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  1. Thanks - I knew it was simple - just couldn't remember.
  2. I know IMADORK - but I can't figure out how to input coords into the Garmin - this makes finding multi stage caches pretty tricky. Can someone help?
  3. I was actually trying to find the process to sync to an iPods address book - I used to use my iPod classic to carry all the descriptions, logs, hits etc.
  4. A couple of years back before I got my iPhone I read a post about how to use your iPod as a storage device for descriptions logs and hints - have been trying to find this process for a friend - can anyone remind me of the process? Can you do it with the iPhone app on an iPod touch - or is it better to load them into the contact file?
  5. Tried both - says I need to be a premium member when I try to load onto my GPS
  6. Is there a reason that a member cache won't load onto my Colorado - I have been mostly using my iPhone so this is the first time I've encountered this. Any ideas?
  7. His wife was able to access the info - Groundspeak sent me the links and I put in the GC number for her - she clicked the links and I got the notice. At the time I started down this road I didn't really know that it was his only cache. His family is quite glad to see it go on - Thanks for all your help!
  8. It is adopted and will be replaced this weekend - coincidentally I happen to have a geocoin that the original owner had placed in it - It will be among the goodies that we place in the new cache. The owners wife told me that her husband would ask her to pull over to pick up a quick cache on the way to the hospital even in the last week of his like - we felt we just had to keep it going. It was the only cache he had ever placed.
  9. I found out from Groundspeak that I can adopt it - we decided that we would prefer to adopt it even though it has been muggled - we will put it back just as it was.
  10. I have cached with a Magellan Explorist, an Garmin Rino 530 HCx, and a Colorado 400t - I have resisted selling them until I could prove that my iPhone 3GS was an adequate device - I found 10 saturday with the iPhone and I'm having a GPS sale:) You can download your PQ right into the app so that you have your info if you lose service. I have cached along side a Colorado and there is a slight accuracy differnce - this mostly resolves if you slow down and let it catch up with you - once you do that I found that the iPhone was very close to the Colorado - getting me to within 10 feet of the cache. I agree that the ranges onscreen are not very accurate. Love the iPhone - taking it out again this weekend - get a car charge and your battery issues are solved.
  11. Silly question - can someone tell me how to contact Groundspeak? I cannot seem to find a contact link.
  12. I have been in contact with his wife - she does not cache, but was so happy to hear that someone might be willing to take it on. I have already been in contact with the property owner. Not sure the wife has his membership info. I'll check out the other thread. The cache is gone as of last week - sad, it was a very cool wooden box, one of my favorite finds.
  13. I was checking on a cache nearby my home because I had seen in the logs that it had been muggled. After contacting the owner of the cache I found out from his wife that he has passed away. I would be willing to replace and take care of this cache in his memory if someone could tell me if it is possible or permitted.
  14. I wonder if they could make it so if you sign in using Safari - you are signed in on the app. That's what I did with Geopher - once I signed in on Safari on the iPhone I am always signed in - no need to stop to do it.
  15. Congrats on your first finds - You have used the iPhone exactly as it was meant to be used - I know some cachers might want it all in one tidy package - but the google maps feature is very accurate in lieu of a better compass. It's not yet perfect - but it works - even a first timer got it right by using the phone's features as needed.
  16. Very slick and impressive. Too bad it's too dark to cache.
  17. Thanks. We'll get this into the next update. Out of curiousity - During testing, how accurate have you found the iPhone to be compared to traditional GPS receivers (specifically related to finding Geocaches)? We have been using a blackberry so far and just bought a Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx. We found out that the bb is not so bad as we thougt. Far from it. Most time the bb is more accurate. So I think the iphone should be quite similar. I have found my 3g to be accurate within about 10 meters. My original iPhone was within about 20 in the city - not so much out in rural areal
  18. I for one am one of those people who found the Geopherlite on itunes, downloaded it and made my way to geocaching.com. My family and I now enjoy this new hobby, that before geopherlite, we never would have done. If you read Geopher Lites reviews you will see that a lot of them are from first time cachers trying something new. Groundspeak only benefits from this - I understand keeping the competitive edge - but being the home of geocaching, they are positioned to win either way. It's disaappointing to see the little guy drum up interest and get shut out.
  19. So true - his app could have been so functional if you didn't have to input coordinates. A little cooperation could have made his app even better. The upside is that his app is on the staff favorites list at the App Store - I wonder how many people have given caching a try and discovered geocaching.com because of his app.
  20. It's about time - I have had more people tell me that the solution to my GPRS problems was to buy a new computer or that I should run windows on my Mac. I am really excited about the new download - how many more days?
  21. Why would you need downloads? The iPhone is unlike a traditional handheld - what it does best is to show you what's nearby. I have been using GPSRs for years for hiking, kayaking and caching - I have always wished I could see what's nearby on the fly. It makes it much more spontaneous - You don't need files - it frees you from the download. What about when you go to no bars country? Can you still see what is nearby on the fly? Jim Of course not - but again - that's not how you use and iPhone to find anything - whether it's a Chinese restaurant or the cheapest gas in the area - It's built to work on the fly based on your location. I get service more places that I thought I would - but it's not a true replacement for your handheld GPS especially if your planning a trip - but for caching in a new area or while on a business trip - it's great. For me I always wish I had taken the time to plan to cache. Last week I had to kill a couple fo hours while my car was being serviced in a neighboring city - it was great to just get out and see what I could find in the area.
  22. Why would you need downloads? The iPhone is unlike a traditional handheld - what it does best is to show you what's nearby. I have been using GPSRs for years for hiking, kayaking and caching - I have always wished I could see what's nearby on the fly. It makes it much more spontaneous - You don't need files - it frees you from the download.
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