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  1. We also been wondering about the dry season. Seen stats of fellow CT geocachers having found 170’s and up without placing any?! Do think they need bit on encouragement. How about a 10/20/30 day cache placing challenge in the Western Cape? Maybe the fellow geocachers up north/east visiting our beautiful city and area can take part and we will maintain the caches for them here? We offer to keep stats and post them here on this tread and see if we can come up with sponsorships for a nice price on for the winning team.
  2. WELL DONE Trickies! WOW!
  3. This is really SAD news that you are leaving SA and even sadder we will not be around to say goodbye We are going caching in the great Gauteng province. Please keep in touch on the forum and let us all know how you are doing. Kindest regards, Trackinfind
  4. Yippeeeeeeeeeee we have been looking forward to this! You can count us in!
  5. And congrats from us to GS&Dogs, Colinaly and Larks. WELL DONE!
  6. Yip, we are also around that weekend and would like to join in the fun! Here is some more caches along R44 starting in Gordon’s Bay up to Shangri-La. GCW9FZ - Anchors Away! by Amyson GCQT66 - CA Sundowner Rock by colinaly GCQWBH - STEENBRAS VIEW by The Huskies GCH3DR - Crystal Pools by Discombob GCTHCJ - ROOIELS BY THE HUSKIES GCVB8V - The Haunted - R44 by GS&Dogs GCY4D1 - TF18 Biosphere by Trackinfind GCMR1D - SANDSLIDE BY DISCOMBOB GCVB8P - Penguin Panic by GS&Dogs GCR7GW - SHANGRI-LA BY TRICKY VICKY & M
  7. Can sympathise with you all. We have lost TF Giraffe when the Cape Town International TB Hotel was raded and live have never been the same after then. In sad memory TF Giraffe we bid you farewell… BUT can also say: Best remedy for losing a travel bug is to just get another one. So HELLOOO TB Mano Men! On the other hand TB Dylan’s Garfield has travelled many thousand of k’s and with amazing pictures coming back on his adventures. We can clearly state :- Having a travel bug can be a very rewarding! VIVA Travelbugs! Don’t let them die! Take care of them! (and their owners)
  8. The dashes for new caches for FTF is HOT HOT HOT here in the Western Cape! No new cache stays unfound for long. Great fun!
  9. Welcome to Stormers! They can’t seem to stay home and have found a cool 20 caches already since 1 Sept 2006! Hope you guys have lots of fun across the country and aboard. Happy Caching!
  10. Congrats John-Jill of 150! Wishing you many more happy caching hours!
  11. New York Bagel Saturday 17th at 8.30 it is! Can I make a table booking? Sure we can orginise rusks for Bob
  12. Congrats to Goofster 200 caches! & bear&fox 250 caches! Happy hinting!!
  13. We will be around caching local. Coffee sounds great!
  14. Geocaching.com is down for maintenance. Seems like its a week for maintenance
  15. Are you referring to all those humble cache hides of yours recently? I saw nothing but T&F caches on my weekly list last week. No, No, No We’re very humble new participants to the sport. Just thinking of current people feelings promoting GC that is doing a great job (you included)! PS Keep up on the TF caches!
  16. Yeaaaaaaaa it’s working again!
  17. I cant quite see that this would be a concern. Meaning - People’s perceptions can be different to who and what will be added to the hall of fame, further to this, they can be sensitive for not being mentioned or give credit for their efforts promoting GC in SA.
  18. Hi All (Discombob, this one is especially for you!) As with many other goecachers we also turned around at the Goudini Spa Gate trying to find Goudini, GCM1E9, hidden 11/6/2004 (only to be found twice since then). So we decided to do some investigation into this. A friend of mine introduced us to a couple at the Good Food and Wine Show this year who owns a wine farm in the Goudini area and is close to the vicinity of the cache. We explained the GC thing to them and asked if the white painted stones spelling the name "Goudini SPA" on the mountain can be reached without entering Goudini Spa. They got so excited and immediately got on the phone to a neighbour friend who has agreed that we can use his farm to get to the cache. We thought of setting up an event cache to go and find Goudini, GCM1E9. Any one interested?
  19. We like the idea but are concern that it will discourage people from GC in SA. Being fairly new to GC we don’t know allot about the history of it starting in South Africa. Maybe you can combine the Hall of Fame with the Bi-annual Cache Awards.
  20. Hi SQ&ZALM We have purchased Garmin 76CS Jan 06 and have been using for geocaching. It is really FAB!! Got an email from the yesterday saying South African Streetmaps Version 4 Release Coming Soon! Please consider before purchasing Version3. Out of Garmin news letter: Our eagerly awaited South African Streetmaps V4 is arriving soon. To say that this product is a leap forward in navigating experience is putting it mildly! • 36% more routable road coverage • More than 150 Towns on street level added • Improved regional road coverage and accuracy • Point of Interest (POI) Database improved to nearly 52 000 points with a focus on restaurants, fast foods, accommodation, filling Stations, retail, banks and ATMs, government facilities, medical facilities and shopping centres • Improved directional road signs
  21. 1500!! Here we Goooooooooooo. GR keep us updated!!
  22. Yey John-Gill, sorry a bit outdated with news now that rancking system is down. Congrats on your 100'th and now 125'th - Great Job!
  23. Hey, now we all can get time to read up on all the new caches and not check ranking stats every 8 hours. Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job keeping the ranking system going!
  24. Thanks TV&M for the help that day. To complicate things further we cache together as a family and it’s hard to look not so suspicious with excited kids clambering and climbing, poking and turning over almost every thing in the surrounds. So stealth is a bit challenging in high muggel areas. Must also say their “out of the box” thinking and small little hands found many a caches were we would have given up long before. Only discovered that day that TV&M have a special geocaching tool for poking holes. Great success has been achieved by involving the owners of the place were you will be placing the cache, it is definitely a great experience for the people finding the cache and it is promoting the sport. We really want to encourage all to be respectful of private property and think before you place the cache.
  25. Hey! Great job GR keepings stats, thank you! We supporting 1500 target for the year!
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