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  1. I've done both of these things: contacted owners about moving their TB/GC away from completing a goal and I've been contacted about have a TB/GC go in a different direction. Almost every time I've been contacted, I've let the cacher move the TB/GC with them and I've modified its goal once it has been dropped. Likewise, I've respected what the wishes of the owner, unless they didn't respond at which time the TB/GC was moved quite a distance. I believe that as long as the owner as been notified that is a key to you being able to keep and move the TB/GC.
  2. The ivy is poison ivy. Seeing as I'm extremely allergic to it and oh wait....I've already broken out just looking at the photos. The easiest way to remember poison ivy is "See three, let it be...see five, let it thrive". Well, I'll be getting my medic for a prednisone shot. Thanks for the fun.
  3. I guess I would have to say yes to first question Reason , I started to do it also. People are lest apt to keep them. To answer the Mod's questions: 1) I don't mind paper copies of coins. 2) I have had way too many coins stolen, therefore will not release anymore "real" coins. Since the OP brought it up, I went to Petra in Jordan hunting a White Jeep Travel Bug only to find none of the six listed geocoins or travel bugs in the well-stocked cache container. Talk about disappointment. I fully sympathize with coin owners who release copies or modify their geocoins to prevent theft or mishandling.
  4. Well, Internet was down on this side of the water for a few hours and in those few hours, I guess all of the blue and red Claddagh geocoins were taken as only purple is left.
  5. Most definitely interested in the Emerald Green and the Sapphire Blue. Looks like I need to make sure my Baghdad clock is modified for EDT to meet the on-line sale.
  6. To answer my own post, YES, the Geocoin Fairy made a visit to Iraq as one lucky attendee walked away with a Geocoin Fairy geocoin for being the closest to Ground Zero for the Event. I guess better luck next time for me. Or maybe the Geocoin Fairy will make a stop in Tennessee when I return in June?
  7. I was fortunate enough to attend the Forward Members M&G Event today and I just want to say that I was overwhelmed with the donations that covered the picnic table. Talk about an awesome sight. I personally want to thank everyone that participated with donations. This has definitely been one of the best events I've been able to attend and it sure makes being over here that much easier to deal with. Thanks again for your support.
  8. I actually got to see a Geocaching Jedi Geocoin today at the Forward Members M&G in Iraq. Talk about awesome!! Thanks for the donation and giving 15 of us the opportunity to obtain this wonderful geocoin; however, only one walked away with it. Someone said there was a 2nd one, but I never saw it appear, unless the new owner was extremely quiet and kept silent.
  9. Another great read after getting back from an afternoon of combat patrolling following the assassination of Riyadh al-Nouri in Najaf, Iraq. Thanks.
  10. Another great read after getting back from an afternoon of combat patrolling following the assassination of Riyadh al-Nouri in Najaf, Iraq. Thanks.
  11. I just want to thank everyone for the fun reading. These forums help to pass the time when not out on patrol, dealing with Iraqi government officials, or training Iraqi Security Forces. Take care all. I've got a lot of experience in that area I agree, if someone got a vacation, it was not from their viewpoint, but from breaking forum guidelines.. On topic: The mods do a great job.. (this coming from someone who got a month vacation and almost complete banination)... Keep up the good work! I'm just hoping that I don't get a vacation from reading the forums and get to take some vacation time in July after returning to the United States.
  12. I'll keep the beer chilled and the GPSr ready. I don't brew my own, but if you ever find yourself in Western New York I'm sure I can find a chilled bottle or two dozen around here. A cold beer would be nice right now, but alas in southern Iraq there are laws against alcoholic beverages, plus these types of products are prohibited in the Iraqi theater by MNF-I. Oh well, I guess someone else will just have to drink one for me as I still have about 60 days left in country.
  13. I second the motion, since I'm still stuck overseas and unable to change the colors of any stateside counties. Thanks, Dave.
