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  1. Took a trip out to Arlington TX last week to help a friend move his stuff back to Georgia. While there we were at another friend’s home and I spotted a tube with magnets attached stuck on the refrigerator. When I spotted it I thought, that looks like a Geocache, so I pulled it off the fridge and opened the cap. Sure enough there was a rolled up log sheet inside. I took the cache out and the dining room where everyone else was and asked “why is this on your refrigerator?”. My friend’s mother in-law (she lives with them) informed me it was a Geocache, I replied I knew what it was and inquired why it was her fridge. According to her she used to Geocache hunt, by that I mean she went and found 4 of them one weekend in a park down the street from her home many years ago. Someone she knows that does highway maintenance found the cache on a guardrail somewhere in Texas and knowing she was a “Geocacher” gave the cache to her thinking she would know what to do with it. It has been on their refrigerator since. She could not recall how long ago that was but the last log was in March 2007. The name on the first page of the logsheet was Sono/Rad. I was hoping he was local so I could give him the cache before I left town but according to his profile he lives in SC. I then set about trying to figure out which cache of his it was, no easy task as Sono/Rad has placed over 300 traditional caches. After a little research it appears to be GCTFRN Bridge Quick Cache, the dates on the last logs match the log sheet. I was surprised to learn the original location was 140 miles away from the home where I found the cache on the refrigerator! I am now back home in Atlanta and have the cache with me. I sent a message to Sono/Rad but so far I have not heard back from him.
  2. I have an old webcam cache, requirement to log is a photo taken by the webcam must be included. Every now and then I go through and delete all the logs without photos or notations that they are in someone else’s photo from the same date. The next morning I’ll have a handful of emails from upset cachers regarding their numbers etc. One has put his log back each time.
  3. Went out to watch the planes while I was in the area last week and remembered I still had not changed the item to find for this. Walked around and found new item that definitely cannot be seen from a plane or on Google Street view.
  4. I have now deleted 54 fake logs this year. Just went through and got rid of logs from Salzburger ed83483 eikenhofjes Atreyu RRV1982 M.I.Casa I really don’t get the whole challenge thing, especially cheating to complete them. I checked out that website, the list is still there.
  5. And yet another… aller-aller I deleted 3 of his logs yesterday, today he logged all 8 of my travel bugs. Yesterday he had around 700 bug finds, today he is over 3,000. All of my bugs were purchased in a package of 8 in 2003 so all their numbers are close together. 7 of them have been lost, most over 10 years ago. The 8th is my personal travel bug. Not sure if he is using a program, if he is its rather slow. My numbers are 487 apart from lowest to highest and there is about 20 minutes between the logs. Either way I do not understand the motivation behind false finds.
  6. Looks like we have another. eikenhofjes 4,016 bug finds and 16,496 cache finds. Wonder how many of those are legit. This is the 3rd time now I’ve gotten a false log on several bugs I released in a group from a cache in 2004. They all went missing within a year. The initial “oh someone found it!” when I get the email is quickly squashed. No computer program is needed for them do this. The early travel bugs were just 6 numbers and they made them consecutively. I just looked up the number following my personal travel bug and got a page where I could log a find, tried the next few numbers and got 2 more I could log plus one that had never been activated. Not sure why someone would want to sit there and do that thousands of times but it can be done.
  7. The items for the question are visible on both Google and Bing,I checked a while back. If people want to look at that to add to their find count that’s up to them. I’m not going to delete their logs. I have a webcam cache as well and go through the logs once a year or so and delete the finds without webcam photos, I get an inbox full of whining the next day every time. The question here is not if they are being dishonest but what the thoughts are on just flying over a virtual to claim a find rather than going to the location. But it does give you something to think about on the odds of being able to log this from a plane on approach. This airport has 5 runways so a would be cacher would have to be sitting on the starboard side of the aircraft, the plane would have to be landing on the runway next to viewing area, and during a time they are landing from the East. That’s what, a 5% chance? Add to that you would have to spot the rocks as you went by at 160mph, which is the average landing speed of a passenger plane.
  8. Back in the good ol days of Geocaching we could place Virtual caches. The idea being to share a favorite location with others, a scenic view, interesting monument etc. (My favorite is still Ghetto Stonehenge! I have taken a dozen or so people to see it.) I created one of my own back in 2003 for a great place to watch the planes at the Atlanta Airport. To claim a find users just have to look at something there and answer a question about it. Over 800 people have been to the location though the years and many post how thankful they are that my virtual brought them there. Even though I’m no longer an active cacher myself I still read though the emailed answers as they come in several times a week. In the last year or so I’ve noticed a new trend of people claiming they “found” the virtual from an airplane while landing and spotted the item in question from the plane. To me, this is not really in the spirit of finding the Virtual. The idea is to go to the location and enjoy it not just looking for a stack of rocks to claim a find. Interested to hear what other have to say, find or not a find? What do y’all think? Also, I’m aware that with Google maps and Bing maps being so clear the item in question is now visible online allowing people to claim the find without going there if they wanted to. If they do they are only cheating themselves so I don’t care. Still I may go out there and change the clue for a 3rd time eventually.
