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  1. Bonus caches, including bonus caches solved by completing an Adventure Lab Umm. Is there any other type of Bonus Cache? And, while they may now always have to be Mysteries, there are those that are not. Does anyone at GCHQ talk to each other?
  2. Just another entry in my list of "Is there anything Groundspeak can't break?"
  3. Why does Groundspeak continue to give cachers less reason to cache. I use Audit Logs extensively to see who's looking at my puzzles and how often. This allows me to gauge how much interest there is in some of the more difficult ones. Has it gone un-found for six months because it's tough to solve, or because no one is interested. With audit logs I can easily make that determination by looking at how many times and how often individual cachers are looking at the cache page. Without them. I have no idea as to whether i should leave the cache intact (thereby potentially blocking other cache placements) or archive it and allow something new to be placed in the area. Privacy?! Get real, we're all using made-up names.
  4. No it isn't - retired missile defense integration and test engineer
  5. It's plain-text from database into xml. How difficult can it be?!
  6. Gee, imagine my surprise Useful functionality - NO More meaningless souvenirs - Of Course!
  7. I ran an old PQ, and when I got the page that says You can preview your search here, the Favorite points show. But if I use Notepad to examine the generated gpx file, I can't find any XML tags for Favorites; there are no Favorites listed. Same issue with a gpx generated from a single cache listing that has Favorites. The only place Faves show up in the generated gpx file is in the text of an individual log. And, as would be expected, if I load the generated gpx into GSAK or c:geo, there are no favorites. If I do a Refresh once the PQ is in GSAK, the Favorites get pulled in. If I then use GSAK to create a GPX, I can read it into a new GSAK database and the Favorites are there. I can also bring this new file into c:geo from Dropbox and the Favorites are there. There would appear to be an error of some sort in the Groundspeak gpx generation process. Other cachers I know are experiencing the same problem
  8. Big deal. When you allow fuzzy coords and keywords (which certitude has been doing forever) then maybe I'll consider using yours.
  9. I've noticed that benchmarks are no longer listed on the Cache Types I've Found section of the Your Statistics page of my profile. Is this an accident, or was it dropped on purpose? And, if so, why? I and others have been working on a challenge that requires one to find x number of benchmarks, but if they are no longer going to be listed, the challenge will be broken.
  10. I used Google Earth to create a .kml file that mapped the Los Angeles Gold Line. Examination of the file in a text editor shows it has 144 points. When I uploaded this route, the map that was displayed did not match the .kml file it was created from, and the entry for the route in the table on the GPX, KMZ or KML Upload Information page showed the route had only 14 points. What gives?
  11. Well, sometimes. I've found Wherigo caches that the CO has included unlocking the cartridge and logging it on the Wherigo site as a requirement for logging the Wherigo cache. No Wherigo site log = Wherigo cache log deleted.
  12. Oh, I get it, if we WANT to find something, we should leave the search box blank. Yeah, that's intuitive.
  13. Let's see: Find and display an archived cache: Old search New search (can't find it, but thousands of caches near it do) Search for caches found by a specified user: Old search New search Search for a specific GC# and get only that cache returned: Old search New search Search for a specified cache type (e.g., webcam) in within 500 miles: Old search New search (30 mile max) Page contents easily read by folks over 40: Old format New format (difficult to see light green number of finds on slightly darker green background. I'll usability over aesthetics any day)
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