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  1. It's true that I try to solve puzzles without hints, but "Quit Poking Me", "Green Eggs..", "Paul and Randy Excellent Adventure", "Bionicle: Lewa Nuva", "10 towers", "All Chemical Spiral", "Heaven's Above", and "PB PC Cache #6", are only a few of the ones I needed hints for. From what I've seen of "Snow White" so far and from what everyone says, it sounds like it'll fall into that group. I'm stubborn and enjoy a good challenge, but I'm not completely masochistic! But based on LLOT's recent log in "Monopolizing your time", he might be! My money is on him to get this "prize"....
  2. Congrats, Duncan! You rock! And lots of puzzles in there, too.
  3. Me? No, I'm not really trying to solve Snow White. I haven't even picked up all the dwarfs, yet! I've got a lot of other puzzles that I'm working on solving first, ones that don't involve driving around distant parts of town looking for tough hides. And I'm working on creating a puzzle series myself. But it's not progressing too fast because usually I'd rather go geocaching.
  4. What do you use MapSource for? I find I don't export from GSAK to Mapsource very often. I scope out the locations by exporting to GPX and viewing in Google Earth instead. And why do you keep Tungsten E2 databases? Those double-quote characters from the waypoint names are pretty annoying, aren't they? I'd never thought to try to get rid of them to solve the sorting issue. Interesting. I guess whenever I can't find a cache by name in Cachemate, I just go to a cache nearby and go "nearest caches". I haven't bothered with backing up the GSAK database since I can always recreate it by importing the source files again.
  5. Speaking of San Diego favorites lists, how come more people don't make such lists? Not to be accusatory, but they don't take much time. I guess I like lists, so I've made a couple of bookmark lists and like to read other people's lists, including the consensus favorites. And everyone has a slightly different take on things. Anyway, I'd like to encourage more people to make bookmark lists.
  6. I wonder if anyone besides the author has figured out all that GSAK could do. Getting smart names and other info onto the description field of your GPSr is really the coolest thing that it does (that I know of!), in my opinion. That way I don't have to get out the PDA just to find out the container size or difficulty. I haven't found the topo maps to be that useful because they don't show many of the small trails in the small open space preserves that people around here put caches in.
  7. New topic. How about we exchange some comments on the logistics of how we do our caching? I bet there are a lot of ways to do it. Data Gathering I have pocket queries set up for Home (Clairemont), Chula Vista, Rancho Sante Fe, Poway, Ramona, El Cajon/Santee, etc. 300 or 400 caches. Set for only caches I haven't found and are active. I get updates about once a week. I save about one query a month, to get access to old logs. Once I figure out where I'm going to concentrate on, I import the old and then the new queries into GSAK, and then I use the filter command to view caches with a GPX file date of earlier than my last file. Then I delete all these caches. This gets rid of caches that I've found or that have gone away. I make sure the remaining list is 900 caches or less. The limit of 1000 waypoints is quite annoying. Oh, I also get notifications of new caches sent to my email. Cache Data I've set up GSAK to give the cache name a 'smart name' and put the last four logs and cache size in the description field, and give each non-traditional cache type a unique symbol (like 'shopping cart' for multicaches). Then I transfer the waypoints to my Garmin 60 csx directly from GSAK (after deleting the previous set.) I also export them to the PDA, and then sync the PDA. I keep a file of all the puzzles that I've solved but not found in a MapSource file (along with a few other waypoints, like my caches and 'Home'). I then load that file into the Garmin. I could probably keep that database in a GSAK database, but I don't. Getting There I use Google Earth with the geocaching KML loaded (the older version that showed the different cache types as different symbols), or I just load versions exported from GSAK (and Mapsource, for the puzzles). Then I can see the paths to take to the caches. I may read some of the caches in advance to look for parking suggestions or other difficulties. I print out some Google Earth maps (in draft form to save ink.) The Find I follow the arrow to the cache and use the PDA data for descriptions or hints when I need them. I don't type anything into the PDA on the caches, I just keep track in my head which caches I've visited. I do write down notes on paper of where I left bugs and their numbers. Anyway, I've found the above to be pretty efficient, but I'm sure there are other equally good or even better ways to do this. I've heard people use pocket queries of all caches by date. Or they use their phone to log finds. Or bring along a laptop, etc.
  8. There is also Google Moon. Zoom in to the closest view to see the moon's surface in finest detail... Yes, very fine detail... Now I'm craving an omelet... For some reason I am too.....Hmm, I wonder if Neil Armstrong brought along some wine and crackers when he was up there? Perhaps a bit of Gorgonzola, Gromit?
  9. I used to do it by spinning in circles but now I just spin it in my hand. I recalibrate everytime I change the batteries. I have to do this everytime I go out, it seems. I have a 60Csx, but the magnetic compass seems to lose cal fairly easily. When the needle starts going wild, I recal and spin in a circle twice. It is indeed pretty silly looking. Sounds like my unit might be particularly bad for losing cal?
