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  1. Well here is one I can't log because it never got registered or used. It is on private property of my employer. I recall this being in place when I began my employment in 1980 . James
  2. First you must use common sense. I will not dig on private property unless I can get permission. If I suspect that I found the mark under ground and it is in a public park, on public school grounds, in a public right of way not maintained by a home owner, I will dig a single hole, only 1 shovel deep. Any deeper than that, I move on. I will ALWAYS put the ground back exactly as I found it. I would like to leave all the marks uncovered but haven't decided I should do that yet. I use my 'poker' tool to locate most of my buried disks. I cut off an old broom handle, fastened a 24", 1/4" pointed steel rod to the end of it. It will allow me to probe about 16" in the ground without bending over. Once the ground gets dry this summer, the deepth may be more limited. I borrowed a metal detector with not much luck at all. Saved me a bunch of money from purchasing one for myself. I have come across two witness posts so far that I can't locate the disk. My local county records still show them as good, but I wouldn't feel right digging up someone's front yard, even though it is near the curb. Good Luck in your hunts... James
  3. Another suggestion is to purchase a can of convertible top rear window cleaner. It is a paste wax and can be bought at any of the auto parts stores. It has worked well for me getting mild scratches out of clear plastics of all kinds. James
  4. The newest description sounds like it is on private property. Permission to place a cache? Permission to search the BM? Just a thought. James
  5. Since you have a Garmin, as I do, I suggest using Mapsource which should have come with your unit. If it did not come with your unit, you can DL it free at Garmin.com. Once Mapsource is installed on your PC, set up that Mapsource is your default program for [.loc] files. Download your [.loc] files from the website, open the [.loc] files in Mapsource, then transfer the waypoints to your unit. It works that way for Garmin 60CX and Etrex CX. Yours should be similar. James
  6. When benchmark hunting, turn off your GPS and leave it at home. That is what I do now. The co-ords are usually not good around here, ever. I copy the NGS sheet, edit out the useless information, then print only the info that I think that will help me actually find the mark. Take a handshovel and 100' tape measure. Good Luck. James http://current.net/james1549/geocache
  7. Greetings Fellow Benchmarkers! I am fairly new to this hobby as well. I received a portable navigation system for my car as a gift, then realized I could actually hunt geocache with it because it has an internal battery. From there I found reading about benchmarks. I can remember finding a few when I was a kid, but not knowing exactly what they were for. Actually hunting benchmarks seem to be a bit more interesting than geocaching. Needless to say, I can see a handheld GPS in the near future! As I was reading some of the comments above, I began to chuckle to myself. I already have a 100' foot tape measure, garden hand shovel, towels, spray bottle of water, and some Brasso in my car. Just this weekend I made a 'poker' out of the broom stick and a 2', 1/4" steel rod sharpened to a point. Will I need a hardhat and a clip board to look official My average is around 50%. For years I have always noticed 'surveyers' in the area for construction projects. Now that I want to find them to get some info (cheat notes), they are no where to be found! I have been photo-logging my finds. Check them out here: http://current.net/james1549/geocache/benchmarks.html Thanks for your time! James
  8. Actually I am in OHIO, and the marker is in the Cincinnati City limits. Thanks for shedding some light on that. James
  9. I asked this in another forum and maybe not posted in the proper forum. So here it is again. Is this a benchmark? I can not find a listing where it is located. I found it while on the way to find 2 other local benchmarks. This marker is glued to a sidewalk near a curb. Any suggestions? Thanks, James
  10. While searching for several local benchmarks, I came across this: Can anyone tell me what this is, and how can I log it if needed. According to where I found it, no other benchmarks are close by or listed. Thanks, James
  11. I always edit off the number, take a look...
  12. Thanks for the replies. I went to trade off TBs at a cache I had already been too. The listing showed a TB, but none there, I left mine anyway. James
  13. Ok I am fairly new to Geocaching. Seems like it will be fun chasing these caches around this summer with the family. One of my personal favorites is to get a photo log of TBs that I find. With that in mind, am I allowed to "revisit" local caches to retrieve TBs recently deposited? Of course I plan to move the TBs to another cache ASAP. Would I log that as another "find" or ? Your comments/ideas are appreciated. James1549
  14. Hi Ohioans, I am in Cincinnati/Delhi and new to this hobby. For now I have a Garmin c320 that I bought for my car but it seems to be working within reason to find cache. It seems a regular handheld GPS is in my future. Do meetings or gatherings (GT) take place in the warm months? Is there a local water hole people meet at on a regular basis? Does this site, or any other, host a chat room for local cachers? Just curious. James James1549nospam@current.net please remove nospam
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