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  1. There is also an option to save the tracks to a card. From what I can tell it saves a new file each day (if you had any tracks that day). The tracks don't clear, though, until you manually clear them. And if you manually save a track it saves in the menu (not the card).


    I hope that made sense.

  2. Hi all - I'm just getting started, and am having a bit of trouble getting the Tracks feature to work the way I would expect it to work (I have a Legend CX).


    I would expect that I could say "Start tracking" when I set out and then "Stop tracking" at the end of my hike, and that I would get an independent, named track for future reference.


    What actually happens is that when I save a track, it's appended to the previous track, even if I toggle the On/Off switch in the track interface. If I bike to work and save a nice 5 mile track, then bike home again and save that track, the 2nd track registers 10 miles, and shows up as a double line when I export the .gpx file.


    I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here - there must be a simple way to make tracks independent of each other. The manual says you can save a "partial" track by clicking on start and end points, but that's really unwieldy and unintuitive - all I want is to be able to tell it when to start and when to stop tracking, and have it be a discrete unit, not appended to previous tracks.


    Or is this just the nature of the beast?





    I'm so glad you started this thread. I've been pretty confused on how tracks are supposed to work, too. I'm going to subscribe to this thread.


    One thing I've struggled with is in Mapsource, trying to connect two tracks. It's probably just my stupidity, but I don't want a straight line between them that shoots through the middle of nowhere. I'm sure I just need to play with it some more.

  3. A pencil. I prefer pen myself, but sometimes a pencil is better.


    A compact mirror or a mechanic's mirror can come in handy.


    I don't take a big pack with me in an attempt to be inconspicuous, however I have found I wished desparately that I had a nice leather glove and a walking stick on more than one occaision. I intend to purchase a collapsing stick that I hope will fit into the pack I use (but not so sure it will). If it doesn't, it will at least remainin the car at all times so I have it with me as an option to take.


    I have a flashlight packed but have not had to use yet.


    Cell phone. I have found that even though I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere, I've never been anywhere (yet) that I didn't have cell phone coverage.


    I recently invested in a "mid-sized" can of pepper spray. For critters of all kinds (just in case).


    My inhaler (can get wheezy when vigorously exercising....like climing steep hills).


    Camera is a definite. I'm glad I developed the habit of taking that with me right out of the gate. I won't lie...it can be a pain to have yet one more thing stuffed in the bag, but I have gotten some nice pictures and looking forward to many more, and in fact, am even considering a camera upgrade because the slowness of mine has frustrated me a few times trying to get pictures of the wildlife.


    Palm Pilot (I'm paperless). Some extra pens (sharpies and a regular ballpoint). Stamp pad and stamp for signing caches (this is just me...most use a pen/pencil). Batteries!


    That's all I can think of right now. I apply bug spray before venturing out and I haven't been gone more than 3 - 4 hours at a time so haven't felt the need to take spray on the hike. I do, however, have 2 bug towlettes just in case.


    Oh, don't forget swag if you are inclined to trade.


    ETA: Hiking boots (or at the very least, hiking shoes) are an absolute must if hiking! I have never worn boots hiking...always wore tenners. A coworker vehemently insisted that when hiking one needed to wear dedicated hiking shoes of some type, and she personally insisted even the shoe type wasn't good enough and that one had to have the ankle support and be an actual boot. Now that I'm wearing them, I absolutely agree with her. Hiking in tenners is downright dangerous. I know for a fact that I have been saved at least twice from possibly breaking an ankle and/or falling flat on my face or butt because I was wearing boots. I will never hike without them again. Hard to believe I'm almost 40 and never realized how important this one piece of equipment is. Now I'm not going to insist you must wear a boot with full ankle support as that is a personal decision...but the point is those dedicated hiking shoes DO make a difference. So at the very least the hiking shoes...and for ankle support go with a boot.

