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  1. I'm from Germany, too. During the last weeks the connection to Groundspeak gets slower and slower. Unfortunately I have renewed my PM account tree weeks ago. Why didn't Groundspeak invest the money from the PM accounts in increasing the bandwidth and server capacity?
  2. Ich hätte es nicht schöner Ausdrücken können. -- Gruß Uwe.
  3. Here in Germany this doesn't work. If a home is devalued it is your problem except the airport builds directly beside your home. And in this case you get only soundproof windows if you have a liitle luck. -- Uwe.
  4. Unfortunately the cache description is not commercial but the webpage Geocaching - Dortmund Airport uses a link to the cache and some TBs for a competition where you can win something. Here the airport uses Geocaching for commecial use. Thats in my opinion a violation of the guidelines. But I think Groundspeak is happy with this promotion. Obviously no one at Groundspeak speak german and understand the content of the page. Exactly that is the point I don't like. I'm working on a cache with documented facts about the noice and other problems of the airport. But I fear if I insert the link to the webpage of the airport opponents this will not be published because of "commercial use". -- Uwe.
  5. Thanks, I do my very best using my school english. I will think about it. BTW, a hint in "[]" will never be decrypted on the side. You have to copy it to <www.rot13.de> or similar. There it works. ;-)) Yes, I thought this bridge deserves a cache to show it a lot of people which have never found it without a cache. -- Uwe.
  6. I think about to leave Groundspeak because of their dictatorial behaviour. In my opinion this cache was published because the airport webside promotes Groundspeak. And that is not correct I think. I am working on a cache to promote the airport opponents and I fear this has no chance to be published "because of the guidelines". The reviewer told me that he has no possibility to do anything because the permission was granted directly from GS. -- Uwe.
  7. In this case our house stands here since nearly 30 years and at that time the airport was a grass runway for sport airplanes. Now the house could not be sold because of the noise. -- Uwe.
  8. Hello to all, I'm really angry about Groundspeak. They always archive caches which seems to have only a little appearance of commercial even it is only a link to a non commercial organization. But they are granting exceptions agains their own guidelines like a dictator. In this case ("GC3F4AD - Näher als man denkt") they have granted an exception for the highly controversial Dortmund Airport which is highly controversial even in the Dortmund city council because of the noise pollution of about 100.000 citizens. A link to this cache and two TBs can be found on the webpage <http://www.dortmund-airport.de/geocache.html>. As I have asked GS for the reason for this exception they only answered "As per our guidelines, Groundspeak on occasions makes exceptions for cache page content that may be perceived by some members of the community as 'commercial'. This is our prerogative and in this case, we gave an exception to the owner of this cache". I think that a support for the Dortmund airport by Groundspeak is a intervention in the local politics. Is there any possibility to get that cache archived? -- Regards from Germany Uwe.
  9. I think the whole behaviour of Groundspeak regarding the updates is incredible unprofessional! I hate to be a beta tester while paying for a premium membership. Why are they killing the stable working features for unstable things e.g. the beta map? Why are they wasting space with the new layout? There are lots of ugly things in the new update. It has been better if some REAL users have had a look on the new "features" before publishing it. I hope that the page is working stable quickly. -- Regards from Germany Uwe.
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