  9. Would that be new user TravelerHuntter? I’ve had 3 bugs logged twice today. 2 went missing in 2004 the other is my personal travel bug. All had just numbers for their IDs. He had 490 bug logs this morning now he is over 600. I did refresh his profile and the numbers went down. Looks like people are deleting his logs. Wonder why he would sit there for hours guessing numbers and posting false bug logs?
  10. Inconsiderate cache hunters is why I stopped hiding caches. When I hid them they would be well off the beaten path but also completely covered so if someone were to pass through it would not be noticed. Yet I would go to check on them they would be sitting out in the open or somewhere other than where they were originally hidden. Unfortunately it finally happened to the one I had hoped it would never happen to, GCB6. 11 years old, that one hurt. I always leave a cache better hidden than when I found it, but in the same place. Little bit of extra ground cover, rock, stick whatever. May take the next hunter a little while to find it but better than a non cacher seeing the box and taking off with it.
  11. Looks like permits are $5 and you have to wait 30 days for approval. Once approved you can place the cache with the permit number written on it. Also you cannot use ammo cans! Then you have to pay $5 to renew it every year. So on top of $20 for permits for the 4 caches, I have to spend more money on approved transparent 4” x 5.25” x 2” tiny containers that will probably leak in month. No more additional caches in Gwinnett Parks for me! Can’t imagine many people would be willing to go through that hassle to place new ones. . If anyone is interested here is a link to the application and their new rules. http://www.gwinnettcounty.com/static/departments/parks_rec/pdf/2012PermitApplicationandRules.pdf I may make a new topic on this later but has anyone else ever heard of park system making people fill out an application and/or charging a fee to place Geocaches?
  12. I finally heard back from the County, they do not have the cache. Before I can replace it I have to apply for a permit from the County. The permits are only good for a year and I have to reapply for a new one every year, of course there is no guarantee they will approve them. Currently I have 4 caches in Gwinnett Parks so I have to apply for permits for all of them. When I asked if they were going to allow old ones to just be grandfathered in (the other 3 will be 10 years this year), they replied no. They sent me an application by email but it would not open, don’t know yet if there is a cost involved in obtaining a permit.
  13. Well looks like this one may not make it to its 12th Birthday. Got a couple no find logs, finally made it out to check and confirmed the location where the cache should be was empty. Went out 2 afternoons in a row searching the woods hoping to find it had just been thrown into the woods nearby and poked my hiking stick in several alternate spots. Also walked downstream along the nearby river, no luck. There were some freshly cut trees nearby so I am hoping the park maintenance crew that was working out there found it and has it, still have not heard back from the park maintenance director though. I emailed the last person that found it to see how it was hidden when they were there. From what they told me it sounds like someone changed the hiding spot from the location it had been in for last 6 years to just sitting next to a tree. Not sure if it was one of the maintenance workers that found it and left it sitting out allowing a muggle to find it or someone else left it out, hopefully a Geocacher would not leave an 11 year old cache just sitting next to a tree in a fairly busy park like that. Unsure about replacing it, at the time it went missing it was the 43rd oldest (as far as I can tell) original cache in the world. What I mean by original it was the same cache placed 11 years ago with all of its logbooks still inside. That is not replaceable and I don’t feel just putting another ammo can out there with a new logbook would do it justice. Apparently this cache plays a role in the Jasmer Challenge due to the month it was placed so I have received numerous emails from people that have planned trips to this area requesting me to replace it ASAP along with offers of people that want to replace (and claim it as a find) as well as offers to adopt it. One cacher actually traveled a significant distance to find some caches in the area this weekend and put a box where he thought the cache should go. He is awaiting approval to log his “find”. I had informed this person already that if it was going to be replaced that I had an ammo can already and would be replacing it myself. Another cacher emailed to say he looked around and took pictures to show he was there and also wants to claim it as a find. Not trying to start an argument here or call anyone out but this raises a few questions. Should you log a cache as a find when 1. It’s listed as disabled and confirmed missing by the owner, and 2. You replace the cache yourself? And should that “find” be used as credit on a challenge? Hoping to get word from the County on Monday if they found it or not. But then I was also told there are new Gwinnett Parks Geocaching guidelines and I have to look over those as well to see if I can even put it back out there in the same place.
  14. I have now tried a total of 4 computers. I still have my previous 2 laptops that had Mapsource and nRoute on them. I also just tried my little Dell Mini, same issue. The 2 older ones had an older copy of Mapsource (2005 I think) that I purchased second hand from a friend after he upgraded and I was never able to unlock. The GPS Acquires satellites and stays on when connected to both of those laptops. My 2 newer laptops with a copy of Mapsource that I purchased new and unlocked are the ones giving it the problem. Seems a little backwards. I have uninstalled nRoute and Mapsouce and reinstalled and still have the problem. I also wiped out all of the tracklogs, routes, and waypoints out of nRoute incase one of those files were causing the problem. I am almost tempted to buy a used GPS V on eBay just to try it but I honestly don’t believe the problem is with the GPS since it works fine on its own when the 2 newer laptops are not connected to it. Too bad I don’t know anyone in there area with one of these I could try.