  4. I'm going to chime in with my reply, too. I knew I wanted topo maps, but I also knew I wanted Navigator first. I wanted Navigator to use not only for the caching, but for getting there, too. I realize you said you don't need it for that, and you might not now, but as you get more advanced you might change your mind (i.e., if you start venturing to other areas you aren't as familiar with). I have found the Navigator maps to suffice just fine for my routing and limited geocaching (I'm a newbie).


    Having said that, I recently (this week) got the topo maps and while I haven't yet had a chance to use them on my GPS, I have loaded them in Mapsource along with my tracks. There is one occaision that without a doubt, the topo map would have saved me a bit of headache and frustration. It had to do with a stream that was just big enough to be a complete nuisance, and whether I actually needed to cross it or not. I crossed it, but then GPS was pointing the direction I came from. So I went back to the other side, and the GPS wanted me back on the side I just came from, so thenI crossed it AGAIN back. I did find the cache and it was literally right next to said stream, so it wasn't the GPS's fault. But I had to cross the darn thing 4 times instead of the 2 I needed had I had topo to show that I did, indeed, need to cross it.


    I don't really know how to "read" topo maps, but as I study the caches I've done and how they look on the map, I'm getting it. I think, for me, Topo is a nice enhancement. Is it necessary? No. It's a nice to have...at least for me. As I get more advanced I'll probably change my mind on that.


    One thing I have found that is frustrating, though, is that one of the larger parks in my area, rich with caches, has a huge lake in the middile of it and the topo maps do not have this lake!! Nor do they have a lake in another local park. So even with topo installed, I'll be using it more as a guide/general idea, knowing that when I get there, at least as far as water is concerned, it might not be correct.


    Best wishes and have FUN. I sure have been...well, except for my recent snake magnetism.

  5. I also am frustrated...spent over an hour trying to read about and log in a bug today. It was my first so I was researching, but it should never have taken as long as it did. And uploading already downsized photos took forever, too.

  6. Well I picked up my very first travel bug today and I have to tell you, I just spent an HOUR trying to read about it, look at its pictures, and figure out how to log it properly. What a freaking frustration. What on earth is going on with the geoacaching web site that it took me an hour to do what should have taken 10 minutes tops? I'm beyond frustrated. And it was tempting to just forget even trying to log the bug (but for the record I DID finally get it logged).

  7. For what it is worth I e-mailed Garmin with the suggestion of adding the capability to add in the live traffic "antenna" to handheld units like a 60 CSX. I use it with the autorouting all the time, and really for me the only difference between it and one of their high end auto units is I could get the little plug in antenna that would give me live updates on traffic and reroute me. If they could plug that into either the external antenna port or somehow incorporate it into the 4 plug deal that would make the handheld unit killer! For now it's not worth the extra money to get an auto unit just for that feature. Maybe additional e-mails on that would help them along!


    Unfortunately one other thing the handheld is missing is a way to avoid part of the route. So say you are stuck in traffic...on some units you can select to avoid where ever it is that you are stuck and it will route you around it. Can't do that with the handheld, though you could just take another route and see what it does from there.


    At any rate, this isn't critical for me so it's not a biggie. But it does seem like the traffic receiver would be doable since the ones they have now are contained within the power cord (not built into the device).

  8. I know that %cryp will upload the encrypted hitn to the gps, but how do you upload the decoded hint? Its not in the help file or in the gsak forums




    I believe it is just %hint.


    ETA: Oops...I see you already have your answer.

  9. French


    Can't understand how you think the Nuvi is overkill, and then you complain about the other units capabilities.

    Use the Nuvi for its intended use on the road, use the handheld on the trail in your hand. You will be a much safer driver.


    That is what I do!


    LeonW <_<


    I don't travel outside of "my home area" all that often. This is why I am saying the Nuvi is overkill. If I regularly traveled out of state the Nuvi would more than pay for itself and be justifyable. And in a pinch, in a heavily congested area with lots of quick turns, I can always try VZW Navigator. As long as I'm not in extended area it works.


