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  1. gpscentral.ca its canadian but you can get a comparison of the two.
  2. A friend of mine has a legend cx and I have a ex 500, under dense tree cover he keeps losing signal where mine is strong. Last weekend though I was trying to mark a cache in an open field, my 500 kept losing the sat lock. This is the first time this has happened although it was snowing and very low cloudy. I dont know if it was the snow or something else.
  3. the explorist 100 gets a pretty good lock under tree cover way better than the etrex legend I had compared it to.
  4. Well it works fine and Im happy with it, since I put a canopie on my truck the sat lock wasnt that great. The antenna gives me good reception on my 500.
  5. Yeah but I have found that I have to keep my sat. radio turned off otherwise it interferes with the gps antenna
  6. Yeah, your right if you drive a 1981 ford ranger with a rusty roof. I drive a 07 dodge mega cab an since I put on the new canopie the signal hasnt been the best unless my 500 is on the dash or against one of the the side windows.
  7. I purchased the antenna from gpscentral.ca , it plugs into cig. lighter in car and has a magnetic antenna on the roof and one inside that re-radiatesthe gps signal inside the cab of my truck.
  8. come on, any one? Ive had this antenna for quite some time and havent found anyone else with one.
  9. Could someone please explain to me how I download geocaches onto my eX500 I have had it for just about a year and have only been entering caches manually
  10. Get the 500 if you have no previous gps experience, its easy to use.
  11. I live in the Interior of the province and think its a great idea. If you need any help let me know.
  12. Not 100% sure how it would work if you took the memory card from the 500 to the XL. I *think* it is GPS unit serial # locked and wouldn't work. However, for certain if you put the card in a card reader and wipe it clean and then deinstall the software from your PC you could start over and it would work fine. There is no way for the CD to know how many times it has installed or to what it has installed. What if I buy a new card and download the map onto the Xl, would it work if its already been used on my 500?
  13. You should be able to get onr for 100$ or a little less Canadian,just look around a little.
  14. Lets say I have an Magellan Explorist 500 with the topo map of Canada downloaded on to a sd card. Now If I buy a Explorist Xl can I use the same map or do I have to buy a new topo map? I like my 500 but would like the larger screen of the XL for mounting on my quad, if I have to buy another topo map I might as well try a Garmin with their topo map.
  15. Well thats great, just make sure you eat lots of fruit and use protection.
  16. All these people (above) work for Garmin.
  17. munro290

    Antenna ?

    Well I got my antenna in the mail last friday but no directions in the box , it looks pretty simple hook it up and put the external antenna on the roof and go. So I did this and my gps gets a lock on 11 sats then looses all at once I tried this sevral times and the same thing . The next morning I went out my truck and hooked it up, this time I left my sat radio off and just turned on the antenna and gps I got a lock on 10 sats and they stayed locke I dont know if it had to do with radio or what? I have to check out the antenna companies web site to see if they have any directions.
  18. munro290

    Antenna ?

    The reason why I bought it was since I put a canopie on my truck I get poor reception, dont ask me why because my explorist 500 gets a good lock in the house. I just wanted to see if anyone else has one and how it works,it should be here tomorrow Im kinda interestd to see how it works.
  19. munro290

    Antenna ?

    Has any one had any experience with the Mighty Mouse Wide RE-Radiating Atenna from Gpscentral.ca , they claim it works with magellan explorist models. Its made in Canada, B.C. to be exact.
  20. Get it Ive got it with topo map and its great!
  21. Hey, now dont worry about it I like cheese too Im fairy new to this but all I can tell you is dont worry about all these garmin lovers. Just Return your garmin and get a magellan.
  22. I just purchased a Mighty Mouse wide Re-radiating Antenna for my Explorist 500 and was wondering if any one has had anything to do with one and if so how it worked.
  23. Does anyone have any idea when this batterie adapter thing is comming out, I have a 500 and it sucks when Im out in the sticks and my batterie is running low and its getting dark. It would just be great to have the back-up of putting in regular batts.
  24. I had the Very same problem with my first 400 two months ago so I returned it and got another and had same problem so I went with the 500 and am very happy with the colour screen.
  25. All I can say is that my eXplorist works great under tree cover , ant the customer support does suck, but the topo map for the eX is also better as I have found out. A friend of mine purchased a Garmin Legend CX two weeks ago and the map isnt as detailed (up here in Canada anyway) and it looses sat lock all the time under the trees.
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