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  1. I didn't vote because I kinda fell into several categories including one in the "none of the above."


    1. I am addicted.


    2. I do go as often as I can, but apparently not really that often. I mean 40 finds in 2 years is a bit lousy if you ask me.


    3. I don't really keep track of my numbers. I find that I like introducing others to geocaching, so I try to select a chace that isn't way too hard to find so it would get them addicted faster.


    4. I do, however, ALWAYS go geocahcing when I'm on vacation. I have found the most interesting places and most beautiful views that I never knew were there.


    So I guess I'm an addict that always goes geocaching on vacation to keep the numbers up, or as often as I can but that it really hasn't consuming my life over the last two years.


    Geocaching Carolinas

  2. Caching group in Charlotte??? You betcha!


    We had been meeting once a month at a local restaurant, but we've been slack about it recently. Also check the threads for the passing of one of own, Pizzaman.


    There are several active members in Charlotte, however, most have found just about everything in this area.


    Keep checking the main event website for upcoming events. You can also sign up for the Yahoo group that gives updates on upcoming events in Charlotte.


    Check out:

    Geocaching Carolinas

  3. Funny you ask, cuz I bought a 1977 Deluxe Westfalia (with the pop top, stove and a Phish sticker on the back window) two weeks ago. I had it towed off of the previous owner's property and sent directly to a mechanic for a complete overhaul. I've named it "Mulligan." So although I have never driven it, haven't spent much money on it (yet), I do indeed own a VW and would love a VW trinket.


    Geocaching Carolinas

  4. Have you ever stood on the side of a street with guys hanging out the side of a pickup driving by at 55 miles an hour yelling something that you're quite glad not be to able to hear?


    OK, so most of you probably never had nor will experience it, but I believe it's the same thing for the deer. How in the world do you expect that a deer can hear a whistle moving at 55 miles an hour in a straight line?


    As for the red car thing, my red car was hit by a drunk, an old lady and an foreigner all within a month's time. So I guess a deer has equivalent senses of a old drunk illegal alien?


    Geocaching Carolinas

  5. I was on a flight last week to England on US Airways with my ETrex and had no problems. I turned it off in take off and landing, and only had it on when "electronic devices" were approved for use. Ironically, cell phones were still not permitted during the flight.


    I did not ask for permission. I did get tired of holding it against the window, so I put it inside the window cover. The Etrex was small enough to slide betwen the glass and the window cover.


    We went over Greenland on the way back. I wish I had set waypoints on the way back (doh!).


    Personally, I carried my GPS with me in case my checked was stolen.


    Geocaching Carolinas

  6. I had one of the worst stomach virus in my life that weekend. I stayed home on Monday - first time I was out sick in 3 years. I really didn't feel that well, but decided that the fever had gone down by the am on 9-11, so I went into work a little later than usual. A guy in the elevator told me about the first plane into the WTC. I just dismissed it.


    I tried to get to the major news sources online, but all were blocked out due to traffic. Somebody finally found a tv and whoever was left in the office gathered around it to figure out what was happening.


    I worked near the Charlotte Douglas airport. We kept watching planes gather and circle over and over and then land and land and land.


    I was relieved when they told us to go home. By that time, my fever was back up and all I had the energy to do was watch tv. Well, tv without cable = replays all day. I was sick, but sicker of the tv.


    I have a friend who worked in the Pentagon. I had to make several calls to find out if she was OK. She was, just happened to be out of the office at the time, but her office was hit.


    Geocaching Carolinas

  7. It should be an interesting event. Hey, there really are other things you can do with your GPS other than geocaching!!





    Wednesday, November 20, 2002

    In Uptown Charlotte, NC

    Free Public Exhibits of Computer Mapping Technology


    What GIS Day is a global event in which thousands of users of geographic information system (GIS) technology educate people about geography and demonstrate GIS technology.


    The event is principally sponsored by:


    National Geographic Society


    Association of American Geographers


    University Consortium for Geographic Information Science


    United States Geological Survey


    Library of Congress




    Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte celebrate this event each year by presenting a public display of GIS exhibits. See free exhibits from twenty County and City departments and public agencies and eight GIS businesses. Learn how GIS is used in the community. Meet the professionals who use this technology and receive a first hand demonstration.


    Imagine using computer maps to analyze crime patterns, to determine where flooding will occur, to decide where to locate a new shopping mall, or to make better decisions to protect our environment. See all this and more!


    Who Anyone interested in learning more about GIS.

    Managers who are influenced by geography in making decisions.

    Students who want to learn more about this exciting career field.

    When Wednesday, November 20, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


    Where Founders Hall at the Bank of America Corporate Center

    100 North Tryon Street

    Uptown Charlotte, NC


    Cost GIS Day events are FREE for everyone.

    Parking Parking is available at the Bank of America Corporate Center Parking Lot at 100 North College Street. Many other parking lots are also in the uptown area. School buses can park free in the Discovery Place bus lot on Brevard Street near 10th Street.

    Schools School Poster and School Information. Also free posters for teachers.

    Posters (Pending)


    Geocaching Carolinas

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