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  1. Shows how often I need to log a NM...
  2. It seems the issue from earlier in the year is back. on the app and also website, there is no Needs Maintenance log type. Only options are Found, DNF or Write note. Anyone else with that problem?
  3. I think that it is only specific groups. I tried to share to https://www.facebook.com/groups/geocachingmelbourne/ and got the error, but when I shared to https://www.facebook.com/groups/t5geocachingaustralia/, it worked perfectly. Anyway, watching this thread for a fix.
  4. I would like to see this for Australia and also New Zealand. Cheers ahomburg
  5. Last month, I picked up a TB and some time later placed it in another cache. My problem is I have forgotten which cache I put it in and as a result it is still in my posession. I dont think there is anything I can do except wait for somebody to claim it. Am I correct? Any suggestions?
  6. Our Flash Mob was at 3AM, A Bit of Fun, Unique, How many crazy people will get up for a 3AM Event...,. Answer: 41 Teams and ~50 people. Fun was had by all, especially the treasure hunt in the dark for WWFM VIII Trackables. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=57333ac4-afec-49e5-ba11-4c6cb118cdd8
  7. Love the updates, especially the maps Beta... Any way we can get the Statistics page to list in Km for those in countries using Metric system?
  8. I have 2 geocaches listed on geocache.com.au here in Australia (GA2096 and GA2097) which are rarely being found. I would like to know if they can be moved to geocaching.com? They may ba a little close together, but there are no others too close by. Any responses would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks, yes its going well, getting ready to put another out, its quite a lot of fun planning these.
  10. In Position Now, hopefully it gets approved. Thanks for the fast response.
  11. I better go and put it out now then
  12. I have just submitted my first hide for review, should the cache be already in place, or will I be given a time and date when the cache will be active? It would be nice to be able to place the cache after the reviewer has approved it, that way I haven't wasted time hiding a cache that does not get approved. Let me know. Thanks Adriaan
  13. I have the same problems, I just joined to be able to download PQ's. How long does it normally take to recieve the email with the PQ File attached?
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