is a staple of the British diet, but not potatoes. I'll have a crack at bread.......
  16. I "knew" this place - but not by its correct name (which I googled). If it is OK by civilised I will add a little hint that could help cachers of a certain age that were teacher trained perhaps - Lady Mabel College!!
  17. A Devonshire and Hartington Ding to civilised! Would you like to explain the connection dodgydaved? Or do you think that Devonshire & Hartington will convince players that we're not cheating :D JFK's sister married the Marquis of Hartington (son of the Duke of Devonshire) and they lived at Chatsworth. She is buried in Edensor churchyard, Edensor being the estate village. Sorted!!
  18. OK, what is the link between President J F Kennedy and an English stately home?
  19. North, England. Hmmm, are you sure about that, I thought differently (not sure enough to plump for it though) and Googled.............Hmmmm!
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