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  1. If (as you say) "The side events are for fun" then they still will be for fun. Why do you need another smiley for having fun at what is in effect part of the same event? This sort of antediluvian attitude reminds me of the days when one of the arguments voiced against virts and webcam caches was that it was too easy a way to get a "smiley". Why should it not be both easy and hard to get a smiley; it recognises an achievement no matter if it is a 1/1 or 5/5. At a very simple level an advanced calculation using differential calculus done by a first wrangler at Oxbridge is just as correct as a simple number bond done by a primary school pupil. Both are achievements worthy of recognition.
  2. Rosslyn Chapel, that would be it - A secretive handshake of a DING to SC!!
  3. Cheers MartyB, The pillars of the apprentice, journeyman and master are where?
  4. That has got to be the best typo I have seen in ages and conjures up great images :lol:
  5. That's the bloke Marty and a big boulder of a ding to you!!
  6. Sticking in ancient Greece, how was Sisyphus punished for being a crafty so and so?
  7. Forty years ago, a geography teacher at school tried to teach us the Greek alphabet (can't remember why...). Scratching at the memory banks I'll go for Omicron and Psi Sharpeset has twanged my memory chords ( from rather longer than 40 yrs ago I fear) and my Housemaster - Michael Bishop - classic teacher extraordinary - I rather think Sharpeset is half way there and I will go for Omicron ("O") and Rho ("R") no "Q" in the Greek alphabet!
  8. From: here! "The seashore (which is synonymous with foreshore) is the area between the mean high water mark and the mean low water mark. Below the high water mark, i.e. the seashore and the seabed, generally belongs to the Crown."
  9. Right, sticking with quotes, a 20th century Hollywood humourist once said: "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." Who was it?
  10. I think they are the opening lines of one of the "Sonnets to the Portuguese" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning..
  11. Well, the voices were right this time, that's a huge beer belly laugh of a DING for you my friend
  12. In the Comrades Club Friday Night Quiz we always have a phobia or two - so here's another! What is Omphalophobia?
  13. Extraordinaryandverystrangeunusualbloominglongbloomingwords!
  14. Sticking with cricket then, what county did Dr W G Grace play for?
  15. I must admit YY I only knew because of this report on BBC sport yesterday! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/35470796
  16. Well you're no "Stupid boy" , carry on soldier. Thank you - not too difficult for an ex airman! A change of subject now to sport and cricket in particular. It is perfectly legal but apparently very lacking in etiquette, so what is a "Mankad" dismissal? Bowler stumping a batsman for leaving his ground during/at end of bowler's run up.?
  17. I have 2 MK3's, a Mk4 a Mk6 and an unlabelled one (foreigner?) and they aren't going anywhere!! :)
  18. It never occured to me. I'll remember that for next time. Thanks It's that time again when we are again looking at doing more canal caching about May/June. We've been seeing all the flooding on the news and were wondering how it is affecting the canals. Is there a site we can access to get information on canal condition? We had in mind doing the Warickshire ring. I think THIS could be the best place for you to try.......
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