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  1. There's a lot of us reading this thread hoping that things will be resolved to the satisfaction of all. I was totally looking forward to some more geocaching in the desert this next year. And at least Notaranger is bothering to post on this thread, and perhaps reading some of it.
  2. Oh, for heaven's sake. Just post some hints... Or don't. Whatever. We all have plenty to do and I think we have all moved on from these puzzles and are unlikely to come back without some hints. So if you want people to solve them, post hints. If you don't want people to solve them, don't post hints... Seriously.
  3. We didn't solve any of the unsolved puzzles, but I sure got a lot of hints for the puzzles that others have solved. There were a lot of good ideas tossed around, so maybe something will still come of it.
  4. I feel unworthy to participate... I haven't even solved Ranking or Dominoes... Looks like it might be rainy this weekend. If so, would anyone want to come over to our place with their laptops and try to "knock these out" as Jodi suggests? Or should we just track down PB and knock him out?!? Let me know if there are any takers. I'm thinking Saturday morning for breakfast and brainstorming... I'd be up for it...but it might be more successful if we include "Stick a fork in ThePolarBear" as part of our brainstorming effort (I see it as a form of conceptual blockbusting...) Any chance we could coerce him to show up? We could offer to bring frozen sardines or some tempting morsel such as that. There are 6 unsolved puzzles...we would have some work to do.
  5. Believe me, puzzle insanity is far from being finished... I don't think I'll be able to make it but if you don't mind, could you tell us where ThePolarBear intends to park his car while he is out hiking? Heheheheheh
  6. After being promised gold and silver and an endless supply of free beer from half a dozen SD cachers I succumbed and let them in on a secret - you need to find 15 digits for Teco #11 - ??? Interesting. I'm also assuming that the coords can be found with tools readily available to the average geocacher. In other words, I believe that downloading special programs to help solve puzzles isn't allowed, so I'm assuming your puzzle won't require that.
  7. I can understand not giving hints on the solved puzzles until later. Looking forward to them. I've basically given up on a few of them. But often when I did a puzzle out I think of something new, so you never know. I can't believe you didn't give coordinates at the end of the riddles. All that work and people get stuck. It makes me not want to try to solve the rest of the riddles! I hope the TV one is worth it when I figure it out. The clock one was worth it.
  8. Cool video! I guess my Celica wouldn't have been able to make it.
  9. Ah, but he said he would add hints for all if a puzzle hasn't been solved for an extended length of time. That seems to be a reasonable approach. A puzzle could have been accidentally poorly designed so that it's not really solvable (or more accurately, solvable in a reasonable time by us amateurs who solve puzzles for fun). So what constitutes an "extended length of time"? What is the longest one of your puzzles took to be solved, Jeff, and did you get itchy after a week and start dropping hints?
  10. It's becomming apparent that you overestimated our puzzle-solving abilities, Patrick! I enjoy puzzles and puzzle series, but it seems like you included too many difficult ones in this extremely long series. Better start laying on the hints.
  11. Congrats to you! You know I was really being nice...I have 20 containers waiting in the garage for 3 star Chula Vista hides. Now can I please place them? Good job! Have a great 2008..what's your new goal? r/ JnJ That's quite a milestone, congrats you guys!
  12. That calls for two of these! Congrats and it was a Puzzle Cache of course! Hope you're still having fun!!! Thanks! My cache rate definitely went down in Oct/Nov/Dec, so it took a while to get the final bunch to get to #2000. I was doing other things and also spending more time with the 1 1/2 yo! But I'm still having fun caching, for sure. I had an especially good time grabbing caches in the sweetwater area the other day.
  13. I'm also saddened by this. I was looking forward to future trips to AB to camp and cache. Marko, let us know if we can do anything to help your efforts. My only suggestion would be to get a manager of a park such as MTRP to contact Mr. Jorgenson and let him know how the policy implemented in MTRP is working out. Allowing caches to be placed only just off trails and away from sensitive areas seems like a very reasonable policy for a state park. They should cause minimal impact while encouraging use of the park. In contrast, caches that require bushwacking to get to can cause a lot of damage to sensitive land, especially in desert areas. I've been guilty of blindly "following the arrow" myself even though I know I shouldn't do it.
  14. Well, 1-6 were very doable. I whipped those out in no time. But there my progress stopped. I haven't tried #10 with the origami or anything past #15, but I've gotten nowhere with #7-9, #11-14. I have ideas for #13, though. Tough set of puzzles, Patrick! Hopefully they'll fall to a little more determined effort. Or the future promised hints.
  15. No way, 100 is the biggest milestone of them all, a big achievement. So congrats! But those 1000-level milestones are pretty awesome, too. Congrats Fishnjack, nscaler, LLOT, and Kawikaturn!
  16. They've just called for a mandatory evac of all of Ramona. I hope dugarm, Yeshua Girls, Toby's Gang, Finkbr and anyone else from that area are going to be OK... Second that. I just heard about the Witch fire near Ramona. I was just up there caching in the San Diego Country Estates near Ramona where my co-worker Brian Fink (finkbr) lives. Beautiful area, but there's only one way out, so it is not surprising that they are calling for an evacuation. I hope everyone's families are OK and that their houses and property are spared. I also know someone in Jamul whose house is threatened by the Harris fire. I'm sure it must be a horrible thing to leave your house in a hurry and then wait for news. These are terrible weather conditions. Drought, low humidity and very high winds. I was out caching this morning and thought, I hope there isn't a fire like 4 years ago. So much for that hope.
  17. And Congratulations to ThePolarBear on these milestones! 1800 1900 and the big 2000!!!!!!! Wow! Congrats! It's like you guys kicked in the warp drive!
  18. Way to go! BZ! Congrats, guys, that's awesome! I wish I could have been there.
  19. I'm not surprised....... To quote Thumper's dad ..." if you can't say somin' nice don't say nothin' at all....." How about we all just go and find the cache's get the smiley face and not worry about what this person are that person has done. This is suppose to be fun. If not and you want to WHINE about it go to the new WHINE thread. Well, I was trying to be funny with my last post. Clearly I don't have a future as a comedian.
  20. What's the best way to get your blood pressure elevated and your pulse up? Come home after a weeklong business trip and read the SD forums where someone is complaining about the local cache hiders again...great!!!! I think I'll go hide LUMP #7 tonight..... Jahoadi: Please try to hide it within our lunch radius. We've really enjoyed the ones we were able to reach . . . well, except for the buzzing one. Yeah right Snake...LUMP #5 was my favorite and you still haven't gotten that one ...and it's in your circle. But, no worries.. sure I will make 7 close to your work..that's urban and it's also in a few people's circle that will have to put it on their ignore list......oops..should I be in the whining forum?jl Jodi- Here's an idea, maybe you, "Team Fatman" and "Unknown to You" should get together to hide a lame urban micro in a busy bus stop within sight of a company that sponsors a racecar somewhere, and then archive it and reenable it in the same spot every 6 months!! I would be overjoyed!! Oh, and make it a nano about 30 feet off the posted coordinates! Seriously, there are some urban micros that are kinda creative, like Team Fatman's "Scum" or UtoU's "Psychopathic birdie". Haven't done any of your LUMP series, though. Sorry I got your blood pressure up, don't take my complaints too seriously! Oh, and if you do drop a LUMP in my home radius, remember, I can always drop another nasty puzzle with an evil hide in your home radius!
  21. Back to whining. I hate it when people put golf balls in caches.
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