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  1. Agreed...tracking is an important part of caching too...looking around for clues so that you are not just biased to going to the most obvious spot first...tracks in the snow...bent grass...well worn paths. I also want them to see how a flat sign could have a cache behind it...a log might have a cache drilled into it...a piece of moss might have a dna tube under it...I want them to realize things aren't always what they seem! Thanks!
  2. Has anyone used geocaching to help adult learners to develop better creativity and to think outside of the box? I am proposing to do this in a college level MBA class and was curious if anyone had any experience with this!
  3. I teach a college course in decision making for MBA students. One of the skills we like to teach the students is how to look at the obvious and try to find the non-obvious...the thing that sticks out and is not the norm. I'm a caching addict and I think this would be an awesome thing to do in the course to get them thinking in a very different way about making decisions and not relying just on the obvious solution. Has anyone had any experience with this...anything you'd recommend I have the students read in advance to be prepared? I'm also working with my local Caching group for help in the session. If it is weather permitting, we plan to cache on my campus where there are a number of caches, several of which I have placed myself. Any help you can offer or advice, is greatly appreciated! Robyn
  4. Awesome gang, thanks! I'll look into the Dakota and look for sales at Cabela's...there is one relatively closeby, along with a Bass Pro Shop as well. Maybe if I'm a good girl for XMAS!! The Explorist isn't bad, but I have GPS envy! LOL!
  5. There are several on the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville campus. We have the largest campus based on square acreage in the country and use very little of it to be honest. There is one right in the middle of the quad which is very fun to get at with muggles around! Some are in the bike/walking trails nearby and some are in the botanical garden! Point is, if you get permission from the University, knock yourself out. Although I know if some caches are found, students can be known to abuse them. Once cache on campus was closed because the students had urinated in the cache itself...sigh... *SMH* Probably best to hid the small ones so they are less likely to get abused in that manner!! LOL!
  6. I currently am alternating between my iPhone app for caching and a Magellan Explorist 210 that I recently bought on Ebay. Its OK...I'm jealous of my friends Oregon honestly. Does anyone recommend a good GPS at a reasonable price...new or used...I'd love something with an audible alarm like the Oregon. I'll probably hand the Explorist to the kids if I can get a better unit for myself along with the iphone, aspects of which I kind of like!
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