  14. I love the read from this thread as it keeps me indoors and away from the IDF bunkers.
  15. I would really like for you to define embarrassment...embarrassment to who or what? Please feel free to e-mail me if you like on your thoughts. I don't want to read too much into the word embarrassment...but I fail to see the embarrassment in the topic...ie AGENDA caches and people stating their opinions. I'm sorry, but if you really want to show support for the troops, putting one line on a geocache page isn't a whole lot of support. Put your money where your mouth is. Volunteer at a VA hospital. Volunteer for the USO. Really support them by sending care packages to any unit overseas. Send them letters for heavens sake. Putting "Support our troops" on a cache page means absolutely nothing to the guys that are out there. Taking the time that has been put into this topic and instead writing them a simple letter would mean a whole lot more to them. You are wasting your time writing this on a cache page. Put your efforts somewhere that would actually mean something to these troops. Write them directly! They will appreciate it so much more. I know. I've had a nephew over in Iraq. He is about to go back. Our family organized "Operation Little Paul." (He is Paul Jr., named after his dad, so we have called him Little Paul. We don't call him that anymore to his face since he can beat most of us up now. ) We pulled together stuff that he and his unit wanted. He told us about things they really wanted and we sent them. Part of that was just simple letters they could read. If some of you channel your passion in a positive way, you can make a HUGE impact on these guys. I can guarantee you that less than one percent of the troops have any idea what Groundspeak is and could care less about having some line on a cache page. Give them some support they can really see. You want to support the troops? Do it by clicking the link below and acting and not by typing four words on a cache page description. http://www.ustroopcarepackage.com/ Well spoken and much appreciated. I know this trip overseas (my 5th) has had a different tone to it from the previous 4, but then this is an election year.
  16. We have one that is a waterproof matchstick container in a fake rabbit. It is called Da Brier Rabbit.
  17. I would do anything for either the case of beer or the case of 12-year old Scotch, as would any of the 20 guys stationed with me, but alas we are currently stationed in a country with anti-alcohol laws. We just have to wait until our deployment is over before enjoying any of those refreshing beverages. So until then, tip a glass or mug for us. De Oppresso Liber ***Sorry to see the CO requested the cache to be archived.
  18. I've lost track of those that have been a "thorn-in-the-side" for finding. But that is the beauty of the hunt and the thrill of discovery when finding out how "easy" of a hide it was.
  19. I wish I could go "outside and find some caches", but unfortunately, the closest cache hide to me that I haven't found is over 45 miles away on a road that is lined with roadside bombs wanting to do harm to all military personnel either American, Coalition, or Iraqi that travel on that road. I guess I will just have to continue to have my wife and kids find cache hides for me and share the stories. Granted, I did get about 10 days to do some "combat caching" in the Victory Base Complex area, but then I'm back at my "normal" camp with the other 19 Americans I'm stationed with. I personally want to thank everyone that has participated in the discussion of this thread. This means that I'm doing my job of allowing the Bill of Rights to continue to thrive within the United States. I would like every on the GS Forums to enjoy the freedoms they have to either geocache, spend time on the computer, go to work, or any number of activities that allow you to spend time with your family and loved ones, as I remain vigilent in my duties. Granted today is Friday and I get to take the afternoon off before working for the next 6 days. **Added: Again, thanks to everyone that has participated in this discussion as it has given me something to do on a Friday afternoon. De Oppresso Liber, Jerry from TEAM HALL-JTSJT currently stationed at Camp Tarlavsky, An Najaf, Iraq
  20. Does anyone know if the Geocoin Fairy can visit Iraq to participate in this event, Forward Member M&G (GC19XKF)?
  21. We do the same thing. It also helps to keep the TB straight on where we drop them.
  22. Still serving after initially enlisting in Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1985. Went active duty in 1994 after getting my Bachelors Degree. Currently enjoying my 5th trip to Iraq since 2003. All total I have 23 years and 8 days of military service and 2 years, 1 month, and 3 days as a geocacher.
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