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  1. Harmon- I didn't even know Mapsource had the View/View in Google Earth feature until you mentioned it. But I probably wouldn't use it much. Since my database is in GSAK I just do an export from GSAK and load that into Google Earth. The only thing I keep in Mapsource is my database of unfound puzzles.
  2. I've cached my way up the 395 a couple of times, stopping here and there. I even have a public route "395 to Mammoth with excursions". A diversion to grab some ice cream and a virtual in Randsburg (GC1B42) is always good. I really enjoyed this one in Independence in the spring with a little creek nearby: GCHBRA. If you can afford some time this one in the Hot Springs area of Mammoth is very pretty: GCGYM7. In Lee Vining I really enjoyed this short walk from the nature center: GC15GGP. There are also plenty of micros along the road, some with good views of the mountains. Have fun!
  3. I agree. In general, don't place caches that look like bombs. That being said, Habu's "Polymer Science II" cache is one of the coolest ever. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...76-109728b0fbf7
  4. Why is ordering it online a last resort? I posted my source of it a while back, but yes, it is from an online place. It blends in very well, but now I'm not so sure it holds up to the elements over time. I buy tons of stuff online. I got all sorts of packages this week, from books to camping stuff to CDs. I'm all about ordering things online. Frees up more time for geocaching!
  5. Congrats James on 5000 and Jukalimi on 1000!
  6. I ran into this issue as well recently so I'm glad to find this thread. I was running a route PQ for my upcoming trip to Yosemite and compared the results to the caches near the route. And I found caches within 0.5 miles of the route skipped but caches 3 miles included elsewhere (near the beginning of the route). I thought I saw something happen like this a couple months ago, too. I had a limit of 4 miles and 200 caches. I couldn't follow everything in this thread, but to me, if the limit of caches is hit, the most distant caches from the route should be tossed. I guess that is what is not working. I'll cut back my distance and see how that works.
  7. So what will be done about the existing caches in those places where they are not allowed?
  8. I have to put out some public praise a few cachers in my area. When I go out caching and I find one by these guys, it really makes my day! I don't know if they read the forums, and I suppose a lot of you know of them and appreciate their caches already, but I just felt inspired to put out a more public "thank you!" BKip - http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=60...5953c0&ds=2 He's only been in San Diego a few months but his containers and hides are excellent. Shaka Bra - http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=ac...09c794&ds=2 He keeps hiding good-sized containers near Mission Bay and the coast. Love the one under the pier! And the one where you have to solve the puzzle in order to sign the log! womyninred - http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=85...887282&ds=2 I totally appreciate her large, themed caches. I just picked up another one of hers today that was in a beautiful wild garden area, full of flowers. (Mellow Yellow).
  9. Saw another interesting link on that same page, kinda reminds me of some of the logs by you guys! http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,510495,00.html
  10. While I'm sure that the people who place such caches mean well, I fully agree with limiting power trails. There's something more satisfying in picking up caches by a number of different cachers that have all felt inspired to place caches on the same trail or area than picking up the same number of caches on the same trail, by the same cacher, in the same theme, and often, in the same identical set of crummy micro containers. On the other hand, I like hiking or biking a trail that has a few caches on it, rather than just one. So maybe people could just place a half-dozen caches along a trail they want people to visit, without filling it up. However, it seems inevitable that every 0.1 mile of this county will be filled with caches before too long, so maybe any attempt to limit numbers for numbers sake is futile in the long run. Good luck, Marko. I don't envy your job.
  11. Awesome picture for an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations, Duncan!!!!!!!!!! Congrats D!.....and we don't think you're a Dork! This is what I get for not checking my forum on a regualr basis - I missed all the fun !!! CONGRATULATIONS DUNCAN ! Sweeet!!
  12. Congrats Kwvers! and FisnJack! Big fantastic milestones.
  13. Cool video. Seems like something you would see on TV. Say, I haven't kept up on all the threads about the Oregon. Can anyone give a detailed case for why I might want to trade in my 60CSX and get an Oregon? I'm pretty happy with my 60CSX/Palm combination but I really haven't heard much about the Oregon.
