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  1. I just googled Bridgwater Canal and got the wrong one! Googling Bridgwater Worsley Canal gave me a wikipaedia entry with a very brief mention of the vessels concerned' MartyB mentions the Tom Puddings - cube like craft pushed or pulled in long chains by a motor - and searcherdog says he knew the why but only part of the what. I am off on my hols soon so I'll give you the answer - They were called Starvationers - because the ribs of the vessel were built strongly to cope with the wear and tear of hauling minerals, and they stuck out! Here's a tie breaker - much easier I think - for Optimist, MartyB and searcherdog: The longest flight of locks on an English Canal is, I believe, the Caen Hill Flight. On which canal is it? 3......2.......1.....GO!
  2. Going back to the Bridgewater canal - the original boats there, working out of the Worsley mines, had a strange nickname. What was it and, for a kudos point, why?
  3. Ding lightbulb moment! Roman canalised Fossdyke Lincoln way!!!
  4. Like John, Lianne and others it has been a long time!! For a variety of reasons (mostly to do with mobility) I have not been "proper" caching for about 5 years. A total hip replacement some 12 weeks ago has cured my mobility problems to an extent. Mind this was my first trip out off road as it were. The path was slightly challenging at times, but rooting around in the under growth is still next to impossible. I found using c:geo on my phone very frustrating at times - if I am to continue I shall have to grab my trusty Oregon back fro the lad!!
  5. Another well known trompe d'oeil - but where is it please?
  6. Holbein - beautiful trompe l'oeil of a skull. It hung on the wall of my opticians when I used to go there about 70 yrs ago!!
  7. I believe this is the correct answer - it is certainly the one I was expecting, confirmed by a quick check in Wikipaedia. AFAIAC the ding goes to Colleda, over to you kidder!
  8. Cheers my freind: In the line in `Casablanca` which is often misquoted as `Play it again, Sam`, what song is Sam asked to play?
  9. I seem to remember that Phineas Fogg's manservant was called PassePartout, the French for a masterkey. If that completes the puzzle give the "Ding" to Optimist please, he did all the hard work
  10. Hmmm! The only fancy stuff we need now would be a GPSr fitted zimmer frame!!
  11. At our age I would have thought you were older and wiser
  12. I had a cache in my garden for some years. I was able to meet many interesting cachers from all over Europe during that time, and also many "famous" cachers of the period. I have drunk coffee, tea and wine whilst talking to them. Very rarely were there any problems; certainly my neighbours, who were aware of the cache, were happy to meet cachers and help them on occasion!
  13. I tore the hat putting it on! How does Santa like his Pizzas? Deep pan crisp and even! Which country has the tradition of a Christmas Witch dropping presents for children down the chimney?
  14. ...............and according to Wikipaedia it is only believed he was buried there - no marked grave!
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