  15. Traveling to Arlington, TX for Christmas along I-20 and would like to hit some interesting caches along the way. No skirt lifters, I’d prefer to find creative placements. Park and grabs or a short walk are ok, won’t have time for a long hike. Thanks in advance!
  16. OK I don’t believe the problem is with the GPS. I still had my older laptop that I previously used while driving connected to the same GPS. Charged the battery on the older laptop the other day and plugged it in to the GPS, connected just fine and found the satellites quickly with the GPS plugged in. Cycled it on and off several times while connected and the GPS did not turn off or take to long to get satellites. I uninstalled nRoute and reinstalled it although I’m not sure how thorough the process was as it still had all my waypoints, tracks and settings in it after it was reinstalled. That did not help, still powers off. The current computer is only a year old, not sure if a windows update is causing the problem or there is some other sort of conflict, no new hardware or programs have been installed since July. I tried all the USB ports on both the docking station and the computer and many different comm port #s. I’m not to computer savvy so that is all I know to do. Don’t see much point in buying a new GPS for a computer conflict issue, I rather like my old simple GPS V. Nissan makes a housing for my Xterra that replaces part of the dash and folds out and holds a Nuvi and its powered dock. If I were going to spend any money it would be on that setup. I have heard though that you can’t interface the Nuvis with nRoute while moving like you can with the older handheld units.
  17. In October of 2000 I came across a thread about this new game called Geochacing on a forum for Nissan Xterra owners. At the time there were only about 6 caches posted in the entire State of Georgia, 2 were rather close by. Halloween 2000 I went out in search of Stone Mountain Cache GC1E for cache find #1, at the time I believe it was the second cache placed in the state. Had fun hunting a cache and set out to hide my own. November 13th 2000 I placed Yellow River Stash GCB6 in my favorite Gwinnett County Park, Yellow River Park which at the time was a just gravel parking lot, a porta potty and miles of multi use trails in the woods. I waited anxiously to get a notification that someone had found the cache, days and weeks went by, nothing. Finally December 8th, almost a month later it was found. These days I don't think it would of lasted 4 hours. 11 years later and it’s still there. Currently the 4th oldest original (never muggled and replaced) cache in the state of GA. Cachers travel from all over to score a find on it due to its age, apparently it qualifies for many of the Geocaching Chalenges. Hopefully it will live on for many more years to come! If anyone knows of a search function that allows me to see all caches in the US or worldwide listed by date placed. I would like to see where it ranks.
  18. That would be more interesting if you were to walk from one cache to the next. When tired have someone waiting in the car to come pick you up.
  19. Having a problem with an older Garmin GPS V that has begun turning off once it has established a connection with my computer. It’s not every time but it is frequent. It also takes a significant amount of time to acquire satellite reception when it is connected to the computer. I use the GPS connected to my laptop running Garmin nRoute while driving for directions, been using this setup without a problem for several years. I’ve had a problem with it losing data connection while driving but it reconnects on its own a couple seconds later and up to now that has been a non issue. Now when it reconnects the GPS will sometimes turn off after the message comes on the GPS screen that it’s connected. Even though it just lost connection it will still take quite a while to find the satellites again once turned back on. When the GPS is not connected to the computer it acquires satellites quickly (under 10 seconds), operates normally and stays on till I power it off So far I have tried… 3 Different GPS Antennas 2 Different Power/ Data cables Different USB/ Serial adapter Data cable only while running on battery power Changed USB Port it was plugged into Checked for new drivers for the USB/ Serial Adapter cable. Did a hard reset on the GPS Did System restore on computer to a date prior to the problem I also called Garmin. Since the unit is so old they no longer offer support on it. Has anyone that uses or has used this model in the past experienced this issue? Any other ideas on how fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
  20. I just moved 4 travel bugs 350 miles to florida. Only 1 shows the miles added to it. I also loggeg my personal travel bug in and out of 24 caches while there, it shows no miles added either.
  21. And now they are gone again?
  22. I see mileage is starting to reappear again. Problem is when the mileage tracking went down my personal travel bug had 12411 miles on it. I did well over 100 miles of caching while it was down, but now that it is back and miles are listed it didn’t add them to the total! Even hitting recalculate didn’t help.
  23. Haven't I seen you kicking around on XOC? wandererrob (aka 2kxtra) oh, and to answer the original question... nope, just a hybrid. But I should keep an eye out, perhaps even get me a stamp and start looking just for chuckles. Make the most of my time in the woods Yup I've been Driving Xterras almost as long as I have been geocaching. I'm also the moderator of the Geocaching forum on XOC.
  24. For the third time now I found a Letterbox today while looking for a Geocache. Just wondering how common an occurrence this is for other cachers in other parts of the country/world. The one I found today had been there for 8 months and had been found by 4 geocachers but only 1 or 2 Letter Box Hunters. But there are of course much few Letter Boxes and hunters than caches and cachers. According to their website www.letterboxing.org there are only 374 Letterboxes in the state of GA, but 2975 caches. Anyone else ever accidentally come across one?
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