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  1. I am mainly interested in the thompson, Caribou area i guess central B.C. two of my friends just purchased Garmins and it looked to us like the magellan topo was more detailed whith back roads and small lake names. I think one of my friends will be returning his map 60 csx for an eXplorist, Im quite happy with the topo for my 500. We were just curious to see if any one else had any thoughts on this, thanks.
  2. Does anyone have any clue as to which is better for B.C. I have magellan but am interested in Garmins Topo Map?
  3. Does anyone have any idea on the average life span of batteries in the 60 cx?
  4. munro290

    Topo Problems

    No problems with it save two things: 1) eXplorist seems to choke on high detail mode 2) The contour lines are garbage in Ontario. I've seen it miss the Niagara Escarpment in places. Otherwise, it's great for showing me where the rivers, swamps and bridges are - which can be handy for a geocacher! Thanks for the help, I have an eXp 500 and didnt know what to expect with the map. Ive had a few problems with my Magellan explorists recently like not being able to download the new firmware. But I think ill get the map.
  5. munro290

    Topo Problems

    Thanks how big of a SD card did you need to put your whole province on it?
  6. munro290

    Topo Problems

    Has anyone who has a topo Canada for magellan had any problems with it, or complaints?
  7. I too am having the very same problem and I am kinda gettin fed up! I had no problem downloading the firmware on my 400,but this is somethin else. Have you foun anything else out?
  8. Yes its for the 500 it is the 2.03 version, this is the second nite trying to figure this out im getting fed up. I had no problems with my 400 download.
  9. I just bought an eXplorist 500 and was going to update the new firmware,but when i try to download it on to my unit it dosent shut off when Im done. I tried evrything,but it wont download the 2.03 version. I have done it in the past with my eX400 with no problems.Any help would be greatly appreicated.
  10. I am new to this GPS thing and I need some help. I am not sure wat the map datum should be set at or how i find out what to set it at. I just bought a Magellan explorist and am trying to learn how to use it in Kamloops,B.C.
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