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  1. If you want to use TomTom, there's a better way: 1) Download the cache information into a .GPX file 2) Download POIEdit from www.poiedit.com (free) 3) Use POIEdit to convert your .GPX into a .OV2 TomTom POI file (name it GEOCACHES.OV2) 4) Copy the .OV2 onto your PPC in the TomTom maps directory. Now when you run TomTom, you'll have a POI category named 'GEOCACHES' Simply select the cache you'd like to navigate to, just as you'd pick any POI! Hope that helps
  2. I've been asked a few times about this, so I will also sell for first offer over $350. Thanks, Dave
  3. I didn't want to waste space unless there was sufficient interest. As a couple of people have asked, here's the specs on the equipment I have up for trade: Compaq Armada 7360DMT laptop (Pentium 200 or 233, not sure which) Color LCD screen 64MB RAM 3.5" Floppy drive in Multibay CD-ROM to fit into Multibay Built-in pointer mouse Built-in 56K modem 2 PCMCIA slots (I'll include a network card) Built in sound (speakers, microphone and jacks) IrDA (Infrared) port AC Charger Extra battery Padded carry bag Docking station to turn unit into a "desktop" Compaq keyboard Compaq scroll mouse Accepts PC cards Bay for unused drive 17" Compaq monitor (S710) HP LaserJet 4V - Handles up to 11"x17" paper Fairly new toner cart w/ lots of life left Extra (New in box) HP toner cart ($163 @ Staples) JetDirect 10/100 MIO card for networking I've expanded the memory - 48MB I think. I think I've even got an Epson Stylus Color 800 printer to add to this collection Thanks all, Dave
  4. Probably. But when I actively seek a trade, I expect to get less than what I give. It's what entices someone to trade. Thanks, Dave
  5. Hello all - I've got a complete Compaq laptop package up for grabs. Includes laptop, carry case, docking station, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and HP LaserJet printer. This is a unit I setup for my sister, who no longer wants it (she changed jobs.) I'm looking for a high-end Garmin unit, as I already own Garmin software from my GPS III+ years back. Thanks, Dave david.adams@bdk.com
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