  10. I got a bad case of Poison Oak trying to find my first cache, and I've gotten it a few times since. I use that hydrocortisone cream, but as you know it only helps so much. You can't sleep for the itching. Besides the steroid shots, you can get a prescription for Prednisone (steroid pills). That can definitely help. Sleeping pills help for the sleeping. There's lots of info on the web, like: http://www.knoledge.org/oak/ When I think I might have gotten some on my hands, I immediately rinse my hands. If I think I may have been exposed, when I get home, I wash everything I was wearing, including my backpack, and rub down with a rag everything else, like my GPS and steering wheel. I'm pretty paranoid now.
  11. I was stuck in Atlanta for a night on my way to Gainesville, Florida for the holidays. On a lark, I check for local caches. And whaddayyaknow, there is one only 1/2 block from the hotel, on "Bobby Brown" avenue. It made a great excuse for a morning walk around the block! Santa came early for me this year. Also, the wife and 5 yo gave me an early present this year that was a puzzle that led to a cache in our backyard full of chocolate--gotta love that! Happy holidays, everyone!
  12. Thanks! I told my 5 yo stepdaughter Natalia that I had found 1000 caches and she said "so how many does Polar Bear have?" Funny! (I guess she must have heard me talking about how many caches Patrick had compared to mine, a few times....)
  13. It occurs to me that with 677 TBs, Tommy Trojan must have some good statistics on TBs. How long do they last, on average, etc?
  14. The couple of TBs that I've run across by them were pretty cool, I'll admit. But they did send me a strong complaint by email for putting one of their TBs in an infrequently visited multicache. It seemed a little extreme, and now I read this was just one of their 677 TBs? I try to put TBs in safe places but I guess I was bad for not following their rules. They obviously really love TBs!
  15. There it is!! Congratulations! Man, you did that last little bit to 1000 fast!
  16. So far duganrm, Rogue, and Eric and Hill are going. If anybody else wants to join, meet us at Drats! This game is addicting! at 8:30 am. Well, what happened? I've been waiting for your log so I can congratulate you on #1000! Due to family and christmas activities, my geocaching count for the weekend was a big zero.
  17. That's true. Whenever I hide a cache, I first set my GPS down for a few minutes to stabilize and then I do an average of 100 points once it does. So even if my GPS is older this method should get me as close as possible to the true ground zero. Would a sample of a 100 points over a couple of minutes be better than, say, 10 points in 10 seconds, and then 10 more points 15 minutes later? I've just wondered whether waiting for a whole new constellation configuration might help in getting a better position, particularly in canyons. Anyone?
  18. I just noticed Flagman was over 3000 on a cache I'd done today so I had to come to this thread and say, "Congrats!" That's a big number. Not that's it about the numbers, but it's a big number. You addict. And that's a very impressive 376 puzzle caches, too.
  19. WTF sounds like a great game. Sadly, the website is already taken...
  20. Say, who created the BikeDog memorial coin? It is a wonderful tribute. I found an unactivated one in a cache recently and am happy to release it in his memory. Thanks for creating it.
  21. Sheesh! You sure make it difficult for yourself. You could make it a two part multi with the first point in the high traffic area and the final a short distance away but less traveled area. Hey, here's a thought, make it a two-part multi where the actual container is somebody else's existing cache. That should cut the maintenance way down. Maybe! But most everyone skips multicaches. I think what I'll do is find the perfect Mission Bay location and it will be so well-hidden, it'll never get muggled. Like...like... "Don't fear the reaper!" or "The Crown Jewels are Missing!" Actually, (still talking Mission Bay), "FATTBOYS LATEST LAME CACHE" has never been muggled to my knowledge.
  22. I need some help? I got the zip file opened so how do I transfer it to the page where you go when you click on It's not about the numbers! ? The website (once I got the website to open) had a place for you to browse for the file on your local machine.
  23. Here's something else I've been pondering and thought it might prompt some interesting conversation. I want to place a cache or two in areas that get lots of out-of-town visitors. A cache to highlight something special about San Diego. I know when I visit somewhere I like to find caches in touristy places, or places that highlight the great spots of that area, but ones that are easy to get to. I live close to Mission Bay, so I was thinking about putting one down there. I'd prefer to place a small container rather than a micro, even. But here's my dilemma. I'm lazy. I don't want to do a lot of replacement or maintenance of caches that are constantly being muggled. And face it, if it is in a place that out-of-towners go to, it is probably a high-traffic area, and it has a high risk of disappearing. I note that there aren't many caches on the PB beachfront, for example. I imagine it has been tried in the past and they have failed. And in just the short time I've been caching I've watched a bunch of Mission Bay caches disappear. So either you can put a cache in a place that is hard to get to and only a few people will go get it, or you can put it in a place that gets lots of finders and then it will disappear within 6 months. Good thing everyone isn't as cynical and lazy as me!
  24. I like the forecast feature: "Based on your overall rate of 3.62 finds per day, you'll find number 4600 around 11/21/06 and the big 5000 around 3/12/07. However, over the past few months, your find rate has actually been 5.39 finds per day. Based on that, you'll find number 4600 around 11/14/06 and your 5000th around 1/27/07." It's very cool! I like the chart of finds by month and day of the week. I already knew I had one duplicate. I logged a cache again after it was adopted and relocated 200 feet or so. Isn't that legit? Well, even if it isn't, the first time I found it, it had been muggled and was an empty container lying in the open.
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