    Really, my intent was not to complain so much as to try to figure out what other users have done to make it easier for them. I currently do not have the Vista mounted and because of posts here, I will be trying that...probably a suction cup mount. I think the Vista can be as effective for me once I have gotten used to it, but the thing I struggle with the most is where/how to mount it and what screen works best. It will be an independent preference and as I use it more I am finding what works for me in terms of display, but still struggle with the screen views.


    Right now I think the challenge is how best to mount it. I do think if it were in better line with the windshield it would be easier.

  10. Wow...thanks for the quick and thoughtful replies.


    Maybe part of my problem is where I have my unit. I don't care for it on the dash as it blocks my view, but at least on the dash the amount I have to move my eyes isn't so much. I have been using it in a cup holder which sits down and to my right a little (I have an arm that extends up so it's not on the floor or anything).


    I never though about using "next waypoint" for the next street name, and I could set up the data field to be one long field across so it might be easier to read.


    But you all are making me feel better about getting more comfortable with just the handheld unit. And that could be what it boils down to...I just need to give it time to get used to it.


    Any other thoughts you might have on how I can make it work better for me, please share.


    I have noticed that with the Vista, it doesn't recalculate as quickly as I would like, but it's not the end of the world. On "best", though, it takes a solid 10 - 12 seconds to do a recalc. I might try putting it back a level to see if that helps improve response.


    Have any of you used yours in a real congested area that you aren't familiar? How did it perform and how comfortable were you following it in that environment?

  11. I feel qualified to respond, as I owned a 60CSx for a week, and ended up with a Vista CX.


    The 60CSx does have the SiRF III chipset and it rocks. No doubt about it. However, my Vista can actually get a satellite connection in my house in my bedroom (top floor). It does drop out sometimes, but I was impressed it could pick it up to begin with. I haven't used it in heavy foliage, though and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I am as tickled with it later in the season as I am now. That's one of the biggest differences.


    The other is form factor. The GPSMAP 60CSx is larger than the Vista CX. I definitely prefer the form factor of the Vista. Also, I had a hard time with the rocker switch on the 60CSx as my fingernails got in the way. I love the joystick the Vista has and find it much easier to work with.


    The 60CSx holds 1,000 waypoints, the Vista only 500. Personally this isn't an issue for me as I can't imagine why I need more than 500 waypoints. I'm not going to hunt 500 geocaches in one day, and for my purposes I prefer just reloading them weekly so I'm sure to have the latest information without archived or closed or not found ones. Plus, you can use the POI loader to load as many other points as you could possibly need.


    Both have autorouting.


    For me, it strictly came down to form factor as I much preferred the Vista form factor. Had it come down to reception, I would have gone with the GPSMAP 60CSx.


    I'm keeping my fingers crossed they decide to upgrade the Vista cx and offer it with a SiRF III. Even though my Vista is brand new, I would immediately buy a new one if offered with a SiRF III. In my opinion, that is the only thing keeping it (Vista) from being perfect.

  12. How many of you are using your handheld for routing (instead of a dedicated car GPS)? Do you find that having the unit beep at you and then flash directions is sufficient, or do you find you miss turns, or worse, that you aren't paying as much attention as you should be to the road?


    I have a Nuvi, which I think is overkill. So I've been playing with the Vista CX for autorouting and I'm not feeling the love here, either. There are several different screens but for me, I think the biggest challenge is going from watching the road, to trying to zero in on such a small screen to see if I'm supposed to be turning left or right.


    One thing that would be really helpful is if one of the data fields could be "next turn". That way, at least I would see an arrow that would show the direction of my next turn so I would be prepared. I find trying to look at the numbers to see how much further until my next "instruction" is difficult.


    I'm just wondering how you like using it for autorouting, and what screen(s) you prefer being in. Highway is neat, but not much detail. I don't know what the name of the screen is, but you can go into the written directions, and then you can actually highlight the actual current direction and it displays the intersection turns only from there...but that's not quite enough detail. Following the road in map is cool, but frankly I can't read a darn thing on the map so I'm at the mercy of the data fields above anyway.


    I'm just thinking, in an unfamiliar area, having it beeping at me and then me trying to look at the screen, plus pay attention where I'm not familiar...and god forbid I miss a turn and it has to recalculate, could be a little overwhelming.


