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  1. Hi All, I'm relatively a newbie as well and had been lurking in the forums reading stuff as much as I can. I do most of my caching around Northern San Diego area. I geocache mostly with my 6 year old son who is as hooked as I am. The wife approves of it just to get me and my son off the TV, video games and computer at home. I do solo for really steep hills since I think it would be tough for my 6 year old - hopefully sooner he can go with me on high mountains around here. I do have a few hides. I wanted to put out small to big containers for the likes of my Son. It's not really fun for them to see nano/micro/log only caches in which I'm the only one to sign. He's really excited to see big containers and hopefully get a good variety of swag on it. To-date, I have around 147 founds and a few DNFs. These are mostly in San Diego but a few in Las Vegas, NV on a recent trip there. I just did a 30 found caches in one day last week - whew that was fun! I have 5 active caches (as the Cache Owner). A new one pending review today. Feedback from seasoned/veterans geocachers were favorable so far on my hides. My favorite own hide so far is the GC3NP22 - 'BOC BP's Urban Forest' in Balboa Park near San Diego Zoo since this is my biggest one. ciao
  2. I just started geocaching for like a month now and is totally hooked. Yup this is my first post! Anyway, If you are looking for caches in the hills I recommend Black Mountain in Penasquitos/Rancho Bernardo area. There are a few slopes/trails that are steep but it is generally ok. I just did a 30 found caches in one day in there last Friday. There are a good variety of small to Huge sized ones. Don't miss the biggest I've seen so far which is "Tom & Jerry's Locker". Happy Hunting! - BulilitRox
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