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  1. I just found out, that that's not that difficult, as long as you always use the same mobile and you don't have too much of them. You can do and log all AL-caches from your sofa for any account you log in to on your mobile, you don't need to be in the vicinity. Of course you have to know the answers, but you'll get the questions asap if you click on the waypoint, regardless where you are. I do not have the faintest idea where it's stored, but I just tried it with my godchilds nearly dormant account (for which I know the password) and managed to get him a new souvenir.
  2. Yes, credits for the lab find, but you can get all data, including hints for the bonus, without ever trying to go near the locations. That's what I'm talking about. Of course you could use this .gpx as well as an input for your Garmin methinks, but I don't know nothing about that, I only use my mobile. Ain't this data you're looking for such .gpx-files? Just restricted to the coordinates?
  3. Simply downloading the answers and doing nothing is not solving differently, it's plain cheating. No, you were not. As I said, this i impossible. My solution is in the Adventure Lab, and it was retrieved with mischievous manners from there via that .gpx-file. There is nothing to guess on the geocache page. I said this before, I say it again, why don't you listen?
  4. Why? It's just a possibility to add a real logbook for the AL, it's a bonus just for the AL, at least that was my intention. I don't [care] about a clear homezone or such, the lod prerequisite for a bonus is, to have done the caches, where it belongs to. If there is a normal bonus at the end of a normal tradi round, you have to find all those caches first, to get the hints in/at the containers to be able to calculate the bonus coordinates, same here.
  5. How do you play a Lab Cache without being a premium member? Last time I looked it up, it was restricted to them, but as I'm a premium member myself, I don't look for this usually. Has that been changed lately? And yes, you physically can do so, and I probably will not control it further on, but I consider it malicious cheating, to gain an advantage through improper venues. I've once logged an Multi, that I found by coincidence, but of course I asked the owner for permission, that's the least you should do if you have any honor in you. And claiming an FTF through cheating is just not OK, to put it mildly without the required expletives. The solution ist just in the adventure lab only, the numbers to the letters are only available, if you answer the questions correct (or if you cheat with the .gmx). In the bonus is just some letters, and there are more then enough hiding places in the vicinity of the last station. There is no way to guess that.
  6. The first one to sign my bonus cache only did the lab cache round ~24h after they found and logged the bonus, because they managed to get all answers, that you can only see after you answered correctly at the 5 waypoints, that included the coordinates, or in my case the 5 numbers needed to create the coordinates, and thus first proclaimed to have been FTF. So it may be, that it was intended to be this way, but there is another way of getting a .gpx-file from the lab cache that includes all this. Imho it's fine to open lab caches for other devices but mobiles, but it should definitely be impossible to see the answers before you really have done the task. That's plain cheating.
  7. Because it was my first one and I played a wee bit around. I deleted my logs afterwards, they were discounted from my souvenir points, but are still in the Lab-Cache-Stats.
  8. I regard logging your own stuff as a bug. Perhaps it's intentional, but I fail to see any logic behind this.
  9. I created my first Lab-Cache two days ago, and on my way to play another one in the vicinity I tried to play my own one. Surprisingly I was allowed to play it, log the waypoints and even got the 350 points for the new summit souvenirs. Is this the intended way to work, or is it a bug? I mean, the counting of each waypoint of one Lab-Cache, i.e. one Multi, is as well considered to be not a bug but a feature, so this may as well be intended.
  10. Of course it's a bug, but it's one, that GS designed this way, for whatever reason. It's like awarding a Find for every waypoint of a Multi, as this is just another kind of a Multi.
  11. It seems to be possible to download all data (including answers etc.) for Lab-Caches as an .gpx-file, I just had the experience of someone, who didn't do the Lab-Cache, but got all answers, thus the coordinates for the Bonus-Cache and was the FTF at the bonus. Luckily I knew him, and got it sorted, and now the real FTF will now get the credits for that. I have not deleted his log, as he was at the container , but I think of this bonus caches as something like a challenge: You're only allowed to log, if you have done the lab. If you get the coordinates in any other manner, you're just a cheater. I only cache with my mobile, so I'm not accustomed to Garmin and such, how could it be prevented, that anyone could do the Lab-Cache without crossing the fences? As this should clearly be prevented, or those Lab-Caches are just some tourist information tool, but have absolutely no connection to geocaching.
  12. There ain't any html or other coding possible in the texts, it's a very strange interface, that proclaims to be more interactive, but ditches all interactivity with the outside world in the internet. You can only insert the URL as a plain text or even just the GC-code for the others to copy'n'paste it. Same goes for explanatory Wikipedia-Links or such as the text fields are very small and restricted, you can't put much information in there.
  13. Saenger


    Ich habe mein Event auch inzwischen genehmigt bekommen, letztes Mal waren es 28, selbst wenn es überraschenderweise 50 werden sollten, werden die sich in den 2 Stunden zeitlich und an der Stelle da draußen auch räumlich gut pandemiekonform treffen können, zumal vermutlich eh schon fast alle geimpft sein dürften.
  14. Saenger


    Zumindest im Norden gibt es wieder Events, allerdings lassen die Regelungen aktuell noch keine großen zu. In HB ist die Open-Air-TeilnehmerInnenzahl z.Zt. auf 100 beschränkt, und latürnich müssen auch ein paar Randbedingungen, wie möglicher Abstand etc. eingehalten werden.
  15. Ich lege mir eigentlich immer in vor Ort etliche Waypoints in der App auf meinem Wischhandy (nein, natürlich nicht die Original-App, darf die mit dem c. vorne hier erwähnt werden?) an, die ich dann mit Augenmaß iteriere. Das mit dem Klick auf der Karte hatte ich bei meinem 2. Cache gemacht, und musste prompt nach Veröffentlichung (und verständlichem Gemoser seitens der Zu-lange-Sucher) die Koordinaten ändern. Grüße vom Sänger
  16. Like mars.google.com? BTW: Why is the ISS-Cache geolocated in Kazakhstan?
  17. They are not calibrated yet, they should use the calibration panel asap
  18. Kann das bestätigen, ich bekomme Infos über Besuche meiner Caches, und auch über Meldungen eines anderen Cachers im internen Meldungswesen, auch mal pünktlich, mal etwas, mal auch reichlich verspätet zugesandt. Heute Nacht um halb zwei hat angeblich einer einen Cache von mir geloggt, das Log habe ich aber schon vor 3 Tagen auf der Seite gesehen, es kann also auch kein nächtlicher Nachlogger gewesen sein. Ich wollte diesbezüglich auch gerade hier irgendwo mal nachfragen, da fand ich den Thread hier. Grüße vom Sänger
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