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  1. Anyone tried these ( http://www.goalzero.com/small-guide.html ) yet? whats the opinion? 3.5 or 7 Watt Charger with the Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack. Price looks kinda reasonable for something that should last for years and be useful during power outages. I'm interested in having a little extra juice when out and about off the grid. Any other opinions on other Solar Chargers?
  2. how many sats did you have a lock on?
  3. Make sure when using the laptop that you use the same usb port!
  4. "Mapsend" products will convert into excell file and the you can pub a web page or print in a nice neet sheet with all petenent data
  5. I aint to sure you can. However I do know for GE to werk you need an Internet Connection, It constantly DL's info (kinda like a web browser). Another thing by reading is that the WPT isnt allways where it should be (50+feet). generac mapping software will suffice the #'s are what count!
  6. not compatable with current users GPSR units!!! If you think 2' of increesed accuracy is worth it, get ready to buy another unit! Now china can guide the nuke missles to the united states!!!
  7. Being that it is an 06 I can assume that the tech is at least 6 + months old, I know of no Haks for this but I do know that if it comes factory it will undoubtably be conneted to the "BUS" of the CPU/MPU/ABS/SRS/BCU and that the fact that it uses a DVD for the Map file(could be permanent or loadable), (Where is it?) I could see no reson why it would not have the option to load wpts. consider making freinds with the crew in the local honda dealer tech area. If I run into an idea or 06 I'll tinker (I have an obdII /scanner/programer. cost me 5k)
  8. expandable mem also means you can save more and load more traks WPT's and Detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go with a unit that uses expandable mem you have a Platy KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. platy. had mine for a few years now and i cant find a single flaw! i guess i got the only one worth owning
  10. Looks like it uses a DVD Disk For Mapping S/W and possibly a DAC for Sat Radio, An OBDII Programer with Honda Updated info Might do it (You should be able to hack it it uses the same algo as USA Autos). But sounds like you got a good machine.
  11. Altitude is from "MEAN HIGH TIDE SEA LEVEL" I would not worry to much about the ALT since you know where you are when you are there, you should use a TOPO MAP (USGS PAPER) to verify your ALT and POS. I live @ 7' AMHT yet it shows at times 20'above, and whilst in the boat it can show from+1 to +10 yet I can place the unit into the gulf and the readings dont change. Don't worry bout +50/100 discreps, if you are at the correct long/lat you are standing on it!
  12. I have allways thought and abbided by the issue that a TB was to be moved from point to point by seperate individuals as to allow the bug to move whilst contacting as many seperate/individual people as possable! The thoght that someone would log a TB in and then out and then move the same TB again to a new Position is beyond any sane act [Edited by moderator]
  13. I too Hold a badge of Honor from the Scotish Iles! I have not problem one other than others wanting to use the device:-)
  14. Old Post same thing ... Garmin Sux
  15. Ok , Ok, I wasn't look'in fer a fight I was just ask'in. Ya'll might have a point but I don't see anyone with magellan probz?
  16. Must Have WATER in the BACK PACK!! carry an extra Compass, pack of waterproof matches Thick/durable knife (slash the bark off of a "lighter pine" / "Slash pine" and collect the sap in a bottle cap... lights with flint and burns in the rain!!!!" Any GPSR will function for the purpose of finding a "spot". The Bell's and whistles are the exception to the GPSR rule.
  17. I look to this board for info on the latest in techno and the majoratie is Garmin probs and requests for info on whats wrong with them??? Please make a board for the GARMIN owners to post the rants and leave the techno of this part of the BOARD!!! I dont place this for a flame responce
  18. Magellan Meridan Platinum>!>!>!>!> Don't be fooled by others comments or "RAVES", the best unit that is the most dependable and accurate is the Meridian Series!!
  19. Garmin makes a great Fish Finder, Why do you insist on purchasing a device that is sub standard to the technology that is used the world round by mariners as well as the armed forces of the U.S.A. ?
  20. Sat's should not matter with a flux gat hw ever the SW update might be the problem
  21. Any one notice a compass deflection of 45* +/- 10* from true or mag N ? this is with the latest ver of SW this happened to me on Monday Aug 1 2004.
  22. "getfeetwet" sounds like some one pissin on you
  23. Try making a waypoint on a known "fixed object". A Land Boundery Marker or Survay Marker is best. Make sure you have a solid lock and WRITE DOWN how many and what strength sat sig you have then, make a way point and mark it as "Calibration" ( Put a simplex in the road in front of your house if you have too). Check it from time to time. The long/lat #'s might be dead on but it still might show you off by 1'- 15'.
  24. I could be wrong but I would say it has the mapping info for Canada and not the U.S. be wery
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