    Thoughts? Comments? Feedback?

  13. like the snorkeling instructor said about seeing sharks in area, consider yourself privileged on your snake sighting. Now the good news, it probaly was not a poisonous snake. There are four kinds of poisonous snakes in North America( rattlers, coral, cottonmouths, and copperheads). Of these, two are native to Maryland(copperhead and rattlers). I believe copperheads are more brown than black, while the timber rattlesnake which is primarily in the appalachian mountain tends to have more color than just black.


    Most snakes, if they aren't poisonous, are constrictors. However no north american constrictor can kill an adult human. That said, unless you can positively identify a snake, it is best to keep your distance and admire this beautiful animal from a distance


    Thank you for the information. I actually know it was a black snake...perfectly harmless. But I don't care. They give me the heebie jeebies and I just plain do not like them.


    Thinking about it makes me shiver. Ick.

  14. I found a snake while out today. I hate snakes. Really hate them. I am traumatized and I can't stop telling everyone. Every time I tell the story the snake gets bigger.


    But in all seriousness, it was HUGE. It scared me so bad I ran. Then I thought, "That's the biggest snake I've seen "in the wild" (read, not at the zoo). So I decided to suck it up (my fear) and go back to take a picture. So to give you an idea of how big it was, I ran, stopped, thought about taking a picture, decided I should, went back, took my camera out, powered it up and STILL managed to get part of the snake. It apparently had the same reaction to me that I had to it...which was to retreat. But still. I do think it was a good 4 feet long (at least).


    Anyway, let this also serve as a reminder to everyone to keep their eyes peeled for the creatures of spring that are starting to come out.



  15. It is so funny that what sounds like a great idea to one person, is a lousy idea to another.


    I fiddled with my settings and I prefer POIs to only show up at .8 miles. So right now, it shows up as a waypoint and then when I'm zeroing in it will show up as a POI.


    I really just want to be able to use geoaching mode with POIs. So I can select that I found it, and of course then I can have limitless caches. And I could even categorize them. I could have one POI with caches near my parents', one POI with caches where I'm vacationing, etc.


    Also, Garmin seems to really be working to make the POI loader decent. Here are the most recent updates:



    * POI Loader allows you to load custom points of interest into your unit. The input files can be downloaded from the internet or you can create your own. With POI Loader, you can configure the unit to alert you when you are within a certain distance of a point or if you are driving over a certain speed near a point; perfect to warn you about upcoming schools zones and redlight and speed cameras. The unit will also allow you to search for and navigate to the loaded points of interest.

    * See the included Readme for a more information on the changes.

    * Although this software is believed to be reliable, it has not yet been released for production and should be used at your own risk.


    Change History


    Changes made from version Beta to Beta:


    * Added support for Garmin Mobile XT.

    * Added support for magenta as transparency color in 256 color bitmaps.


    Changes made from version 2.3.2 to Beta:


    * Added support for Windows Mobile devices.

    * Added support for uninstalling all custom POI's from a device.

    * Added support for subcategories of POI's.

    * Added support for handling individual bitmap symbols for each subcategory of POI's.

    * Added support for jpeg (.jpg) images that can be associated with POI's.

    * Added support for wave (.wav) files POI alerts.

    * Added support for allowing users to specify a 'Link' directory that contain POI associations, such as bitmap (.bmp) symbols, jpeg (.jpg) images, mp3 (.mp3) audio files, or wave (.wav) audio files.

    * Added support for contact information and address information that can be specified in a GPX (.gpx) file.

    * Added a command line option to POI Loader to run automatically without requiring user interaction.

    * Added the ability to choose POI files to ignore.

    * Check for validity of the drive name in the POI path.

  16. But be warned...they aren't very loud (if you are using it in a car, for example).


    Some of them are pretty loud. You have to trythem and see which one is more ... annoying.

