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  1. I figured maybe he wasn't married, but I've been assured that he is. His wife doesn't cache with him, though. Mikedx & MITW: Your wives aren't slowing you down, are they? From what I've read in the logs, they've helped you out on several occasions.
  2. How about a handicapped accessible one? Since you're a teacher, maybe you can have one that teaches us something, perhaps along the same line as bluet's Forgotten Cache! An activity that can bring a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together and have it be a pleasurable experience is a great activity! I hope we can go caching together again sometime soon!
  3. Actually, I haven't done mikedx's A Cache for Harris yet. He assured me it's handicapped accessible. That's the first one I'd like to try. Hey - you've done it. Do you agree that it's HA?
  4. MeeMaw

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    I thought he was related to water...
  5. WTG Bluet!!! I see you've just been a member since February. That's quite an accomplishment. Here's to your next 100...
  6. Congratulations, Daughter-in-Law!!!! I'm proud of you for getting to 100 so quickly, but I'm even more proud of you for putting up with Mikedx I'm so glad you both have a hobby that you can share together. I know a lot of cachers whose mates could care less. Actually, the fellow I'm dating now would like to go caching, but he's not really able to, unless we settle for some handicapped accessible ones. Perhaps I can join you for some caching again sometime soon. I enjoyed caching with you at Coonskin that day.
  7. Congratulations Mikedx! After seeing MITW's log, 300 doesn't sound like much, but considering most of them are within WV, you've accomplished a lot. You certainly are the most prolific cacher of WV caches. WVDan passed you momentarily, but you made a huge comeback! Keep up the good work...
  8. Congratulations on the latest cacher merger of mikedx and ME7290 (who from henceforth will be known as mrs.dx). Also part of this merger are chopchop, brookster and megster. The merger took place on Saturday, April 17th! Way to Go, Gang!!!!
  9. Sounds like a nice idea. Had you seen the one already proposed for the end of May? Wv Geocaching Get Together 2004!!! It's less than an hour from Buckhannon.
  10. Sounds like a great plan! I can make either day, but I would prefer Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again plus all the newcomers!
  11. Congratulations Mikedx! I was kind of hoping I could be along when you did 200. I think the last one we did involving a steep hill was pretty rugged, though, so I'm sure I would have slowed you down on this one. That one involved you getting some drinking water for me out of the creek!
  12. The first cache I put out is in a cemetery Orchard Hill It's a multi-cache where you go from grave to grave to find the final location. In this case, it's my own grave, or should say future grave. I think it's great that people will come to visit me after I'm gone! I'm not sure who will maintain it though.
  13. I recently did a micro cache that used a magnetic key holder as the container. That forces you to hide your cache somewhere where there is metal for it to stick to, though. I also did a cache where the owner used a dog tag with the coordiates to the next location.
  14. quote:Originally posted by EliJoMikMiNi: Two days later and my legs are still in PAIN. No briar wounds though! Eli, you were smart enough to wear long pants on this find. Hats off to all of you for a great expedition! Eli & GeoWhiz, I can't begin to compete with those I consider to be the best women cachers in the state. (Queenfish - you're the Queen and right up there with them!) I'm glad to see the Devil's Backyard is now posted. After seeing Mikedx afterwards, and the pictures of the rest of you, I know it is a challenge that I'll never attempt . MeeMaw
  15. WOW! That's great! I'm glad Mikedx was paying attention, or did you tell him?
  16. quote:I wonder if it has something to do with the name their parents gave them... 'MIKE' . We have one in WV that sometimes goes above and beyond when cache hunting and STILL lives to tell about it. Ya gotta luv 'em!! As the mother who named the WV Mike, I must take part of the blame. His name, of course, is actually Michael. When he was born, I told his father that I wanted to call him Mike. He said, "You named him Michael, we'll call him Michael." He was Michael all through grade school, junior high and into high school. He was also kind of bland. Something happened when he started being called Mike, though. Fortunately, as Mother of this transformation, I didn't find out about it until after the fact. The first cache he hid, Oregonia Bridge Quick Cache, turned out to be where he did some rappelling when he was younger. I'm glad I didn't know about it at the time. The experience Eli is referring to could have been a nomination to this thread when he did Rapid-Cache. He might win the 2002 Gung-Ho award. This is one award I hope he doesn't try for in 2003 !!!
  17. Well, if we're quoting the Bible, I think we need to remember Matthew 25:36 "Matthew 25:36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me." So it looks like we need to come to the prison to free these bugs.
  18. I also have the additional bonus on my Orchard Hill cache of having geocachers come to visit my grave when I die!
  19. quote: I like the option of a multi cache where you get the final coordinates off from the info on one of the headstones. I got the idea from a cache I went to, Evergreen, when I created my first cache, Orchard Hill. They're each done a little differently. In my case, I own the lot where the final cache is located, and also got permission from the owner of the cemetery. In the case of Evergreen, it is a multi-part virtual cache, so there is no actual cache. I've also done Jacksboro Micro-Cache which is located in a cemetery. Cemeteries seem to be good locations for caches, since they are usually considered public. Oh, how could I forget, my very first cache find, Graveyard Goodies, was in a cemetery!
  20. quote: Oh yeah ... PS ... it's alive again!! I'm glad to see this topic is alive again, because I read it several months ago and never got around to adding anything to it because I couldn't think of anything interesting to say. I have since realized you don't have to say anything interesting in this topic to add to it. (I also appreciate the fact that you can go directly to page 4 without having to go through all of the other pages first.)
  21. quote: As far as I'm conserned VA will always be the south, but now we're all the mid-atlantic How can WV be in the mid-atlantic when we don't even touch the Atlantic?
  22. That has to be the weirdest site I've seen in a long time. I wasted MORE than 15 minutes of my life. Sun, coming from Weird New Jersey, you must have felt right at home .
  23. I must say congratulations too! I know how hard you've worked at this achievement. Sometimes it's a little scary knowing how hard you've worked at it. Fortunately, you're honest enough to let us mere mortals know some of the dangers that are lurking out there for us to be beware of. I really thought you were a little off target on your assesment of this cache, though: Behind Neighborhood History Good luck on your next 100 WV caches. Of course that means the rest of us are going to have to place a lot more caches out there for you to find...
  24. Thanks, Mikedx. Since you're the one who got me started, I couldn't have done it without you . You also are the one who inspired me on many occasions to get off of the couch and out in the woods. This is a wonderful sport that almost anyone can participate in, even my 87 year old mother who went along for the ride to a couple of caches!
  25. I LOVE the idea of an ignore option. I like to do easy caches, so there is no way I would do a 5/5, or even a 4/4, so it would be nice to be able to ignore caches I've decided I'd never attempt.
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