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  1. Gordie Hanson One of my bugs is doing almost exactly the same thing. I think its a great idea. Send it out ASAP. It can start its travels now and be ready for the minors soon (and NHL come January when they actually start the season). Cool thing about mine, I was opn my way caching when the idea hit me to find a bubble hockey player for a bug, and found that guy on my second cache of the day. -b
  2. Yeah, I have an email into that user. But with 200+ finds, its not likely it was forgotten. I can hope though.
  3. ARGH! My first travelbug looks to be dead. Gordie Hanson was left in Bird Watch which seems to have gone missing. SNIFF SNIFF. [This message was edited by bretley42 on June 03, 2003 at 01:52 PM.]
  4. Might be worth a shot to shrink a Travelbug descript page and attach it with the tag.
  5. Let me wrap my head around this: You place a cache near an old shed, joke about a body being stuffed in it, then joke about stuffing a dummy in it. Ok, I'm still with you here Then you come here for 'suggestions'. Still with you Lastly, you complain about lack of "serious replies" and too many stupid answers. This is where you completely lose me.
  6. Just wanted to pass along a perfect travelbug experience. Gordie Hanson is my first travelbug, and while he's not been in the wild very long, the experience so far has been very positive. I've probably jinxed him now, and he'll vanish.
  7. heh.. Webling, some of yours are due up soon. (pure chance I haven't done one yet). I like the idea of the LBJ Grasslands (and due to the age of the cache, this seems like a great idea), this will more than likely be what I end up doing unless a better idear pops up.
  8. I'm slowly creeping up on my 100th traditional find. Anyone have some good sugestions on a cache not too far from DFW for my 100th? I'll be re-visiting my first cache (it's still there as of this week, so I may be ok there) right after that, so that'll be something. thoughts? ideas? whatever else's?
  9. I'm planning on releasing my first bug Sunday (one day after my birthday). Anyone want to look at the page for Gordie Hansonand see if it looks up to par? I know there are a few bugs with like goals running around, but it was original to me when I thought of it. Suggestions?
  10. My phone (Handspring Visor and Airprime's SB3000)and all the other palm based phones (and the new PocketPC phone) get full HTML with puctures. In other words, the geocaching.com page on my phone looks the same as it does on my computer. I guess I should see what the pages look like on my wife's phone.
  11. Another thing about the tagless bugs, is that they would probably be "instant". If you decided in a dream you wanted to put out a bug in the morning, it would be possible, without having to wait for UPS to drop one off at your door.
  12. I'd like to second VF's Visor comments. The OS is pretty much the same (Handspring does add a few things). Mine and the Wife's both function the same as the palm devices we both used in the past. The abality to add other items is a great treat. My Wife used hers for the digital camera and for the MP3 player, while mine houses my wireless phone attachment at all times (I own an 802.11b card for it and use it at home or work some, but still usually the phone). Currently Handspring is clearing out older models, and some can be had for a very good price. Not trying to sway you either way, simply stating that you should check them out as well. (again, same OS, same programs run on it).
  13. Believe me, I understand 'rant mode' when it comes to wireless carriers, but I always make it a point to remind anyone within earhot that these are typical of ALL providers (Sprint, BTW has been by far the best in service I've ever had.... go figure). As far as Cingular (SBC) goes, I'm pretty sure they're running a CDMA over AMPS system (at least they used to) meaning they took an old 800 mhz system and converted to to digital instead of using a 1900 mhz (or 1800) mhz band .. or something like that)..... Also, Cingular uses the hardware from the company I don't work for (there's realy only 2 or 3 making this stuff) so I can't speak to it a lot. ALso of interest, I had a job interview with Alltel last week .. nothing came of it as of yet, but it is interesting.
  14. The SprintPCS ads are a bit bad, but I'd rather see 25 of those a day than to see another VoiceStream ad. ACK!
  15. The SprintPCS ads are a bit bad, but I'd rather see 25 of those a day than to see another VoiceStream ad. ACK!
  16. Bah! Almost everyone can say pretty much exactly the same thing about the wireless carrier they used to use. This is why I only mentioned the technology begind SprintPCS. I hated my old wireless carrier, as you do as well. For some reason I couldn't find Alltel's coverage map on their site. I prefer to stay on one network, not roam (even if it is free, its still roaming, and hard-handoffs from Alltel to whoever they're buying service from in large markets don't go well). Again, its as simple as almost everyone has horror stories about their previous wireless carrier. I do, you do, its common. And for the record, I do not work for SprintPCS (or any other portion of Sprint). I do however work for a company that makes the base stations for many of the wireless carriers, and spend a good deal of time in different switches across the country (including momandpops like Alltel). just my .03
  17. While I cannot speak a great deal on the GPS portions of that phone, I can comment on SprintPCS and their CDMA network in general. SprintPCS uses what is concidered by most to be the most advanced and best wireless technology currently in use. CDMA (code division multi access) is quite likely what all wireless carriers will eventually switch to (with 3G). While SprintPCS (along with all current implememntations of CDMA) doesn't have some of the features that GSM, which is based on TDMA (time division multi access), has; the base technology is superior. In the states, SprintPCS's network dwarfs the GSM networks, and the abality to use the phone in any of SprintPCS's markets without roaming is an added bonus. The one thing I would recommend you looking into is a dual-band phone. These will work perfectly well on PrintPCS's CDMA network, and if (or while geocaching WHEN) you wander outside a CDMA network, you can still get on the old AMPS (analog celluar) network. The wireless web function of these phones gets better and better, and can be quite usefull. As SprintPCS moves toward 3G (with the interim step of CDMA2000) this gets faster and more robust all the time. The Palm based phones on the marked are indeed an amazing marriage of the two technologies (and when the bandwith opens up, stand back and watch what happens). I use mine (Handspring Visor and SprintPCS Digital Link) to look up geocaching.com pages while ont he trail if I forget to bring printouts. No need for clipping, no need for copy-pasting, I get full HTML (with pictures and maps) if I desire (currently at 14.4) no, not the speediest in the world but percectly usable. I've probably blathered on enough but I hope this helps a bit. One last thing.... While not available in the US this is a GPS ebabled phone done correctly.
  18. Aparently geocaching isn't listed in the extended program information though. I have geocach* set as a wishlist item (high on the list too) and it missed it. I have added it as a one time record though.. thanx.
  19. "Broken glass can cause severe and sometimes permanent and crippling injury" So can falling off a cliff or into a river. Its a well noted risk. I want to know why you subjected yourself and your dog to this when you knew beforehand it was there. Why not carry a strong pair of gloves, and a bag or 2 and help the area out a bit.
  20. CYBret, Although I wouldn't get it anywhere my GPS, cyano acrylate AKA CA glue AKA superglue is sold under many many different names here in the US. (ok, that was a longway to say its just superglue)
  21. errrr Not many valleys down there in Texas hill country.
  22. errrr Not many valleys down there in Texas hill country.
  23. What you may be looking for is PhotoMaps available at http://jdmcox.com. EasyGPS is great, but for viewing your tracks over an image, this will work out very well. give it s shot.
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