    I found one I can hear no matter what


    I tested the most annoying one I found and in the car, driving down the road, with the radio on, you simply can not hear it. I'm using number 8 and I believe 15. They were the longest and loudest tones. Well, one is long, the other shorter...same tone.


    I really do wish they would have made them either volume adjustable, or louder.


    Hmmm....I wonder if the volume could be fixed with a firmware update.

  17. Actually, they added a ton of stuff...


    Changes made from version Beta to Beta:


    Added support for Garmin Mobile XT.

    Added support for magenta as transparency color in 256 color bitmaps.


    Changes made from version 2.3.2 to Beta:


    Added support for Windows Mobile devices.

    Added support for uninstalling all custom POI's from a device.

    Added support for subcategories of POI's.

    Added support for handling individual bitmap symbols for each subcategory of POI's.

    Added support for jpeg (.jpg) images that can be associated with POI's.

    Added support for wave (.wav) files POI alerts.

    Added support for allowing users to specify a 'Link' directory that contain POI associations, such as bitmap (.bmp) symbols, jpeg (.jpg) images, mp3 (.mp3) audio files, or wave (.wav) audio files.

    Added support for contact information and address information that can be specified in a GPX (.gpx) file.

    Added a command line option to POI Loader to run automatically without requiring user interaction.

    Added the ability to choose POI files to ignore.

    Check for validity of the drive name in the POI path.

  18. Maybe a c330 isn’t what I would want for this. Right now I’m so intrigued by the idea I would forgo the “good deal” on the 330 for a better-suited unit. I like the sound of a dedicated navigation unit. Anyone have any suggestions?


    DOH...I didn't read your post carefully enough. Sorry...apparently you already have a handheld.


    I use my Nuvi 360 and do something similar to what another poster said. I create the POI file and upload the same file to both the Nuvi and my handheld. Then I can just overwrite the POI the next time I generate a new one. I use GSAK.

  19. I really like the smaller size of my Garmin Vista C. The current version is the Cx. It is not as sensitive as the 60 CSx or the 76 CSx, but it works very well, can auto-route me around with the City Navigator maps installed, the size is convenient, and the lower price is nice. <_<


    I 2nd the Vista...and I have the CX which does take the memory card. So far it has worked flawlessly for me. I will tell you, though, that the trees have not filled in around here yet. I'm a little nervous as to how my performance might degrade with full tree coverage but keeping my fingers crossed.


    But I will also tell you, I love this unit SO much, form factor, joy stick, screen, etc., that if Garmin came out with an updated version tomorrow that has the SiRF III chipset, I would buy it immediately. I do believe the SiRF III performs better, though as I said, what I'm using so far has worked flawlessly. I've used another GPS unit with SiRF III along side a regular Garmin and the SiRF III kept signal in places that the Garmin lost signal.

  20. Maybe its me but don't know, I bought a vista and when I load a waypoint at a distance works fine but the closer I get it starts to point another way, I have to literly stop and it eventually points right, my ex 400 doesn't do this. Ive been told that it is malfunctioning. Does anyone have any input on this? I have recalibrated it and all that, downloaded updates from gamin, but still does it, this is what I want to use as a backup.


    I've noticed a small amount of "jumpiness" with mine, but nothing to concern me, or frustrate me, or slow me down. I mean, I have had to stop because I thought it was pointing a different direction a minute ago, but not all the time. Do you keep your GPS in the same position while walking, or are you letting it hang from the lanyard, then pick it up, then let it hang again, then pick it up again? I have noticed that when I do that, the pointer gets wonky until I've held it still for a bit.

  21. They didn't tell me about the backorder situation, but that doesn't bother me too much. Also, in looking at other threads on this same topic, some people were charged $15.00 (like me), others got theirs free of charge.


    I don't know. I didn't feel like arguing. I'll get my DVD eventually, and I didn't have to pay full price for it. I only have the two devices, so I didn't have any use for another unlock code anyway.




    Interesting...I wonder why they charged some and not others. Anyway, in the end it doesn't matter so long as you are happy with what you are getting.


    Me...I'll let you know once I successfully unlock the burned DVD maps on my Vista.

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