  14. Actually, there have been some good puzzles released recently in North County. Some of the "12 Days of Caching" puzzle series were quite fun. Tom and I have both made recent journeys to collect them. Haven't seen James collecting them, yet! It does seem like people are collecting puzzles less, but it's so hard to judge, because the numbers of people into puzzles, even simple ones, are so low. And it depends on which are of town it is released in. You would have to compare the number of finders in the first year, say, for a puzzle released in 2006 versus the number of finders in the first year in 2008, for a puzzle with the same difficulty level in the same area. I can't come up with a good example.
  15. Hey, is it my imagination, or are puzzles getting solved and visited by fewer people these days? I haven't tried to prove it statistically or anything, but I'm just getting the feeling that people are visiting puzzles less, maybe because there are so many other choices.
  16. Pens stop working when it gets cold? I've never noticed that. Oh, that's right, it never gets cold here. (As a former Minnesotan now in San Diego, I thought I'd rub it in a little...)
  17. heh heh! Do it, Jodi. But seriously, due to the exponential growth of this game, I'm sure everyone reading this is having a harder and harder time keeping their area of choice cleared out. Even Flagman can't keep a 12 mile radius cleared out forever. So eventually you just have to give up and make choices. I've been getting pickier about individual caches, but now I'm thinking about giving up on certain areas. Like giving up caching in Mira Mesa and Kearny Mesa. And downtown. And maybe Hillcrest. Then maybe I would spend more time caching in places I like more, like anywhere near Mission Bay or the coastline, Coronado, Poway, Tierrasanta, MTRP, RSD, etc. Like mentally making blind spots for certain places on a map. I dunno, it probably won't work. But I think I'd feel happier about my caching experience if I could convince my brain to go on a short hike or bike ride in MTRP rather than driving around to pick up a few random ones in my home radius. Doesn't that sound crazy? I mean, they can both be fun. It's just that I used to be able to do both. And still hold down a job and have a family life. Don't get me wrong, I'm still having fun caching. I'm just lamenting the difficult choices.
  18. Ever feel like you are too busy clearing out the caches close to home to have time to grab the caches a little further away that might be more fun? But yet, I like caches close to home, too. It's just getting so hard to keep up.
  19. James- Could you post the results for the best 101 Dalmatian hides? I can't remember all of them, and at the time, I couldn't immediately associate the name of each cache and where it was. I do remember Devhead's Ashes won, it was well-deserved, and that lulu's four puppies all won, they were also well-deserved. Fun event last night!
  20. I can't help you out, but good luck. I've always thought that would be an interesting quest. I'm sure it has gotten you to a lot of interesting corners of the state and you've probably learned a lot of interesting history along the way.
  21. There's a whole lot of caches that aren't waterproof that are getting really wet right about now! Most of mine are waterproof, but I do have one in a flood plain that might start floating away. We have it so lucky here where the weather is nearly always dry and suitable for caching that we forget that we do actually have a rainy season occasionally.
  22. Congrats Flagman, Skillet and Tanner Scout! Excellent.
  23. I'm planning on doing some of the puppies east on I-8 on Monday. Like those by Lake Morena or Mt. Laguna. Or those in the Cuyamacas. I have a short lull at work and I'm enjoying the puppies here in SD so much I thought I'd go rescue a few more further abroad. Anyone interested in joining me, that can also take off Monday? I usually don't plan enough in advance to get caching company, or family activities get in the way, but this time it could work, and it would be great to have company on such longer hikes! I would want to leave early and not just grab puppies, but grab some of the others on the same trail. It's supposed to cool off a bit from today, but maybe someone more experienced with hiking some of these backcountry areas could provide some advice on whether its reasonable to hike in such heat. Maybe just a morning hike would be better.
  24. I love that area! It is so cool to be able to walk on a path and have trees provide shade the whole way. And you can't figure out your path ahead of time using Google Earth. There just aren't that many places like that around here. I haven't grabbed all the new ones out there, so I will now make an effort to do so before they close it. Thanks for the warning, James. I'd previously heard that at least the NE part was to be turned into a housing development, but it doesn't seem like the best economic climate to make new housing tracks.
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